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LG UQ76 Review: Entry-level 4K TV with bright true-to-life colors

LG has launched a new UQ76 series. These models come with simple hardware as the series belongs to entry-level TVs. The new series of LG UQ76 4K TVs may consist of several lines, and they, in turn, differ mainly in body color.

One variation of the LG UQ76 series is the LG UQ7690 series. These TVs are represented by four diagonals of 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches.

LG UQ7690 review

As we understand, the new LG UQ7690 series is the successor of last year’s LG UP7600 variant . Let’s try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the new UQ7600 series, and whether it is worth buying TVs in this series. It can be immediately noted that the new product features an updated a5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K (5th generation) and OS upgrade to webOS 22. These are, perhaps, all the differences.



TV LG 43UQ76906LE UHD 4K received a light body. The color of the model on the official resource is designated as “White Silk”. The package includes a pair of stand legs (they may differ depending on the model), an MR22 remote control, a power cord, a quick manual and the TV itself. LG in the LG UQ7690 series has used durable plastic for the legs of the stand and TV cabinet. Naturally, plastic does not look as stylish as metal.

But the case is well-made and has an attractive design due to the light shade. Visually, the LG 43UQ7690 TV makes a good impression, despite the fact that it looks quite simple. For wall mounting there is a VESA mount 200×200 mm (diagonal 43″).

The included remote looks standard, is very user friendly and works great. We reviewed similar remotes in last year’s LG series. For use with SmartTV, it is desirable to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad. This will make it easy and fast to navigate through the interfaces of streaming services. You can buy almost any keyboard, but the manufacturer has its own model “adapted for TVs”.


Smart TV platform

Compared to other models in this price range, LG TVs have ample equipment from the factory. The SmartTV interface is based on an updated version of webOS. Since 2022, the manufacturer has been equipping webOS 22 devices . There is a huge set of pre-installed streaming services and applications: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and others.

In addition, the user can install other applications and services. Voice control is provided, but this is possible after purchasing the LG Magic Remote.

Image quality

The 43UQ76906LE TV received a 4K 60 Hz IPS panel with direct LED backlighting. The model is equipped with HDR standards such as HDR10 Pro, HDR Active and HLG. Although the low peak brightness does not allow you to get the proper quality from native 4K content.

Just like last year’s models, the LG UQ7690 series TVs have a peak brightness ranging from 280 to 310 nits. During video playback, there are eight different picture display modes: Standard, Economy, Vivid, Sports, Movie, Director’s Mode, Light Room and Dark Room.


Overall, the LG 43UQ76906 TV can reproduce vibrant, natural colors and good depth of field. But some artifacts can be seen when depicting bright objects against a deep black background. 43UQ76906 does not have local dimming. There is only a “Local Contrast” backlight optimizer, but the contrast does not benefit from this.

As we understand it, the 43UQ76906 TV with an IPS matrix has a much lower native contrast ratio than a VA matrix. As a result, the black area on the screen most often looks dark gray. This is especially noticeable when viewed in a dark room.

By the way, a wide selection of color presets slightly solves this problem. Depending on the taste of the user, you can choose the most optimal image quality for yourself. All in all, the UQ76 TVs are able to reproduce pretty good quality after careful picture adjustments.

Sound system

In terms of sound, the 43UQ76906 flat screen TV at a low price won’t deliver great sound quality. This is not possible due to the design of the hull. But when compared to other TVs, the LG 43UQ76906 has a fairly balanced sound.

Two 10W (2.0CH) speakers provide enough power to provide good sound in a small room. As for the sound quality, the sound coverage will be lacking when listening to music programs. This also applies to watching movies with multi-channel sound.

As usual, the main drawback is the lack of low frequencies. Therefore, lovers of high-quality sound should buy a soundbar, for example, LG SN6Y with a total power of 420 W and a wireless subwoofer. If desired, after connecting it to the TV, you can control the soundbar using the TV remote control.



Perhaps, for the budget TV LG 43UQ76906LE, the manufacturer provided the LG models of the seventh series of 2022 with the most necessary interfaces. These models don’t even have RCA inputs, let alone a 3.5mm line-out for connecting headphones. The LG UQ76 series has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports .

The second port is equipped with the eARC function. There is only one USB 2.0, LAN RJ45 line input, antenna input, CI slot and TosLink optical output on board. Wireless connections using Bluetooth v5.0 and Wi-Fi. In a word, last year’s series is completely repeated.


As you can see, at a relatively low price, the new LG UQ76 series received a new image processor and an updated OS. The 43UQ76906LE TV has a crisp picture with bright and true-to-life colors. There is a “partial” possibility of voice control and a large number of applications. This is a clear plus for this series.

Unfortunately, the UQ76 TVs do not have a sufficient set of interfaces, unlike the more expensive models from LG. But in general, LG UQ76 TVs are good value for money, and this is its main advantage. If the buyer needs “something more”, then LG models of a higher level should be considered.

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