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Metz 55MUB8000 Review • Fully fledged android TV

Metz 55MUB8000 IS A reliable mid-range TV with the right equipment, good picture and even better price

Until recently – and for many years – only LG, Samsung and Sony were seen on the shelves of the chains. Recently, however, more players have appeared, which shows that the competition has also increased.

Metz’s MUB8000 series is from 2020 and is flagged on the Android TV platform and even in version 9.0 (while, when it comes out it will get an upgrade of 10.0), which means that it has a comfortable navigation environment, supports Google Assistant and Chromecast voice assistant for streaming content from Android phones.

Arriving at our offices, the MUB8000 was impressed by its beautiful packaging, as well as its elegant -large and ergonomic- remote control. It even connects to the TV via Bluetooth because it has a built-in microphone. Of course, it provides instant access to Netflix and Google Play.

The surprises from Metz continued with the table stand, a stylish construction made of thick aluminum that is screwed back to the edges of the device. Equally sophisticated in design is the main device, a slim bezel, clean lines at the back and a long narrow speaker at the bottom that looks like a sound bar.

Equipped with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, but also DTS TruSurround in audio, to better enjoy movies and series, one of the three HDMI offers ARC to drive the TV sound to an external system (sound bar), while the It has two USB ports for recording from the TV and / or for using a media player.

The panel of the device is LCD IPS with edge rear LED lighting at 50Hz, which means a wide viewing angle, color stability and durability. The TV provides 5 picture presets such as: Live, Normal, Sports, User (for our settings) and Game.

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Depending on the input and source of the content, the detailed settings menus are activated or not, which are quite rich in options for the price category of the device. It supports adjustment of gamma, backlight, motion and all important parameters.

The build quality of the MUB8000 is “more expensive” than the money it costs, while the processor does not have particular speed problems, as well as navigation in its menus. We will not say the same about the way of using its media player. We started the tests with difficult content, the TV showed character and image that we receive from devices of 700-800 euros.

Although its movement has control and “grips”, there are shots that escape, something that we have identified in very expensive TVs. The scaler is satisfactory and generally the TV presents a very good picture of channels and content services.

It has a better result in SDR than in HDR, whoever wants a top HDR should invest in a device of 1,500 euros or more. Its black is beyond what is expected for this panel as well as the brightness. Clouding is not limited, better than many branded TVs, and if you want good sound στε combine the MUB8000 with a sound bar.

Metz 55MUB8000: Specifications

  • TYPE:  TV 55 inch 4K / UHD
  • PANEL:  3.840 × 2.160 pixels, LCD IPS edge light, 50Hz
  • OPERATING SYSTEM:  Android TV 9.0 (Memory 16GB)
  • FONITIKOI ASSISTANTS: Google Assistant
  • IDR: IDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • CONNECTIONS:  3xHDMI 2.0 (the former is ARC), 2xUSB (one 3.0), 1xPsifiaki Optics, 1xEthernet, 1xCI +, 1xAkoustikon, 1xAnalogiki input, Bluetooth, Chromecast
  • SOUND :  2x10W, DTS TruSurround , Dolby Digital
  • DIMENSIONS (  LxWxH ): 1446x904x261 mm (based on)
  • WEIGHT: 18.9 kg (based on)
  • PRICE: 499 €
  • Read more at official site


All in all, the first Metz TV of the new era, leaving our laboratory, left us with the best impressions that we rarely receive in this completely introductory category.

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