Samsung CU8500: Feature-packed TV with stunning features

Samsung CU8500 Review
Samsung CU8500 Review

With the 75CU8500 TV, Samsung offers one of the reliable options that delivers the quality that many consumers are looking for. Samsung’s CU8500 series combines picture quality with a competitive price. This line includes models with screen sizes from 43 to 75 inches.

Samsung CU8500 looks great on any wall
Samsung CU8500 looks great on any wall

All of them are equipped with Ultra HD panels and a good range of connections. In addition, these TVs are distinguished by the presence of three voice assistants: Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant. Despite Samsung’s popularity, the question remains: does the CU85 series provide good performance and image quality? In our review of the Samsung 55CU8500U Crystal UHD we will try to answer this and other questions.

Samsung CU8500 review


The Samsung 55CU8500U TV has a minimalistic design. The frame framing the screen is no more than one centimeter wide. When the screen is turned off, the only elements that attract attention at the front are the brand logo and the TV stand. The stand is placed in the center of the screen.

Samsung CU8500 looks absolutely goregous
Samsung CU8500 looks absolutely goregous

This allows the TV to be placed on a narrower stand than in the version where the stand is replaced by legs located on the sides. It should also be noted that the 43-inch and 50-inch models have a wider stand. Installation of the stand is simple and requires no additional tools to ensure the product is ready to use.

The only downside to the design is the plastic finish. However, do not forget that this is an entry-level TV. Therefore, for the sake of an affordable price, you have to sacrifice something. According to official information from the manufacturer, the CU8500 is the thinnest TV. This suggests that the CU8500 will look great on the wall. For wall mounting you will need a VESA 200 x 200 bracket (for a 55-inch TV). It will have to be purchased separately.

Smart TV

While picture quality is the main factor when choosing a TV, having an efficient operating system is essential to ensure a pleasant user experience. The fact is that the adaptation of television software depends on each user, and each system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Samsung CU8500 Smart TV Functions are as always top notch
Samsung CU8500 Smart TV Functions are as always top notch

The Samsung 55CU8500 Crystal UHD 4K TV runs Tizen 7.0 operating system . Such software from Samsung is present in most 2023 TVs. The Tizen operating system ensures the availability of basic services and has good customization options.

It is also worth noting that this system has a wide variety of applications. The Samsung CU8500 TV is equipped with three personal assistants: Google Assistant, Bixby and Alexa. Google Assistant works very well. In addition, it can be easily activated using a remote control or an application on your mobile phone.

Sound quality

The sound on the 55CU8500U is nothing special, unlike similarly priced competitors. The stereo system has two speakers, the total power of which is 20 W. Due to the reduced thickness of the case, the manufacturer was forced to install a modest audio system. Therefore, you should not expect outstanding effects in spectacular films or music content with accented beats.

Despite the aforementioned limitations, it should be noted that the sound is well balanced. This gives satisfactory sound quality for those who don’t care much about an advanced sound system. In addition, Samsung’s system clearly prioritizes the audio range in which we most often hear voices in films.

In other words, the 55CU8500’s audio is not suitable for noisy places or large rooms as it lacks power. When the volume is turned up, this TV can distort some segments of the audio track and be a little shrill. If you are looking for superior sound, it is recommended to use additional equipment, such as a home theater or sound bar.

Samsung 55CU8500U design

Image quality

The Samsung 55CU8500U TV is equipped with a panel with VA technology , which provides high color accuracy, reaching 100% of the RGB standard. This TV works very well with all color spectrums, allowing you to distinguish almost all shades, provided that dynamic picture adjustment is turned off.

Since this is a VA panel, the best experience is only given to those sitting directly in front of the screen. Viewers viewing content from different angles may notice color distortion. In terms of image quality, the Samsung 55CU8500 has enhanced contrast, which is especially noticeable when watching movies in a dark room.

When viewing HDR content, the viewer will not get the desired effect due to insufficient peak brightness reserve. In such TVs, the peak brightness value is no more than 320 nits. This is also why it is very difficult to watch movies in excessive sunlight.

Even when using the Color Enhanced Dynamic Picture mode, the TV cannot overcome this limitation. Therefore, the ideal option is to watch TV in a dark room. Despite the overall satisfactory quality, it is worth paying attention to the shortcomings.

For example, in dynamic mode, flickering is visible in certain parts of the image. Additionally, the built-in Edge LED backlighting has no local dimming. As a result, you may encounter an artifact such as blooming.

Another important point is the frame refresh rate, which on the Samsung CU8500 TV is limited to 60 Hz. However, the vast majority of entry-level products have this frequency. Overall, the image quality leaves a good impression, if you don’t expect anything special from the CU8500.


Samsung 55CU8500U interfaces


On the back of the CU8500 TV there is access to the connection panel. For video connections, the TV has three HDMI 2.0 connectors. It’s also worth noting that this TV is compatible with HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG technologies, but it does not work with Dolby Vision technology .

In terms of audio, this TV only has an optical digital audio output. There are also two USB 2.0 ports, antenna inputs, an RJ45 Ethernet port and a CI+ 1.4 slot on board. Wireless connections include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth component operates in version 5.2, which allows you to duplicate a smartphone and even transmit sound.

The CU8500 75 inch measurements
The Samsung CU8500 75 inch measurements


Samsung CU8500 certainly attracts the attention of consumers due to its decent set of features. The Korean manufacturer once again lives up to its name and provides good build quality and a pretty good user experience with this model.

The image quality can’t be compared to top-of-the-line models as brands tend to skimp on certain aspects to keep the price attractive. However, this quality is superior to many TVs in this price segment.

Despite this issue and the fact that the sound is nothing amazing, the Samsung 55CU8500U is a very well packaged TV. It should appeal to consumers looking for a model that allows them to enjoy essential content for relatively little money.