LG UR640S: Budget TV worth checking out

LG UR640S review
LG UR640S review

If you’re looking for a cheap TV with good pictures and Smart TV functionality, the LG UR640S could be the device to suit. The series consists of 6 models with diagonals from 43 to 86 inches. The LG 55UR640S TV is equipped with the webOS operating system, a tuner for receiving channels, HDR standards and a panel with UHD resolution. In our LG 55UR640S 4K HDR review, we’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of the UR640S series.

LG UR640S review


Like many inexpensive models, the LG 55 UR640S TV stand is made in the form of two thin but stable plastic legs. Also made of plastic is a minimalist frame with a width of only 5 mm on the left, top and right around the display. The side edges of the TV are only two centimeters thick, and the depth at its thickest point is 55 millimeters.

Thanks to its slim design, the TV looks great on the wall. For wall mounting you will need to buy a bracket. The corresponding VESA hole size for a suitable 55″ TV wall mount is 300 x 300 mm.


LG 55UR640S design


Among the entire range of LG TVs, TVs like the UR640S series occupy the last place. Because these TVs feature a simple 4K LCD panel, they are a step below the Nanocell and QNED models, as well as TVs in the OLED range. Most of these TVs do not have a Magic Remote. There is only a simple infrared remote control.

Another downside is that unlike most of LG’s 2023 TVs, which have the updated webOS 23 operating system , the LG UR640S TV is equipped with webOS 6.0 , which the company used in 2020. Apparently that’s why some sources say that this device belongs to the UP8000 series . However, this TV has quite a few differences from the UP8000 series.

Sound quality

The sound system consists of two speakers with a total power of 20 watts. Featuring a simple two-channel speaker system, the 55UR640S does not support Dolby Atmos , but produces good, fairly balanced sound. This is more than enough for everyday TV viewing and streaming.

In addition, using the sound settings, you can customize the sound for speech, music and other genres. Users who want to experience volume and space-filling effects will need to invest in an external, inexpensive soundbar or home theater system.

Image quality

The UR640S’s picture quality is particularly impressive for standard content such as TV channels and Full HD streaming. Skin tones and landscapes look extremely natural. Among the picture modes is Filmmaker, which is designed for people seeking a home theater image experience.

However, to watch regular TV programs, you should use other picture modes. Even though Filmmaker mode provides the most neutral picture reproduction, Auto Power Saver or Expert mode may be a better choice for everyday viewing.


It’s also worth noting that true home cinema fans will find the R640S lacks depth in the dark areas of the picture. Once the lights in the room are turned off, it will immediately become apparent that the black level is actually dark grey. This is not surprising since the LG UHD TV has a simple LCD panel without local dimming.

As a result, distant galaxies in space will look dirty and milky. The IPS panel of the 55-inch TV has wide viewing angles. However, its contrast ratio does not exceed 1300: 1. If this TV had a VA LCD panel, the contrast would be much better, but you would have to compromise on viewing angles.

You also shouldn’t have any special requirements for HDR images. The manufacturer stated that the LG 55 UR640S TV supports HDR10 and HLG standards. This TV is also claimed to have a peak brightness of 400 nits. In fact, this value does not exceed 370 nits. This brightness is not enough to see the full effect of HDR.

In other words, when viewing HDR content, there will be very little improvement in the image, if any. Highlights such as sparkling crystals lack sparkle and sparkle. Additionally, the UR640 S’s HDR color space extends just slightly beyond standard colors.

When it comes to watching streaming services, the increase in HDR quality over the standard version of this TV is very small. Therefore, there is an opportunity to save money by not paying extra for the 4K option on Netflix.

LG 55UR640S interfaces


To connect an AV receiver, Blu-ray player or gaming console such as Playstation5 or Xbox Series X , LG has three HDMI inputs. With a native refresh rate of 60Hz, all of these inputs are quite suitable for gaming. However, this is not enough to take full advantage of the latest gaming consoles with 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rates.

In Game Optimizer mode, HDMI input latency drops to 14ms. This means that games play quite smoothly. Unlike LG OLED TVs such as the LG OLED C3 or G3 , the UR640S does not support HDR playback with Dolby Vision , only HDR10 and HLG.

For TV reception there is a regular triple tuner for satellite and cable TV and an antenna (DVB-T2 HD). You can also use a USB drive to play third-party recordings. In addition, there are two antenna inputs, an RJ45 LAN port and a digital optical audio output. Wireless connections include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


LG UR640S is a good TV for relatively little money. With good color reproduction and clean reproduction of SDR movies, the UR640S scores well in terms of picture quality.

However, the lack of image dynamics, especially in HDR mode, lowers this score in the image quality category. The sound is quite adequate for everyday use, although it can be improved with a soundbar. HDMI, USB and TV reception equipment is also quite good.

When it comes to TV and streaming features, the UR640S leaves nothing to be desired. If you want to get the most out of the latest gaming consoles, you should add some cash and get the LG B3, which has both HDMI 2.1 and the requisite 120Hz refresh rate.