Samsung is launching one of the cheapest in-house 4K TVs, the Samsung UE55AU7170U. But even with the lowest price in the lineup, you cannot refuse equipment or additional functions.

HDR, Tizen 6.0 SmartTV, Voice Assistant are just a few of the features that Samsung’s UE55AU7170 TV has. The AU7170 series is available in sizes from 43 “to 85”. In this Samsung UE55AU7170 55 ″ 4K HDR review, using a 55-inch TV as an example, we will consider the strengths and weaknesses of the AU7170 series in order to draw a conclusion: is it worth buying.

Samsung AU7170 review


The design of the Samsung UE55AU7170U TV is mostly simple, if not for the significant display size of 55 inches. When assembled without assistance, something might go wrong. This can damage the display. Therefore, it is recommended that two people install a Samsung TV of this size.

Despite the peculiarities of mounting, whether it will hang on the wall or stand on two thin plastic legs, Samsung UE55AU7170 with its slim design gives the impression of a very modern and high-quality TV. For wall mounting, an optional 200 x 200 mm VESA bracket is required, which is not included.

Samsung UE55AU7170 design


The model is equipped with a fast tuner for TV reception. Changing the channel takes about 2-3 seconds. HD + is preinstalled from the factory and provided free of charge for the first 6 months. After that, the package can be extended for a relatively low price. When it comes to app selection, no other model currently can ignore Samsung TVs in this regard.

Numerous media libraries and streaming services from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix , Apple TV, and Disney + are pre-installed and accessible via the Home button on the included remote. However, entering letters on the supplied TM2140A remote control is not fun and time consuming.

Eliminate this discomfort with a Bluetooth keyboard with built-in touchpad. Such a keyboard provides fast operation, almost like on a PC. The downside is that it will also have to be purchased separately.

Voice control is also possible, but this requires an additional Amazon Echo speaker. In other words, all the necessary Smart functions are available, but additional “infusion” of funds will be required for comfortable control.

Samsung UE55AU7170 review

Image quality

Compared to its 2020 sibling models, Samsung takes it one step further in terms of color options. The display can display over 1 billion colors and does it surprisingly well with quality brightness and good contrast. However, the peak brightness value is nowhere near the same as that of more expensive TVs.

Five different picture setting modes provide a wide range for movie playback. One of the most suitable is the “Dynamic” mode. In this mode, colors appear especially vivid and contrasting. Less bright is the so-called ” director mode “, which reproduces films in their original colors and basic settings.

The picture looks much darker here since all image enhancement systems are disabled. The display is not ideal for full HDR use due to its low peak brightness. Nevertheless, at the output, the user gets a fairly good and contrasting image. The greatest weakness is found in the display of blacks, especially when combined with bright objects.

In these places, black looks more like dark gray. This disadvantage is especially evident when watching TV at an angle. In general, the 55AU7170 TV in its price range provides a fairly good picture quality in SDR mode when viewed perpendicular to the screen.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the 55AU7170U TV is sufficient for everyday use. At the same time, you shouldn’t expect the high-quality bass or surround sound found in home theaters from audio. This is due to the design of the two built-in 10W speakers.

Even so, the speakers work well when watching everyday broadcasts. The sound can be optimized slightly using three modes. You can choose between Adaptive Sound, Amplify and Standard.

If you prefer a truly full sound with powerful bass, an external sound solution is best. With a total output of 380W and a wireless subwoofer, the Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar adds surround sound and rich bass to your movie.

Samsung UE55AU7170 interfaces


The choice of connections is pretty good for a TV at this price point. The device has an antenna input, three HDMI 2.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, an Ethernet RJ45 line-in for connecting to the Internet, a TosLink optical digital output and a CI + 1.4 slot for connecting paid channels. Also, the Samsung AU7170U TV is equipped with HDMI Quick Switch support and Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi5 wireless connections.


To conclude our review of Samsung AU7170, I should add that overall, the Samsung UE55AU7170 is very good for its price. The quality of the picture with high resolution and natural color reproduction should delight the consumer.

However, due to the low peak brightness, the TV will not be able to achieve the proper quality when watching HDR content. For the same reason, Samsung’s AU7170 series is good for bedroom viewing, but not recommended for very bright rooms. The picture is not always lit evenly. This is due to the built-in Edge LED backlighting .

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