LG UP75 (UP7500) Review: Delivers pretty good images at a low price

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- Michail Yahontov

The Korean electronics manufacturer has released the LG UP7500 series TVs. They are extremely affordable and feature rich 4K TVs available in 5 models ranging from 43 “to 75”. In the following LG 55UP7500 4K HDR review, using a 55-inch model as an example, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the UP7500 series.

LG UP7500 review


Visually, the LG 55UP75009 TV is not overly impressive. The device looks pretty simple. For the assembly and installation of a 55-inch TV, it is advisable to have another assistant. The 55UP7500 TV has an ordinary plastic case, but the assembly and the plastic itself are of high quality.

For wall mounting, a suitable VESA bracket 300 x 300 mm (for 55 diagonal) is required. The scope of delivery includes a conventional L-Con remote control (MR21 Ready), which is suitable for channel switching. However, the SmartTV interface is rather cumbersome to operate. Therefore, for ease of use, it is recommended to get an LG Magic Remote, which, unfortunately, is not included in the package, but can be purchased separately.

If the user will be spending a lot of time in media libraries and other applications, a separate keyboard can be recommended to control these functions. In this case, control is carried out as easily as on a home personal computer.

LG 55UP7500 design


LG UP7500 4K TV series have a significant set of features in relation to their price for quality. The built-in TV tuner switches channels in seconds and receives all common signals (antenna, cable, satellite).

The SmartTV interface works seamlessly through the webOS 6.0 operating system , and can also be controlled using voice commands. Unfortunately, this option is only possible with the LG Magic Remote. As previously reported, this remote is not included in the package, but the TV is compatible with this remote.

The Magic Remote is also much more suitable for navigating media libraries than the included remote control. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix , Disney + are preinstalled right from the factory and launched with the click of a button.

LG 55UP7500 review

Image quality

Despite its low price, the UP7500 provides a pretty good picture. The 55-inch dynamic HDR display delivers vivid, natural colors with stunning depth of field. LG TV manages lighting very well and evenly thanks to Direct LED backlighting .

But all of the above applies only to the SDR mode. As for the HDR standard, this 4K TV clearly lacks a headroom of maximum brightness for full-fledged playback. The UP7500 peaks at 300 nits. The 55UP75009 TV has eight different video playback modes:

Standard, Economy, Vivid, Sports, Cinema, Filmmaker Mode , Expert Light Room, and Expert Dark Room. In cinematic mode, colors are reproduced particularly well. With the frame interpolation option, playback is smooth.

All UP7500 models, with the exception of the 49th diagonal, have an IPS matrix that provides excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles. However, the intrinsic contrast of this matrix is ​​too low. Since there is no local dimming on the TV, black areas tend to appear dark gray. This is especially noticeable in a dark room. This is the main weakness of the TV considered in the review.

Sound quality

As with other flat screen TVs, the sound quality is not very convincing. Two 10W speakers deliver relatively balanced sound. However, the reproduction of low frequencies and deep tones leaves much to be desired. To get really good home theater sound, you should get an external soundbar.

For example, the LG SN6Y Soundbar from LG with 420W output power and a wireless subwoofer will be the solution to this problem. The speaker system can be connected to an LG TV wirelessly and controlled by the TV’s remote control.

LG 55UP7500 interfaces


In terms of external connections, LG has been more economical this time around. The devices have 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, Ethernet RJ45 input for linear Internet access, TosLink optical audio output and antenna inputs.

To receive paid HD channels, the TV has a CI + 1.4 slot. One of the HDMI 2.0 connectors has ARC audio return . In terms of wireless connections, the TV is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 systems.


To conclude our review of LG’s UP7500, it’s worth adding that the TV in question definitely won’t win the beauty and design awards. But the intrinsic values ​​for that price are definitely impressive. The inexpensive 55-inch device offers crisp images with rich colors.

The hardware, especially the extensive internet capabilities and the fast triple tuner, work great. The disadvantages include a truncated set of connections to external devices, a simple remote control, no local dimming, insufficient peak brightness margin for viewing 4K content in HDR mode.

All of this reduces the overall positive impression. If you are going to buy a TV for your bedroom to watch it in the evening and at night, then you should take a closer look at the budget models from Samsung.

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