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LG QNED 876 Review: Leaves nothing to be desired

LG has been especially successful with its OLED TVs. While prices for OLED TVs have generally fallen, models over 65 inches…

LG has been especially successful with its OLED TVs. While prices for OLED TVs have generally fallen, models over 65 inches still cost a fortune. In recent years, LCD technology with the new Mini-LED backlight has greatly caught up with OLED TVs.

This TV is equipped with the latest technology. The LG QNED87 series is available in 4 sizes from 55 to 65 inches. How good is the QNED876RA TV, and should I buy it instead of OLED TVs? In the LG 65QNED876RA Mini LED 4K HDR QNED review, we will look at the disadvantages and advantages of the 2023 QNED87 series.

LG QNED876 Review

If you’re looking for a large TV with the best picture quality possible, but OLED TVs are too expensive for you, then Mini LED TVs are the way to go. The term Mini LED refers to the size of the LEDs in the backlight. In the LG 65QNED876RA TV, they are tiny and shine very brightly.

Conventional LCD TVs use only a few dozen LEDs to backlight the display, while Mini LED backlights use several thousand. Accordingly, the number of dimming zones also increases. The manufacturer is still silent about the exact number of dimming zones in the 65QNED87 model. Based on last year’s similar models, we can assume that there are about 160 of them.


Moving on to the design, it is immediately worth noting that before unpacking and installing a 65-inch TV, it is recommended that you first enlist the support of at least one assistant. This applies to both stand and wall mounting. Moreover, it is more difficult to attach such a TV to the wall.

The TV and stand that comes with the kit look very high quality. Compared to last year’s model, the case has become narrower. The case has a depth of a little less than 5 cm. The stand is completely metal. It can be adjusted in height. Thus, it is possible, if necessary, to place the soundbar directly under the TV.

If you wish to mount your 65″ unit on a wall, you will need a suitable VESA 400 x 400 wall mount, which is not included. It will have to be purchased separately. In addition to the TV, the set includes a stand, a Magic Remote with two batteries, and a quick start guide. The power cord does not have a plug. It is connected directly to the TV.


LG 65QNED876RA design


The LG 65QNED87 is almost as well-equipped as the more expensive OLED models. LG saved on the TV tuner by installing one tuner instead of the usual two. Although this reduces recording comfort, it does not affect the viewing of television programs. If you connect an external hard drive to the TV via USB, you can record TV programs in the same way as with a dual tuner.

You can’t just watch one show and, at the same time, record another. The tuner is designed for all types of reception, regardless of whether the signal comes through a home antenna (DVB T2 HD) or via satellite or cable connection. Switching TV programs takes about 1 second. Streaming has become as commonplace today as watching TV once was.

Streaming services work very well on LG QNED87 TVs. All common digital platforms can be found right on the start page of the webOS 23 operating system . All relevant providers are available, from Amazon Prime Video to Netflix and Disney+. If something is missing, then the rest of the services will definitely be found in the App Store.

The 65QNED876RA TV can also be used to control smart home appliances. It could be a CCTV doorbell to see who is at the front door. You can also send your iRobot to do your job. All these and similar commands can be performed both from the remote control and via a smartphone.

Sound quality

The 86QNED876 TV has a 2.2 channel speaker system. These are 4 speakers with a power of 10 watts each. Moreover, two of them are designed to reproduce stereo sound, and the other two form a bass channel. This sound scheme does not produce a cinematic feel.

However, it is much better than most TVs with 2.0 sound. The sound is well balanced and sounds very decent. In addition, the AI ​​Sound Pro feature is capable of mixing up to virtual 5.1.2 channels. LG also supports Dolby Atmos 3D over HDMI with eARC .

If this is not enough for fans of multi-channel sound, you will have to get an additional soundbar or home theater system. Investing in a soundbar is well worth it to get good sound. However, when buying such a system, it is worth considering the fact that the TV supports the Dolby Atmos format.


LG 65QNED876RA review

Image quality

What MiniLED TV is capable of as an alternative to OLED. This can be seen by changing the picture mode from Standard to Filmmaker . Here, all image enhancement systems are deactivated so that the film can be played back in its original cinematic quality.

The picture on 65QNED87 looks very cool. The forest shines with rich greenery with an impressive depth effect, almost like in a 3D effect. The environment looks very realistic. Iridescent bright rays of the sun flash again and again between the trees and thickets. So bright that the viewer, out of habit, begins to squint his eyes.

According to the documents, the peak brightness of the QNED876RA in HDR mode reaches at least 1000 candelas per square meter. This is brighter than most OLED TVs. Thanks to this margin of brightness, the TV reproduces an excellent image even in daylight in direct sunlight. Another plus is the high stability of the viewing angle.


This is achieved by an integrated IPS matrix . Even when viewed from the side, the contrast is almost not reduced and the colors do not change. Sports fans will also enjoy watching. The QNED87 TV provides a clear picture even with fast movements. There are no twitches or plume to complain about.

All this thanks to a panel with a variable frequency up to 120 Hz and a fast response time. When it comes to watching TV programs, HD channels should be preferred. Low resolution SD feeds can sometimes show annoying artifacts and blurry edges. With HD and UHD channels, the picture is always clear.

Despite the fact that the IPS matrix is ​​used, the black level is quite good thanks to the Mini LED backlight, NanoCell technology and a good margin of brightness. However, the black balance is noticeably inferior to OLED TVs. Overall, the picture quality of the QNED876 TV is definitely worth the money.

LG 65QNED876RA interfaces


An ideal option for modern TVs are 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs. TV 65QNED87 in this regard is almost at the forefront. It handles 4K resolution at up to 120 fps on two inputs. The other two connectors are HDMI 2.0 version.

Anyone who owns one of today’s high-end gaming consoles, such as the Sony PS5 or Xbox Series X , can use HDMI 2.1. In game mode, input lag is automatically reduced to 6 milliseconds. However, if you’re still using an old game console, you might be out of luck.

The TV does not have analog RCA inputs. If you don’t have a game console, you can play over 1,500 games right on your TV via the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform, as long as you have a fast internet connection and a Bluetooth gamepad.

As for the rest of the connections, there are two USB 2.0 ports, antenna connectors, an optical digital output, an RJ45 LAN connector and a CI + 1.4 slot for receiving paid channels. There are also wireless connections such as Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth ver. 5.0


It remains to add that LG takes MiniLED technology to a new level and can certainly compete with expensive OLED TVs. Whether it’s 4K movies, sports broadcasts or game consoles, LG QNED impresses with realistic colors and lighting effects. With HDMI 2.1 inputs, a huge selection of streaming and apps, and a fast TV tuner, it leaves nothing to be desired.

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