Samsung AU8070 Review: Affordable 4K HDR TV with drawbacks

Samsung AU8070
Samsung AU8070

The Korean electronics company is launching another Samsung UE85AU8070 TV from the budget 4K series. The new AU8070 Crystal UHD TVs feature Edge LED, SmartTV and HDR10 + support. So far, this series is represented by only one model with a diagonal of 85 inches.

It is possible that TVs with other diagonals will appear. The advantage is that this giant has very good specs for its price. In this Samsung UE85AU8070 4K HDR review, we will try to consider the strengths and weaknesses of this TV in order to answer the question whether it is worth buying.

Samsung UE85AU8070 review


As soon as the heavy and bulky parcel weighing 56.3 kg arrives in the living room, installation can begin. There is no chance to complete the assembly alone. The TV in question has a diagonal size of just over two meters (214 cm). In order not to accidentally damage the device during installation, it is advisable to have two assistants. Despite the low price, the 85-inch device looks really good.

The slim frame and design give your home theater a stylish look. Opinions differ when it comes to the TV support in the form of two T-shaped legs. For wall mounting, a suitable VESA 600 x 400 mm bracket is required and is not included in the scope of delivery. In addition to the TV, the kit includes a Smart Remote with two batteries, feet, a power cord and a quick start guide.

Samsung UE85AU8070 design

SmartTV and equipment

On the hardware side, Samsung has provided the UE85AU8070U with a triple tuner for cable, satellite and antenna reception, including an HD + app for HD channels without the need for an additional card. The SmartTV interface cannot be controlled by voice, although this function works in some regions.

The Taizen 6.0 operating system has many pre-installed media libraries and streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +. All in all, everything works very smoothly. The downside is that the Tizen operating system sometimes takes a while to type. Typing can be made much easier with the optional Bluetooth wireless keyboard with touchpad.

It is also known that Samsung has built some features into its TV, but has not activated them. These functions can be activated using the SmartTV4You remote control. For UE85AU8070 TV, these features are PVR and Game Bar.

In the event of a warranty claim, all settings made with the service remote control may be canceled. Again, the availability of some built-in but not activated features depends on the importing country.

Samsung UE85AU8070 review

Image quality

The huge LCD panel with Edge LED backlighting and a brightness of about 330 cd per square meter does a lot, but weakens a little when it comes to the black display. The backlight doesn’t keep up a bit due to the lack of Direct LED. Due to the lack of localized dimming, black tones can appear similar to dark gray.

However, this can be seen when watching TV from an angle. AI and Contrast Enhancer are used to enhance contrast and optical brightening, as well as Dynamic Crystal Color technology. The 85AU8070 TV supports standards such as HDR10 and HDR10 +. In theory, Netflix subscribers should be disappointed by the fact that Samsung has ignored Dolby Vision in this model as well.

On the other hand, the TV has a peak brightness that is not sufficient for high-quality HDR viewing. Samsung UE85AU8070 TV shows Ultra HD content in SDR mode in stunning quality. The picture is clear, sharp, with high contrast and almost three-dimensional objects. The depth effect is also very good.

Overall, the Samsung UE85AU8070U TV shows all content smoothly and with very good sharpness. When watching dynamic scenes, a loop may sometimes remain. While the TV has very good latency, the panel itself has a refresh rate of 50Hz.

When it comes to viewing SD channels, the scaling works quite well. However, in some cases, the image may be blurred. In general, there are no special complaints about the image quality. All minor artifacts are more than offset by the inexpensive price tag.

Sound quality

The huge picture reproduced on the AU8070 is far superior in sound quality. Actually, well-coordinated acoustics clearly lacks volume. Bass and deep tones seem weak. Two speakers with an output power of 10 W each are clearly not enough here. In addition, there is virtually no room for surround sound in the narrow cabinet.

An external sound solution can definitely fix the current situation. For example, Samsung’s HW-S60A soundbar with a built-in subwoofer and 200W total output might solve the problem. The sound will sound loud and clear, and low frequencies will add volume.

Samsung UE85AU8070 interfaces


For this price point, we can say that the set of connections located on the patch panel looks quite rich. The UE85AU8070 TV has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. One of the HDMI ports has an eARC channel . There is also an antenna input, an optical digital output, a line-in port for connecting to the Internet, and a CI + slot for using pay channels. In addition, the TV is equipped with wireless connections such as Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi.


The Samsung AU8070 is currently one of the cheapest on the market and differs from many competitors in realistic colors and good depth of field. When it comes to contrast, especially black, the model has drawbacks.

The AU8070 is perfect for viewing content in a dark environment. However, the TV does not have wide viewing angles and, in fact, does not provide the proper quality when viewing HDR content.

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