Samsung Q70A Review: The perfect gaming TV equipped with superior AI imaging

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The Samsung Q70A QLED is the mid-range model of the 2021 Samsung QLED TV lineup. The Q70A boasts a lot of features found in Samsung’s more expensive QLED 4K screens. But it has a more loyal price tag, which makes it a great buy for those people who are not willing to spend the extra money on the Neo QLED.

Despite the use of side lighting, the Samsung Q70A’s screen is crisp and bright. The used Tizen platform is top notch. And if you’re planning on buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X, a TV may very well be your cheapest way to organize your 4K gaming experience. In our review of Samsung QE65Q70A TV 4K HDR, we will take a closer look at the capabilities of the new product.

Samsung Q70A review


Samsung’s QE65Q70A has a simple and elegant look that matches other QLED TVs from this company. Installation on a plastic stand does not take up much space on TV furniture. With a 3cm thinner body (AirSlim design) than last year’s Q70T , the Samsung Q70A TV does not protrude far from the wall when hung.

It has a thin bezel around the screen, and the dark gray plastic body doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. You can use the standard 400 x 300mm VESA mount or the Samsung mini wall mount (handy for minimizing the distance between the TV and the wall). As usual, all ports look sideways and are in a recessed niche.

Samsung QE65Q70A - design

Image quality

Bright, quiet colors, strong contrast and stunning 4K detail have long been the trademarks of Samsung’s QLED TV fleet. And that certainly applies to the Samsung Q70A. The company continues to improve its AI intelligent picture mode. The picture is automatically optimized, and you do not need to manually switch the normal preset picture modes depending on what you are watching.

Unlike the Samsung Q60A, the QE65Q70A TV uses a Quantum image processor with enhanced 4K artificial intelligence. This engine is a great way to scale standard content and does a great job of adding detail to HD sources. It is possible to map the content against a database of images in processor memory.

After real-time analysis, it intelligently interpolates textures and details to display images with amazing clarity. While the lack of Dolby Vision support continues to disappoint, the Q70A does indeed handle HDR10 + content that is streamed by Amazon Prime Video.

Peak HDR brightness is in the 600 nits range. Enough for a noticeable HDR experience, but not quite as good as the best QLEDs or OLEDs , which are closer to 1000 nits. The Q70A’s lack of local dimming means it can’t offer truly accurate HDR, but it doesn’t affect viewing as much as it seems. “Blooming” around bright areas is not intrusive, and in games it is not noticed at all.

Movie fans will be pleased to hear that the Q70A has a good overall black level thanks to its VA panel rather than IPS . This is why the black bars in widescreen films look really dark. Dual LED illumination (warm and cool) enhances subjective contrast. In general, measured contrast values ​​exceed 7000: 1. The special coating significantly increases the viewing angles.

Samsung QE65Q70A - overview

The adaptive brightness option makes the image bright regardless of the time of day. The TV adjusts to the ambient light. According to Samsung, the Q70A does all the adjustment work for you, all you have to do is enjoy your viewing experience.

Motion processing and game mode

The Samsung Q70A series is perfect for using your TV as a gaming monitor. The entrance delay is the best in its class. The advanced Motion Xcelerator Turbo + option uses an image processing algorithm to reduce blur and jitter. The refresh rate of the screen is 120 Hz. But you can turn on pure game mode, then the input lag will not exceed 10 ms (1080p / 60p).

The Q70A supports FreeSync Premium Pro technology . It synchronizes the computer’s video card and the TV screen so that the image on it does not freeze and break into parts. This is essential for racing and other action games. Automatic game mode (ALLM) allows you to turn off “float” as soon as it realizes that you will be playing.

Samsung’s new Q70A TV has expanded its Multi View mode to two windows. In other words, while playing a game, you can simultaneously monitor, for example, the screen of your smartphone and the score of a broadcast football match.

Sound quality

In terms of audio, the 4K QLED Q70A TV is somewhat formally involved in the process. The system of two speakers with a total power of 20 W reproduces only speech well. This is helped by an active voice amplifier. It detects interference and automatically amplifies dialogue. But the lack of decent bass diminishes the impression of action movies and music. So it’s better to get hold of one of the Samsung 2021 soundbars.

This year, the company has become more concerned with the immersiveness of viewing video content. The Q70A features OTS Lite (Object Tracking System) screen tracking technology. Two downward-firing speakers and two virtual upward-firing speakers help create the illusion that sound is coming from the screen exactly where the active object is.

Samsung QE65Q70A - switching

You can also make your TV sound much richer by using a compatible soundbar. This is possible by combining the sound power of the TV and soundbar thanks to the Q-Symphony Lite option. It synchronizes the audio streams of all speakers without any complicated setup. Dolby Atmos is not supported, but can be passed through eARC.

Smart TV

Samsung 4K QLED Q70A runs Tizen OS . It comes with a wide variety of applications. Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV are preinstalled. Disney +, HBO Max, and many other popular services can be added, including live TV broadcasts such as Sling and YouTube TV.

The set of voice assistants has been expanded. Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant are all built into the Samsung Smart TV Q70A. Their capabilities are very diverse: from searching for content and changing channels to managing settings or gadgets connected to the smart home system. All you have to do is just say.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Tizen platform is the Ambient mode, which effectively turns the Q70 A into a huge digital photo frame. This allows the TV to blend in with the surrounding wallpaper design. Universal Guide helps you organize your favorite shows and movies from top apps like Netflix, Prime Video, TV Play and many more.

The Samsung remote is solar powered. It now uses a rechargeable battery instead of batteries. The small solar cell on the back of the TM2180E (SolarCell Remote) can capture enough energy from the internal lighting to charge the battery for up to two years before needing to be charged via the available USB-C port.


On the back of the Samsung Q 70 A TV are 4 HDMI 2.0 connectors. One of them is with eARC audio return channel . Sound can also be output through the digital optical output. External devices are connected via 2 USB 2.0 ports. the wireless keyboard can be used thanks to the presence of Bluetooth ver.4.2. The connection to the Internet is carried out either via Wi-Fi or via the LAN connector.

Price of Q70A
Currently (March 2021) Samsung TV QE65Q70A is available for purchase in foreign online stores at a price of $ 1300. There are 3 more diagonals in the line. The Samsung QE55Q70A TV can be pre-ordered at a price of $ 950, the cost of pre-ordering the Samsung QE85Q70A TV will be $ 3,000. The Samsung QE75Q70A TV is already available for $ 2,000.


Samsung Q70A is a great choice for buyers looking for a mid-range Ultra HD TV with superior AI imaging. It is especially attractive for gamers looking to purchase a next-generation console and large display that is compatible with 4K resolution at 120 frames per second.

The lack of local dimming isn’t too distracting. Therefore, the TV will be easily appreciated by both fans of clicking channels and fans of movies on the home screen. For the price point, the Q70A is hard to beat with this feature set.

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