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Panasonic TX-32G302B Review: Delivers acceptable image quality

Panasonic TX 32G302B

Small televisions do not usually present great benefits when it comes to using them, since we usually talk about the lowest range . However, lately new models have come out that try to equip better features.

Obviously we are not talking about a television that reaches perfection, however, if it is above several televisions that are located in its range. Without a doubt, the Panasonic TX-32G302B0E seems an interesting option if we are looking for a more personal use , although it can also look great in the kitchen so that everyone can enjoy it.


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It has a construction with good materials, however, the aesthetics leaves a little to be desired

The design is not so impressive, although that is something common in this type of equipment. Therefore, we cannot consider it as a negative point, however, we will try to mention the most outstanding details . The first thing we find is a suitable size that fits in any location, in addition, it adapts well to the environment.

Another detail that we cannot miss is that there are slightly thin bezels that cover the screen. This offers us a more elegant view from almost any angle , likewise, it is perfect for a television like this, since we require greater dimensions when viewing the content. The useful space is much larger.

Likewise, we find a metallic finish that gives us greater security when placing the television. By means of a VESA mount we can place it directly on the wall and have better visual results. The back part ends up being the least showy , since it has a greater thickness and its construction is not so clean.


We find an interesting variety of connections that we can take advantage of a lot. To begin with, we find HDMI that ends up being the most used, since it allows us to transmit the signal from laptops, consoles and players. In the event that a device is not compatible with this option, you should not worry considering that it also has a VGA input , yes, the performance will be a little affected.

Obviously you have USB which is perfect for playing content from any memory or external disk. We do not know if recording by this means is really possible. At the wireless level we are going to find great options, for example, your Wi-Fi connection to make use of the internet that we have at home. However, the most interesting thing in this aspect is that we have included Bluetooth to establish connections without having to use cables.

Image quality and functions in general

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It presents an acceptable quality, although its performance depends more on the content that we are going to see

The Panasonic TX-32G302B presents an acceptable image quality within its range, first of all, we find an HD resolution that obviously can be improved. However, depending on the use we want to give it, we will see better or worse results . In principle it is a regular definition for almost any content.

An LED panel is presented that as you probably already know is one of the least powerful, therefore, the backlight will not be the best. Especially if we plan to place the TV in a very dark or bright environment , so the first recommendation we can give you is to find a correct placement where lighting is not a problem.

Colors and contrast benefit from the inclusion of HDR10, one of the biggest surprises for a low-end TV. Thanks to this technology we will receive better detailed images with a more precise depth. This way we get an optimal experience , although in general terms it will not be an outstanding image quality either.


The audio quality is less than great, in fact, we think its speakers lack power . However, it has Surround Sound technology that seeks to give us a more enveloping and clean experience, mainly in dialogues that are often the most affected by a low strength in sound quality.

The main problem is found in more demanding content that requires greater power. In this case, the only solution we can give you is to purchase an external sound bar that offers you the recommended quality. Best of all, there are currently several models with good results for much more affordable costs.

Smart TV and other functions of the Panasonic TX-32G302B


Its system is basic and does not present many benefits. Despite that, it has good applications to use

As expected, the Panasonic TX-32G302B0E does not offer a very complete operating system, in fact, if we look at it more deeply we can realize that it could even be considered as a negative point. To begin with, its optimization is not that good , therefore the navigation between menus is not very smooth.

The only good thing is that it has an interesting variety of applications where Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube , Rakuten TV and Deezer stand out . Obviously there will be others, however, we no longer consider them so essential. As if that were not enough, it has compatibility with Amazon Alexa, a voice assistant that gives us a better interaction with the television.

Since we have at our disposal the management of certain activities using only the voice. Without a doubt, this is the most interesting of the included system, however, at the application level it falls short, therefore, we can recommend you get Xiaomi Mi TV Stick or a Fire TV Stick for an experience close to that of range televisions high.

Panasonic TX-32G302B: Pros and Cons


  • Slim bezel design
  • Bluetooth
  • Acceptable image quality
  • HDR10
  • Includes Surround Sound
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Price


  • Rest of poor design
  • Improvable image
  • Sound power
  • Basic system

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