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LG UM7090 Review: Inexpensive 4K TV with alot of features

LG has released the new LG UM7090 series with 4K ultra high definition. The LG 49UM7090PLA features an Ultra HD 4K display, 126cm display, SmartTV operating system and 4K tuner.

The new LG UM7090 4K series TVs are available from November 2019 in three sizes: 43, 49 and 75 inches. In the below LG 49UM7090PLA review, using a 49-inch TV as an example, we will try to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the UM7090 series.

LG UM7090 review


LG 49UM7090PLA looks quite aesthetically pleasing and attractive from a visual point of view. The thin plastic case has a high-quality appearance. The assembly is also satisfactory. If required, the supplied feet can be replaced with a suitable VESA 300 x 300 wall mount (not included).

The included L-Con infrared remote control feels good in the hand, but looks overwhelmed and confusing. The modern LG Magic Remote is part of a series of more expensive models. However, the TV supports all the functions of the LG Magic Remote. Therefore, it is possible to replace the L-Con with the Magic Remote for additional money.

LG 49UM7090 design

Smart TV

LG 49UM7090 is equipped with a complete and fast SmartTV operating system of the latest generation. It does not only have the current webOS 4.5 operating system installed . The device also has numerous media libraries, apps, and streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, all preinstalled from the factory.

Overall, LG’s OS is very responsive. The Bluetooth V5.0 interface makes it possible to connect a wireless keyboard or a modern LG Magic Remote. The TV is equipped with a triple 4K tuner.

It takes no more than 2 seconds to change TV programs. The built-in player, in addition to the usual “set” of codecs, is capable of playing video with such modern codecs as HEVC (4K @ 60P, 10bit) and VP9 (4K @ 60P, 10bit). It is not recommended to use an ordinary USB flash drive for these purposes because of the large write cycles. It is best to use a removable hard drive with a maximum capacity of 2 TB.

Sound quality

Like most TVs in this price range, the LG UM7090 series has a mediocre speaker system, despite the fact that the cabinet of such TVs cannot be too thin due to the Direct LED backlighting . The problem is that the speaker system, which consists of two speakers with a total output of 20 watts, is directed backward rather than forward.

So in terms of sound quality, don’t expect anything supernatural from this TV. The atmosphere of a home theater does not arise. This is especially noticeable in the bass range. As for clear and understandable voice reproduction, there are no problems with this.

For regular TV programs, the sound is quite acceptable and the volume is sufficient. Lovers of high-quality sound and sound effects will have to get a home theater system or acoustic soundbar.

LG 49UM7090 review

Image quality

In general, the 4K Ultra HD image is no complaint. Direct LED backlighting provides a very evenly illuminated image that has almost no bleeding or light spots. The applied IPS panel has an extended color space of 10 bits ( 8 bits + FRC ) with 1 billion colors and shades.

With high-definition 4K content, be it streaming services or Ultra HD BluRay, LG delivers crisp images with natural colors. Even the black value is impressive when watching TV in a bright room. However, in a dark room, black can turn milky gray. This is due to the poor contrast level due to the characteristics of the IPS matrix.

On the other hand, unlike a VA matrix, IPS offers wide viewing angles. Fast motion in video is handled by the TV quite well, despite the fact that the panel has a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The harmonious sequence of movements occurs due to interpolation of frames and a short input delay time.

Even lower quality SD and HD content is upscaled and clearer. Only in the case of reproducing analog signals, the image looks blurry with clearly visible artifacts. Overall a ok result. When it comes to viewing 4K video in HDR mode, things are much worse.

This device is not equipped with Dolby Vision. There are only HDR10 and HLG. However, even in this mode, the user will not receive full quality. The reason is that usually in models of this price level, peak brightness does not exceed 320 nits. This value is not enough for full viewing even HDR10.

LG 49UM7090 interfaces


This is not to say that the UM7090 has the perfect set of connections. On the other hand, everything you need is on board. Some connectors are located on the rear panel. This will make it difficult to wall mount against a wall. The rear panel contains: component and composite inputs, antenna inputs, optical audio output, network connection to the Internet: Ethernet RJ45, one HDMI 2.0 port and one USB 2.0 port.

On the side panel there is an input for paid channels CI + 1.4, one USB 2.0 port, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. One of these HDMI 2.0 ports has Audio Return Channel (ARC). The UM7090 series also features Bluetooth v5.0 and Wi-Fi (802.11ac) wireless connections. There is no line-out for headphones with a 3.5 mm jack socket.


The LG49UM7090PLA 4K HDR TV performed very well for its price. In this price range, it has very good picture quality, full Smart TV functionality and a fast tuner.

The non-existent headphone output diminishes the overall positive impression, but it is possible to connect headphones via Bluetooth. If you are looking for an inexpensive 4K TV, then this model may be your choice due to its good value for money.

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