LG UN73006 Review • A decent and affordable TV

LG UN73006 Review

The UN73006 panel is made using IPS technology and does not shine with high contrast and black uniformity, which negatively affects the image when viewed in a dark room. The TV has a good viewing angle and is bright enough for rooms with medium light levels, and its screen does an excellent job of dealing with glare. The response time of the model is fast enough, however the UN73006 lacks the black frame insertion function and the backlight frequency creates visible image duplication.

The TV has low input latency, but serious gamers may be disappointed by the lack of variable refresh rates. The UN73006 supports  HDR , but in reality, the quality of this format leaves much to be desired due to its low peak brightness and inability to display a wide color gamut.

Functional rating

(on a 10-point scale)

Overall viewing quality   6.8
Watching films  6.0
Watching TV programs 7.6
Watching sports 7.3
Use as a gaming monitor 7.5
Watching HDR Movies 5.8
Use for HDR video games 6.8
Use as a PC monitor 7.8

img 5ffe89cda3651Overall Viewing Quality  6.8

LG UN73006 TV can serve various purposes of use. It’s good for watching TV or playing video games. However, its poor contrast ratio, poor black uniformity, and lack of local dimming make it a poor choice for motion pictures. In terms of  HDR , due to insufficient peak brightness and inability to reproduce a wide color gamut, this format is not much different from the standard image.

The LG UN73006 is reasonably fast in response and offers low input latency, but unfortunately the TV does not support variable refresh rates, designed to eliminate tearing in video games.

Movies 6 .0

LG UN73006 is not the best choice for watching movies. Like most IPS panels, this TV’s screen has a low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity, which reduces picture quality in a darkened room. The local dimming function could have brightened the picture, but it is not available in this model. Among the advantages, we note the ability to display low-frequency video at 24 frames per second without distortion, as well as the ability to upscale low-resolution movies to near 4K quality.

TV programs  7.6

LG UN73006 TV is well suited for watching TV programs. Its processor is capable of upscaling low-resolution cable transmissions to higher quality without artifacts. Although the UN73006 does not have a high peak brightness, its effective anti-reflective coating allows you to comfortably watch TV during the daytime. The viewing angle of the screen is not very wide, which means loss of image quality when you deviate from the center position.

img 5ffe89cdd467fSports programs  7.3

LG UN73006 is quite good for sports programs. The TV’s response time is fast enough to display dynamic scenes with only minor signs of blur. The UN73006’s screen is not very bright, but it does an excellent job with glare. The TV’s processor is capable of high-quality upscaling of programs in low resolution to an image close to 4K. The dirty screen effect is present, but to a small extent. The viewing angle of the TV is medium, making the UN73006 most suitable for small to medium sized rooms.

Video games  7.5

Due to its fairly fast response time, the LG UN73006 plays video games well with minimal artifacts in dynamic scenes. The TV has very low input latency, however its refresh rate is limited to 60Hz and does not support VRR technology. In addition, low contrast ratios and poor black uniformity do not contribute to high-quality images in a darkened room.

HDR 5.8 Movies 

Obviously, HDR is not the LG UN73006’s strong point. The TV has a low contrast ratio, lacks local dimming, and distracting light leaks from bright objects. The UN73006 does not support a wide color gamut and is unable to reproduce HDR in its striking form due to its low peak brightness.

HDR 6.8 Games 

The quality of the HDR format is somewhat limited due to the reasons indicated in the previous paragraph. However, in video games, they are somewhat compensated for by the low latency of the incoming signal and the rather fast response time.

Use as PC monitor 7 .8

The LG UN73006 TV will make a good computer monitor. It has low input latency, fairly fast response time, and a decent viewing angle. UN73006 supports most common resolutions and Chroma 4: 4: 4 color sampling, and the screen is not subject to burn-in risk.

Market positioning

img 5ffe89ce0696fLG UN73006 is the budget segment model that replaced the 2019 UM7300. Its closest competitors are the  Samsung TU7072 and Sony XH75.


Style 7 .0

The LG UN73006 TV has a nice and simple design, almost identical to the LG UM7300. However, a rather impressive frame protruding ahead of the screen catches the eye. The back panel is made of solid plastic with a fine texture, but only a plastic clamp is provided for neat cable routing.
A pair of legs are fixed almost at the very edges of the panel, supporting the TV well.

The depth of the case is quite decent by modern standards – 8.9 cm. However, this still does not prevent you from organizing a nice looking TV wall mounting.

Build quality  7.0
img 5ffe89ce2b376Overall, the build quality of the UN73006 is good. However, the abundance of plastic is embarrassing, besides, the back panel flexes a little under pressure.

