LG QNED 91 Review: Is this the best 4K miniLed TV this year?

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LG as we know delivers excellent TVs, as most not only integrate current features, but also strive to provide a good build experience. Some time ago we did the complete review of the LG QNED91 , however, this time we want to talk about the reasons that make its purchase worthwhile, since it is a high-end model with great performance.

LG QNED91: Elegant and minimalist design

For many users, aesthetics do not matter too much, however, over time it is something that has changed and sometimes new consumers look first at design . In fact, we’ve seen a significant sales uptick in the better looking models.


For this reason, we highlight the design provided by the LG 65QNED916PB , as it seeks to offer a more striking visual experience. For this, they have implemented thin bezels that generate a more elegant environment, in fact, a good placement makes us have a minimalist appearance.

In the back we have a cleaner space unlike other televisions that we have analyzed. We can even see a fine style that stands out for the beauty it produces. In addition, we are talking about the 65-inch version that is sensational for large rooms or halls.

Complete connectivity

A television that allows you to connect all kinds of devices is really worth it, and that is the case of this model that offers four HDMI 2.1 that we must highlight for the version, since the performance when transmitting the signal will be more complete, on whether we want use consoles.


It also integrates three USB 2.0 ports that are always useful to play external content from a memory, however, its main attraction is the possibility of recording directly from the television. Function that is perfect in case we cannot see a program.

In the wireless theme there will be excellent options to connect without the need to use cables, thus generating a cleaner space for the television. Here we have Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, likewise, Bluetooth 5.0 allows us to connect to more external devices.


An excellent TV to view content at the highest quality

An image that you will not get tired of seeing

The LG 65QNED91 offers a 4K resolution that, due to its power, provides more precise details, however, the most attractive thing will be its Mini LED backlight, which offers us a greater number of LED bulbs , therefore, the lighting will be more precise in each image.

What stands out the most is that blacks look deeper, and this is due to the better brightness control it provides. In addition, we have an IPS panel that stands out for the excellent viewing angle it provides, which is maintained regardless of our position in front of the television.

Another benefit is that energy consumption is lower, which is great for a television of this capacity, since we can save a few euros on the electricity bill. As you can see, you won’t have to worry about the image, since it will have an excellent optimization .

LG QNED91 includes excellent technologies

If we already have an almost perfect image for content, we still need to mention that the LG 65QNED91 integrates a large number of improvements to further increase quality. These technologies focus their work on essential parameters for the image.

For example, the color, contrast, brightness and saturation that will have greater sharpness and depth so that each scene comes to life and intensity. In the same way the movements will be more fluid. And we shouldn’t forget that it has HDR10 Pro and Dolby Vision support .


A complete operating system

This television has webOS 6.0 , an exclusive system for LG televisions, which is considered among the best for the good catalog of applications it handles, in addition, it offers Google Assistant and Alexa to control certain functions of the television using only the voice.

We also highlight that it works with Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple Homekit , two technologies that allow you to transmit content from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Lastly, mention that this model is too good for gaming thanks to the different technologies it offers.

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