Samsung AU7100 Review: Low budget TV perfect for streaming and gaming

Samsung AU7100

The Samsung AU7100 is a decent entry-level 4K TV from Samsung’s 2021 lineup. It provides very good contrast and black depth. Color reproduction is also good, colors are accurate and rich. The AU7100 series TVs are based on a very good Smart TV platform running Tizen OS with many applications.

The AU7100 also delivers good 4K performance. The scaling of standard definition video is also good. It provides sharp and detailed images with very good clarity. The AU7100 TV has its drawbacks in terms of HDR performance, which lacks high peak brightness and wide color gamut.

However, if those performances aren’t going to be a problem for you, take a look at this otherwise solid 4K TV. In this review of Samsung UE55AU7100 4K HDR TV as a representative of the AU7100 series, we will look at all the main parameters of a TV that can affect your choice.

Samsung AU7100 review


The Samsung AU7100 is a beautiful TV, especially for the entry-level model. Its appearance is sleek and sophisticated, with ultra-thin bezels surrounding its semi-glossy screen. The slim, bezel-less design that the AU7100 exhibits was once found only in much more expensive models.

But now it has become commonplace for many TVs currently being produced. And this gives the AU7100 a more stylish and, one might say, expensive look. Like its predecessor, Samsung TU7100 , the novelty has two sturdy legs that can be easily inserted (pressed) into the bottom of the TV. No screws or tools required.

Samsung AU7100 - design

Slightly different from the TU7100 legs (stand) give the TV very good stability with minimal vibrations if you swing the panel forward / backward. The panel depth of the AU7100 is quite shallow at around 6cm. Overall, the Samsung UE55AU7100 is solidly built and doesn’t look cheap.

Note that all communication connectors (with the exception of the LAN port and the power cable connector) look sideways, without causing additional difficulties when installing the TV on the wall. The simplest installation of cables is provided with their output through one of the legs.

Image quality

The picture quality is generally good. The image is bright and vivid, and most buyers will be happy with the result. The TV can’t deliver the truly deep blacks that OLED panels do , but for the most part, the picture looks quite dynamic. The VA panel used provides a high contrast ratio of 5000: 1.

Unlike TVs with IPS panels , the viewing angles of the Samsung AU7100 TV cannot boast of unfolded width. Contrast and color performance deteriorate as you move from perpendicular to the screen. In other words, this TV is not for big companies. The image is formed by the Crystal 4K processor.

Compared to older models, the color rendition is still average. The AU7100 panel does not have a wide color gamut and this reduces the color brightness. Peak brightness in HDR mode is less than 300 nits. The TV may not provide impressive bright highlights, but it does a decent job of handling the dynamics. Ignorance is bliss, though, so if you haven’t dealt with high-end TVs, you may not notice many of these points.

If you want to consider significantly better HDR performance, check out Samsung’s QLED TVs. For example, the 2021 model Q60A . The Samsung AU7100 in question has the usual choice of picture presets (Standard, Natural, Dynamic, Movie, Filmmaker Mode). Of these, Natural is the most effective, which offers the brightest images.

Samsung AU7100 - overview

It’s worth digging through the menus to optimize Samsung’s settings . In any case, it is best to disable the ambient light sensor so that the TV itself does not change brightness while watching. It is worth turning off the interpolation of the image, which can be found in the “Image clarity” menu.

This 4K TV supports HDR and is compatible with conventional HDR and HLG. It also supports HDR10 +, a dynamic metadata standard currently used by Amazon for Prime Video. PurColour technology enhances the quality of any image, reveals hidden details and helps show the true colors of the content you are viewing.

Motion processing and game mode

The response time of the Samsung 55AU7100 is about 19 ms. This is slightly worse than the similar parameter of the Samsung AU8000 TV . The AU7100 is a decent gaming display, although it doesn’t really highlight next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Algorithms for improving the clarity of moving objects predict and automatically compensate for frames, so the image adapts as quickly as it changes on the screen. With Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), the AU7100 recognizes when you are ready to play. After that, it automatically switches to game mode to minimize the output delay (input lag) to 10ms. Motion Xcelerator technology increases the panel refresh rate to 100 Hz.

Smart TV

Like all 2021 Samsung TVs , the AU7100 runs Tizen 6.0 OS. The visual style is slightly different from last year’s, but the changes are purely aesthetic and do not affect functionality in any way. A launcher appears at the bottom of the screen, which includes all menus, settings, and icons for various applications.

The second line may appear higher when selecting certain applications and contains various content, including suggestions and information. As always, there are many applications available on the Tizen platform. Loading them may overflow the interface. This is why organizing features are needed, and Tizen gives you the ability to organize your applications the way you want.

Since there is no built-in voice control, you will need an external device that supports it. Therefore, for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to work, you will need to use the appropriate device and connect it to your TV. The Airplay 2 support is also worth mentioning. With this feature, you can stream or share content from Apple devices.

The Tap View option makes interacting with smartphones very easy. You just need to touch your phone to the TV to mirror its small screen on the big screen and see it in all its glory. A touch is all it takes.

Samsung AU7100 - switching

The remote control does not differ from those that come with the “older” series. Depending on the localization of the AU7100 series TV, this can be a regular TM2140A battery powered remote control. Or maybe the Solar Remote TM2180E model, which has a solar cell for recharging the internal battery.

Sound quality

The sound of the AU7100 TV is completely rudimentary, using two downward-firing stereo speakers with a total output of 20 watts. If you expect more from sound, plan to invest in and take advantage of a soundbar by connecting via eARC . In this case, you can use the Q-Symphony function.

The Samsung 7 Series 2021 implements its simplified Lite version. Sound becomes immersive by combining the power of a Samsung TV and soundbar. Like a symphony orchestra, this simple system works in perfect harmony by synchronizing the TV and soundbar speakers so that sound is played from both devices simultaneously. No delay. And all this does not require complex configuration.


In the AU7100 series, Samsung has restored the number of HDMI connectors. Now there are 3 of them again. There are still few USB connectors, only 1. There is a digital optical output (Toslink) and a common CI interface slot. Wireless connectivity is WiFi 5 and Bluetooth v.4.2. You can also connect to the Internet via the LAN port.


Obviously, price is the number one factor when choosing such a model. And everything should be judged in relation to this. Is the AU7100 a bad model? If you look at it from a 4K HDR perspective, you can say that it only offers you half the experience.

It just doesn’t have the ability to make HDR content truly engaging. But if you look at it in terms of extreme low budget and affordability, then we say that the Samsung AU7100 is a great model that can offer you many hours of everyday viewing pleasure, whether it’s streaming, broadcasting, or gaming.

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