Realme TV 43
Realme TV 43

Realme TV 43 Review: Impressive considering the low price

The Realme TV 43 is one of the most affordable 43-inch 4K TVs on the market. A smart TV not only impresses with its image, but also with its equipment. The Realme TV 43 4K RMV2004 is equipped with a 4K HDR screen, Android Smart TV operating system, tuner and a wide range of connections.

Realme TV 43
Realme TV 43

The Realme TV 4K range is available in 3 sizes ranging from 43 to 55 inches. How is this TV different from its competitors in this price range? Should you buy Realme TV 43? In the Realme TV 43 RMV2004 4K HDR review, we will try to answer these questions.

Realme TV 43 review


It’s not a secret for anyone that a lot of TVs with a fairly low price have recently appeared. But how do you know which one is better? The 43-inch TV 43 from Chinese manufacturer Realme is one TV that has everything you need at an affordable price. The design of the TV 43 is not very different from most similar TVs.

The screen with a thin bezel around the entire perimeter is held by a stand consisting of two Y-shaped legs. The legs are located along the very edge of the bottom of the screen. Therefore, when installing the TV on a horizontal surface, it should be taken into account that the cabinet is at least 108 cm wide.

If we talk about depth, then the Realme TV 43 RMV2004 TV case cannot be called narrow. At its widest point, it is 7.6 cm thick. Therefore, the TV on the wall will not look as perfect as some models with a Slim case.

If you still want to hang your Realme TV 4K 43 on the wall, you will need a suitable VESA 200 x 200 wall mount, which is not included. The package includes two legs with four mounting bolts, a remote control, a warranty card and a user manual.

Realme TV 43 RMV2004 design



LED TV 43 Realme TV 43 RMV2004 is a complete model with Smart TV, built-in web browser, streaming services and voice control via Google Assistant. The operating system used is Android TV 10 , which differs from others in the most extensive selection of applications.

The most important streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix , IVI, YouTube, and more are pre-installed and ready to go. Other applications can be installed independently through Google Play. The Realme is also well equipped for TV reception as well.

The built-in tuner is designed for cable TV (DVB-C), satellite system (DVB-S2) and digital antenna reception (DVB-T2). The tuner works fast enough. Switching channels takes no more than 2 seconds.

Sound quality

The Realme TV 43 RMV2004 4K Smart TV doesn’t sound as good as expensive TVs that have bass speakers. At the same time, its sound is slightly better than many other budget TVs. The sound system, housed in a fairly deep case, consists of four speakers with a power of 6 watts each.

Deep bass is still not achieved, but the sound quality somewhat prevails over models equipped with two 10W speakers. When the volume is increased to the middle of the compression, no sound is heard. Sound distortion can only be heard at a volume level close to the maximum value. In addition, the Realme RMV2004 TV has Dolby Atmos support . To implement it, you will need an additional sound solution in the form of a soundbar or home theater.

Realme TV 43 RMV2004 review

Image quality

Turning to image quality, it is immediately worth noting that the Realme Smart TV 4K 43 is in the lower price segment. Therefore, it does not achieve the exorbitant picture quality of expensive mini-LED or OLED TVs. The Realme TV is equipped with a 3840 x 2160 pixel high resolution UHD display with a 50Hz refresh rate.

The TV panel has a direct backlight Direct . As usual in this price range, the panel has no dimming zones, which automatically results in slightly worse uniformity. Against a light monochromatic background, it is sometimes noticeable that the corners of the screen are a little darker.

However, comparable local dimming TVs also cost two to three times more than the Realme Smart TV 43. The picture on the 43-inch screen is quite clear not only when watching 4K movies via streaming services, but also when watching regular TV programs. However, HD and UHD channels should be preferred.

Blurring may sometimes occur when viewing analog content. Also, the Realme 2004 TV 43 TV is particularly impressive with its good color reproduction and fairly deep contrast. The Rilmi TV 43 RMV2004 TVs use a VA matrix , the native contrast of which is 3800: 1.

In this regard, when viewing content in a dark room, the colors are not distorted. On the other hand, the viewing angles of this TV are not as good as IPS TVs. Realme provides the best picture quality with 4K high definition content.

It doesn’t matter if the movie is played via one of the streaming services or from an Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc. TV 43 can also display HDR content. However, you should not expect too much change when viewing such content. The peak brightness of the TV does not exceed 370 candelas per square meter.

This brightness is not quite enough to fully display HDR. It should also be noted here that the peak brightness of competitors in this price category is even less. Overall, the image on the RMV2004 is slightly superior to its competitors at the same price.

Realme TV 43 RMV2004 interfaces


There are plenty of connections on the Realme 43 RMV2004 TV. 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs are available for external playback devices such as Blu-ray players or game consoles. If you want to connect a soundbar, you can do this either through an optical digital output or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is among the wireless connections. Rilmi TV 43 is also equipped with a USB port, a composite input for analog connections, a LAN port for connecting to the Internet, antenna inputs and a 3.5 mm audio output for linear headphone connection.


Realme TV 43 impresses with sharp images, rich colors and decent upscaling of HD content. Equipment such as Android TV, Google Assistant voice control and HDR Dolby Vision are not available on all TVs in this price range.

The sound is also slightly different from budget TVs for the better. If you do not expect anything special from this TV in terms of picture quality, then Realme TV 43 can be considered a very good choice among most budget TVs.

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