LG UP80 review: Traditional TV with an elegant design


If you are thinking of making a good TV, you should consider the new models that LG handles , which stand out for the variety of features and versions they present. Today we are going to discuss the mid-range that is sometimes the best option for its performance and value. This time we offer you the analysis of the LG UP80 .

A model that seems quite complete to us, in fact, we believe that it can easily meet the needs of almost any user. We are not saying that the LG 50UP8000 is perfect, since like all television it will also have its negative points, which we will also mention in this review, to avoid making a bad purchase .

Exterior design of the LG UP80

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A nice design that maintains the foundations of previous models

The aesthetics of the LG UP80 seems acceptable to us, since it maintains the design that we liked from previous televisions, yes, we will not find many changes in its appearance, however, they do not seem to be so necessary, since it has a positive aspect . The first thing to consider is that its size is ideal for medium-sized rooms.

What we like is that it integrates easily into any environment, although we can recommend that you place them directly on the wall, so it will look much better. It presents a black chassis that combines well with the rest of its design , therefore, we are going to obtain a greater presence that is maintained regardless of the angle from where it is seen.

Another detail that makes this TV look pretty is that it has slim bezels that provide a more marked elegance. In addition, it offers us a useful space on the larger screen that will be ideal to enjoy a better reproduction of content . The construction of the television is acceptable, although we must be careful when placing it.


We will receive the necessary connectors for a good experience, for example, we have three HDMI 2.0 inputs that we can use to connect external devices such as laptops, consoles and players. Likewise, there are two USB 2.0 ports that handle a double function, and that gives us more options. We can reproduce or record content. To establish a better connection with our internet, an Ethernet port is presented .

Other physical connections that we have available in case we need them are its satellite input, its optical audio output and its antenna. In the specifications table we have left you the different tuners that will be compatible with this television. Now let’s talk about the wireless that also comes well equipped with the most important options and from which we can get the most out of them. We talk about its Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 5.0 and DLNA .

Image quality and general functions of the LG UP80

We consider that the LG 50UP80006LA presents an acceptable image that is great to enjoy all our content. As if that were not enough, an interesting variety of technologies are included that we will analyze a little later . Here we receive a 4K resolution that due to its power should give us more precise and real details.

Its definition is complemented by a Direct LED panel that, if we can analyze it, is the weakest aspect on this subject. Not that it is all bad, however, its power is not adequate if the TV is in a very dark or bright environment . And this can translate into quite a few losses in image quality.

The advantage as we mentioned above is that we have important technologies that will make these types of problems feel less. One of the most attractive is Dynamic Color, which presents us with a wider spectrum of colors with more natural tones so that each scene has greater realism. For its part, LG Local Contrast gives us sharpness in contrast.

Of course, we will have more functions that we could mention, however, several of those work in a similar way and focus on improving parameters such as color , contrast , brightness and saturation . What we can mention is that the image will look much better. We cannot forget that there is compatibility with the HDR10 + and HLG formats .


Another weak point of this television is its audio quality that in theory cannot be considered a disadvantage, since the power offered is the common one in the mid-range. However, we have the problem that for more demanding content, the quality that is transmitted will not be enough. And it is that we only find two speakers and 20W total .

The benefit we find is that an interesting variety of technologies are offered that will make a significant contribution to this model. It is not that the power will increase much, but unlike what it is without it if a considerable change is noticed. Here we highlight the presence of Adaptive Sound Control , Clear Voice , AI Sound and Dolby Digital .

LG 50UP8000 software review / Smart TV and more

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We have different options to receive more entertainment

The LG 50UP8000 already includes the most recent version of webOS , therefore, we are going to enjoy all the improvements that have been made to it. One of the most obvious is found in its optimization that allows us to enjoy a more fluid and intuitive platform. Its application catalog has great options such as Netflix , Movistar + , Disney + and Apple TV .

Obviously there are more applications that we can install and enjoy on this television. Among them we have Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that will allow us to enjoy better control, since we can perform actions only with our voice. To stream content from an iPhone or iPad we have the Apple AirPlay 2 application .

At first it may seem that the LG 50UP80006LA.AEU is not a good option for gaming, however, we must know that it includes two quite interesting technologies to considerably improve our experience. We are talking about Game Optimizer and Low Input Lag that will give us a more fluid and precise experience in the graphics.

LG UP80: Pros and Cons



  • Traditional, yet elegant design
  • Offers Bluetooth 5.0
  • Acceptable image quality
  • HDR10 + and HLG
  • webOS 6.0
  • Offers Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Gaming Technologies


  • Your backlight is a bit dim
  • Power of your speakers
  • Price
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