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LG OLED Flex – Quick Preview: I want one!


It looks like LG has found a way out for those who are nostalgic for curved TV screens. At the same time, this universal solution is also suitable for fans of flat screens. The LG OLED Flex is the world’s first foldable OLED TV, offering consumers the best of the flat and curved worlds.

LG OLED Flex Preview

In other words, the LG OLED Flex (LX3) is an OLED Evo flat-panel TV ready to bend at the behest of its owner at any moment. TV LX3, presented by the company on August 31 in Seoul, judging only by the name of the model, is not the first flexible TV. In fact, we saw such a phenomenon from Samsung back in 2014.



However, this is something completely different. First, it’s an OLED panel, whereas other flexible TV screens have tended to be LCDs. Secondly, it is a more comfortable 42-inch size. OLED Flex can transform from a flat panel to a 900R curvature panel.

That being said, consider the fact that a typical gaming monitor has an 1800R curvature. This means that it is suitable for a wide range of functions such as streaming and gaming. Of course, LG has a history of curved and flexible screens in devices such as the LG G Flex smartphone and the LG R9 roll-on TV .

However, LG didn’t just give the TV the ability to move between those two positions. OLED Flex has no less than 20 different levels of curvature to choose from. Thanks to the button on the remote control, as well as the button located on the stand, the user has the ability to adjust the curvature of the screen in 5% increments in 20 different levels.

This allows the user to select the correct option depending on variables such as viewing distance and displayed content. The LX3’s 42-inch size means it can be placed in a living room or simply on a table.

If the full screen is too large for a particular game genre, you can use the game bar menu to resize the image to 32 inches or 27 inches. It is also possible to adjust the height of the screen up to 140 mm, as well as tilt the screen 10 degrees back and 5 degrees forward.

LX3 Features

The LX3 model has a new game-exclusive app that “supports custom splash screens, offers shortcuts to popular apps like Twitch and YouTube. In addition, this application provides a list of connected external input devices.”

LG Gaming Optimizer has been redesigned. It adds customizable audio options for different game genres. Multi View mode means that you can view content from different sources at the same time. For example, you can play a game and watch YouTube videos at the same time. At the same time, it is possible to choose from which of these sources you want to listen to sound. There is also a microphone on board.

Like the LG G2 series OLED TVs , the OLED Flex is powered by the α 9 Gen 5 processor. The LX3 TV offers features such as 4K resolution with 100% color accuracy and 0.1ms response time, as well as 120Hz, Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1 , Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

The panel is certified flicker-free and glare-free, as well as Super Anti-Reflection (SAR) to reduce distraction and enhance comfort. There is also support for Nvidia G-Sync Compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium. LG hasn’t forgotten about sound quality either. The LG OLED Flex TV is equipped with two front-facing 40W speakers and Dolby Atmos support . There is also an equalizer mode, AI Game Sound switching and other sound settings.



In terms of design, the OLED Flex has a customizable gaming light on the back of the stand. This backlight can be synchronized with video or audio in five unique modes. This is all very similar to the Philips Ambilight, which the company has just announced for TVs like the OLED+937.

The LX3 TV stand has adjustments including tilt and height and also has a switch hub. Therefore, it is possible to use any devices connected to its USB ports, or the built-in microphone from a PC via an HDMI cable.

LG LX3 price and release date

LG LX3 price and release date

LG has stated that the OLED Flex is expected to go on sale in European countries in November 2022. As for the price, the company has not yet announced it. Presumably, it will be a very expensive TV. By comparison, the LG G2 starts at $2,200.

At the same time, the screen of this series does not bend and is not adjustable in height and tilt forward / backward. In this regard, it should be expected that this pleasure will not be cheap.

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