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Philips PUS7607 Review: A good TV does not have to be expensive

Philips PUS7607
Philips PUS7607

With the new PUS7607 series, Philips has launched an extremely affordable 4K TV with Smart TV and Alexa voice control. What’s good about the Philips 65PUS7607 TV and is it worth buying? What did the manufacturer save on? In the Philips 65PUS7607 / 12 4K HDR review, using the example of a 65-inch TV, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of the PUS7607 series and find out what it is really capable of.

Philips PUS7607

Philips PUS7607

Philips PUS7607 Review


To keep the price as low as possible, Philips has ditched the well-known Ambilight. The company also saved on the operating system. Instead of the popular Android software found in more expensive models, the TV comes with its own Saphi operating system .

Otherwise, everything you can expect from a modern Smart TV is on board. From the outside, the Philips 65PUS7607/12 TV looks very high quality. The TV has a matte black body. The edges of the screen are framed by a thin bezel. The included feet enhance the slim look and ensure a secure fit.

If you prefer to hang the 65″ model on a wall, you will need a suitable VESA 200 x 200 wall mount, which is not included. In addition to the TV itself and the stand in the form of two legs, the set includes: a remote control with two AAA batteries, a legal and safety guide, a power cord and a quick start guide.

Philips 65PUS7607 design


In terms of hardware, the Philips 65PUS7607 TV has everything you would expect from a smart TV these days. It’s a fast operating system with Alexa voice control, all common streaming services including Amazon Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Youtube, as well as numerous apps and media libraries.

Unlike more expensive Philips models that run Android, the inexpensive PUS7607 series makes do with its own Saphi operating system. This Linux-based system runs smoothly but offers fewer app choices than the Android OS. The Philips PUS7607 TV is equipped with a so-called triple tuner for TV reception.

This means that the device is suitable for all types of reception such as satellite, cable TV and DVB-T2. Channel switching time is quite fast. It doesn’t take more than two seconds. On the rear panel there is a CI+ slot for Pay TV channels. Also, the device is equipped with classic teletext and electronic program guide (EPP).

Philips 65PUS7607 review

Image quality

Even in the lower price segment, you can not do without a clear and sharp image with rich colors. The Philips PUS7807/12 TV convinces with accurate colors and decent depth of field both on a game console and on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix .

The 2022 PUS78 series supports both extended color space with over 1 billion colors and HDR (High Dynamic Range). This is especially noticeable in computer games and current blockbusters. The picture looks a little brighter than the standard content. The TV is equipped with HDR standards such as HLG, HDR10, Dolby Vision .

However, in these modes, viewing does not provide much improvement. The main reason for this is the lack of peak brightness, which does not exceed 300 nits. The black level could also be a little better. This is due to the IPS matrix , whose native contrast is quite low. There is also no local dimming, which is only used in more expensive models.

As a result, black colors appear dark grey. This is especially noticeable in very dark scenes and when viewed in a dark room. The TV is well tuned straight from the factory. The people, and especially the faces, are depicted in a pleasingly realistic manner without a reddish cast. The football field shines with lush greenery, and the sky is blue. In general, the image is impressive, but the HDR standard is almost useless.

Sound quality

Unlike a very good image, the situation with sound is a little worse. And there is nothing surprising in this. After all, the Philips 65PUS7607/12 TV has only two small speakers with a total power of 20 watts. They are enough to watch ordinary TV programs, but there is no real home theater feeling.

However, the speakers are well tuned. They provide fairly clear sound. At least the voices and dialogue are played clearly. However, you will have to do without high frequencies and deep bass. Fans of multi-channel sound should consider purchasing a suitable soundbar.

Considering that the Philips 65PUS7607 TV supports Dolby Atmos , then we can recommend the Philips Fidelio FB1 soundbar with 7.1.2 sound. This sound system supports Dolby Atmos and has a power of 310W. However, this pleasure does not come cheap.

Philips 65PUS7607 interfaces


Despite the low price, the 65PUS7607/12 TV patch panel has a very good assortment of connectors. There are 3 HDMI inputs on the back panel. One of them is HDMI 2.1 with support for eARC , VRR, ALLM.

There are also two USB ports, an optical digital output, antenna inputs, a CI+ slot, and a line-in Internet connection. Unlike other inexpensive models, the device is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Wireless connections include Wi-Fi.


The 65-inch PUS7607 model offers just about everything you would expect from a modern smart TV. But do not expect something supernatural from this TV. Its main advantage is good value for money. Not recommended for viewing in a dark room. Recommended for group viewing.

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