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Panasonic MZ700: Affordable OLED TV with excellent picture quality

The Panasonic MZ700 series is available in four sizes with screen sizes ranging from 42 to 65 inches.

Panasonic MZ700 review
Panasonic MZ700 review

Panasonic has released cheaper OLED TVs with lower peak brightness and reduced features. The Panasonic MZ700 series is available in four sizes with screen sizes ranging from 42 to 65 inches. The TV is equipped with an OLED panel with infinite contrast, HDR suite, Google TV operating system and many other useful features.

But are these savings worth it compared to expensive top models? What did manufacturers save on, and is it worth buying the MZ700? In our review of the Panasonic TX-55MZ700 OLED 4K HDR we will try to answer these and other questions.

Panasonic MZ700 review


Externally, the inexpensive OLED TV Panasonic TX-55MZ700 gives the impression of a high-quality model and is actually no different from expensive OLED models. While the more expensive models ( Panasonic MZ800 and MZ2000 series ) have a heavy metal center stand, the cheaper MZ700 models have to make do with two narrow plastic feet.

MZ700 is a android TV

MZ700 is a android TV

Otherwise, the external differences are quite small. The Panasonic TX-55MZ700 has a flat design typical of OLED TVs. If you want to hang the 55-inch device on the wall, you will need a suitable VESA wall mount 200 x 200 mm.

The top third of the case is only 5 millimeters deep. At the bottom of the case, the wider part of the TV protrudes almost 5 cm. The package includes a remote control with two batteries, a power cable and a quick start guide.

Panasonic TX-55MZ700 design


The equipment of the Panasonic 55MZ700 TV is very decent. However, upon closer examination, several shortcomings can be noticed. Since the Panasonic MZ700 TV has only one receiving end, the USB recording function is limited.


This means that you can only record the TV program that is currently on on the removable hard drive. The TV tuner works quickly, switching takes no more than 2 seconds. The TX-55MZ700 TV uses the Google TV operating system based on Android.

While a few important streaming apps like SkyQ and Wow are missing, the ease of use is better than most other operating systems. Voice control via Google Assistant works flawlessly. The most important streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus are already pre-installed.

After registration, they can be launched using a voice command. Overall, Google TV runs smoothly. The TV responds instantly to commands, applications load instantly. The possibilities of a smart home do not go unnoticed. The Google Nest doorbell is displayed to the visitor in Picture-in-Picture mode on the TV screen.

When you click on the doorbell, a small “live” image opens in the upper right corner of the TV. Smart home appliances (such as washer dryers, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.) can also be used over the network and controlled through the TV.

Sound quality

Typically, for an OLED TV, a 20W sound system is sufficient for watching television. Sound quality and speech intelligibility are at a high level. Since there are no woofers or subwoofers installed, the sound lacks volume. The 55MZ700 TV supports Dolby Atmos .

This suggests that it can reproduce 3D audio impressively with the help of a suitable Atmos sound system. Therefore, for evening movie watching, it is recommended to use a soundbar that will support Dolby Atmos sound.

Image quality

Do you value the best image quality? Then you can’t go wrong by choosing the Panasonic TX-55MZ700 OLED TV. There are huge differences between OLED displays (OLED, OLED-Ex , QD-OLED ). However, by and large, we have not yet encountered a bad model. Unlike TVs with backlight technology, OLED displays work with self-illuminating pixels.

Each of the 8 million pixels is individually controlled and can be dimmed with high precision. If the deepest blacks need to be displayed, the pixel is turned off completely. The result is perfect deep blacks without any backlighting.

The Panasonic 55MZ700 TV has a regular standard OLED panel with a brightness of about 650 nits. Applicants for a brighter image will have to pay extra money. But the Panasonic MZ700 TV already offers superb pictures with vibrant colors and almost infinite contrast.

The inexpensive OLED TV Panasonic TX-55MZ700 gives the impression of a high-quality model and is actually no different from expensive OLED models.

The inexpensive OLED TV Panasonic TX-55MZ700 gives the impression of a high-quality model and is actually no different from expensive OLED models.

The MZ700 delivers crisp images with impressive depth and detail. Although the model has a slower 60Hz panel, it manages to display clear moving images. If you want to watch football on OLED, you should switch to the “Sports” mode. This mode makes game movements look smooth thanks to fast camera panning.

The same applies to the Game mode. In this mode, input lag is reduced to less than 8 milliseconds. OLED TV provides the best picture quality in Dynamic mode. On the other hand, in TrueCinema and Filmmaker Mode, the image looks a little dark and washed out.


As for the set of connections, there are some disadvantages. Instead of the usual 4 HDMI connectors, the TV has only 3 HDMI 2.0, one of which is on the back. When installing on a wall, it will have to be locked. After this, only two HDMI inputs can be used.

The same goes for the optical connector, which is also located on the back. Inputs for cable and DVB-T2 are available on the side, and for a satellite dish – also at the rear. In addition, there are two USB 2.0 connectors on board, a 3.5 mm jack for linear headphone connections, an RJ-45 port and a C+ slot for pay TV channels. Wireless connections include Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 5.


Panasonic has introduced an inexpensive OLED TV to the market with good image quality and decent performance. However, this cheap model offers fewer connections than the regular one. Moreover, some connectors are also inconveniently located.

The built-in sound system of the M700 TV is not as powerful as that of more expensive models. If you’re comfortable with these limitations, then this affordable OLED TV with excellent picture quality could be a good choice to buy.

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