Image quality

Contrast 6 .1

img 5ffe89ce4ee0d

Contrast is the weak point of IPS panels. This is especially true when viewed in a darkened environment, when black tones on the screen appear gray.

Peak brightness 5 .5

Due to its low peak brightness, this TV is best viewed in dark to moderately lit rooms. For the same reason, HDR is not much different from standard dynamic range.

Gray uniformity  7.3

The gray uniformity of the UN73006 is generally good. The edges of the template appear darker than the middle, and the presence of a dirty screen effect is noted.

Viewing angle 6 .5

The viewing angle of the UN73006 is satisfactory, although it is inferior to that of the UM7300. For this reason, this TV is better suited for small to medium sized rooms without wide seating.

Black uniformity 6 .4

img 5ffe89ce70f7f

Black uniformity in UN73006 is average. Light leak clouds are visible all over the screen, and the smudge in the lower left corner of our TV was noticeable even when viewing a real image.

Glare 8 .5

The UN73006’s semi-gloss screen does an excellent job of reducing glare – just like the UM7300.

Colors 7.3

The UN73006 TV has good coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, but it cannot reproduce the wide color gamut.

img 5ffe89ce966b0Left: DCI-P3 xy coverage 81.92%, DCI-P3 uv coverage 86.44%. Right:  Coverage REC 2020 xy – 58.85%, REC 2020 uv – 63.02%

The EOTF curve closely follows the PQ luminance test line, but falls off too early.

img 5ffe89ceb7562

If HDR is too dark for you, you can use the On-Screen Vivid mode.

Color volume 6 .5

The UN73006 TV demonstrates a satisfactory color volume and surpasses its predecessor UM7300 in this parameter. However, there are problems with displaying bright colors. In addition, due to the low degree of contrast, dark colors are also poorly saturated.

Gradient 7 .2

img 5ffe89ced9020

Not a bad gradient picture. Vibrations are noticeable in the dark spectra of all colors, especially in gray. The Smooth Gradation setting helps with this, although it can cause loss of detail in some scenes.

Temporary image retention and risk of screen burn-in 10

This screen is not exposed to these risks.

Response time 7 .3

UN73006 demonstrates a fairly fast response (i.e. the time required for a full pixel transformation from one color to another) at 17.4 ms. However, in scenes with fast-moving objects, there may be a trail of blur behind them. Image duplication is also observed due to the backlight flickering at 120Hz.

Screen flickering 4 .0

The UN73006 uses pulse width modulation to dim the backlight. It always operates at 120 Hz.

Insert black frame  5.4

The UN73006 does not use the black frame insert function.

Frame interpolation 

UN73006 TV is capable of increasing the content rate up to 60 frames per second. This function works fine in most cases, however, there is noticeable duplication in the image due to the backlighting. Artifacts can also be observed in intense action scenes.

To enable frame interpolation, go to the Custom Setting of the TruMotion menu and set the De-Judder scale to 10.

img 5ffe89cf0c38bImage twitching effect 8 .1

Due to the slow response time when watching movies with a frequency of 24 frames per second, this effect is observed to an insignificant extent. If it still bothers you, the frame interpolation function will help to eliminate it.

Jitter effect in 24fps video  7.8

UN73006 is capable of removing jitter in 24 frames per second video. To do this, activate the “Real Cinema” mode.

Input delay 9 .2

UN73006 has excellent input latency in game mode. The TV also supports ALLM technology, which means it automatically enters Game Mode when connected to a compatible game console.

Sound quality

Frequency response 6 .4

The frequency response of the UN73006 is average. Low frequencies are heard well, but there is almost no impact power in them. The TV volume is not bad, although noise appears at levels close to maximum.

Distortion of incoming sound  6.4

The total harmonic distortion is average with a good figure at medium volume, but increasing as it increases.

Smart features

Interface 8 .5

There are no serious remarks about the webOS platform, except that when trying to enter the menu, there are slight delays.

Advertising presence  0

There are ads and recommended content on the homepage and in the app catalog that cannot be turned off.

Apps and features  8.0

The webOS directory offers a huge selection of applications that work in most cases without issue.

Control panel  9.0

img 5ffe89cf3459c

The UN73006 remote control can simultaneously be used as a pointer, and can also be programmed to control other devices. The built-in microphone enables voice commands such as searching or general queries. 

img 5ffe89cf5c40fThe UN73906 modification offers an unusual but rather attractive white body color.

Comparison with other TVs

img 5ffe89cf8ac66Top left:  LG UM 7300; bottom left:   Samsung TU 8072  ; center:  LG UN 73006; top right:   Samsung TU 7072  ; bottom right:  Sony XH  80 .


The LG UN73006 is a decent budget TV, suitable for a variety of uses, but slightly inferior to its predecessor UM7300 in terms of peak brightness, viewing angle and response time.

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