Samsung BE55T-H Review: Adapts well to any environment

Samsung BE55T H

Most of us are used to televisions being busy to satisfy our entertainment, however there are some models that focus on totally different topics. The Samsung brand has managed to earn a place in these sectors. Today we will talk about the Samsung BE55T-H, a device that is ideal for commercial use.

DesignS2 10

They maintain the design that we have already seen in conventional televisions of this brand

Its aesthetics is quite similar to that offered by normal televisions, therefore, we will not find many changes. In this case we can see that a slim style is maintained that ends up being excellent . Especially on the front that adapts thin bezels that fill this team with elegance and ease, in addition, its black color stands out more.

These frames offer us a larger screen with a much larger and more functional useful space. The rear is cleanly crafted for added presence regardless of placement. It usually adapts well to any environment and the only negative point we find is its plastic-based construction materials.


A simple connectivity that only adds those connections that are essential for this type of service. We have two HDMI to establish a connection with other devices, likewise, there is a USB port to play external content. As if that were not enough, we also have an Ethernet to connect to the internet , although in this case we think it is easier to do so via Wi-Fi that is also included in this TV.

Image quality and features in general

S3 9

Receive acceptable image quality offering views in 4K resolution

The Samsung BE55T-H has a 4K resolution that shows us more realistic images and with a greater number of details. In this type of commercial televisions the quality is more noticeable, since other types of scenes are usually shown that take better advantage of said definition . Therefore, we are going to get a remarkable experience in every way.

It is clear that if we want to see other types of content, we will also receive a more than acceptable quality, in fact, HDR10 + is added that gives us more precise colors and a deeper contrast so that what is seen has greater clarity. In the same way we can enjoy television channels thanks to the fact that it accepts DVB-T2 and includes an RF port.


The audio quality seems acceptable, since two speakers with a total power of 20W have been integrated, something that is seen in practically any mid-range television, in addition, it offers us Dolby Digital Plus technology for a more surround and clean sound . In this case it will be necessary, since its operation is not so demanding.

Software review / Smart TV and more highlights

S4 3

We will have ideal applications to make the visual presentations that are requested

The Samsung BE55T-H includes the Tizen operating system which in this case will allow us to install some applications to work. The most used and with the best benefits is Samsung Business TV which is available for Android and iOS. With it we can manage and control the content completely remotely and without difficulties.

With this same app we will have a simple configuration, since it includes a step-by-step tutorial. We are also offered more than 100 preloaded templates that include L-bar designs, built-in moves, seasonal sales, and other promotions that you can edit depending on your business. It has a very intuitive interface to edit .

  • Elegant design
  • Includes Bluetooth
  • Acceptable image quality
  • HDR10 +
  • Includes Tizen
  • Easy to use with the Samsung Business TV app
  • Sound
  • Construction materials
  • Does not include many ports
  • Price


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