Samsung Q70B Review: The perfect mid-range TV

Samsung q70b

The Samsung QE55Q70B delivers rich colors and the HDR clarity you’d expect from a QLED TV at a great price. In our Samsung Q70B review, let’s take a look at a QLED 4K TV that is closer to the lower end of the current QLED range in price, but still delivers the vibrant HDR and rich colors that these TVs bring.

Samsung Q70B Review

Design and SmartTV

The Samsung 55Q70B TV is basically an attractive TV built almost exclusively on the principle that thin TVs are more in demand. The frame around the screen is extremely narrow. The rear is less than 26mm deep with no center stand attached.

This makes the Q70B a very attractive wall mount option. The Tizen-powered Q70B smart TV software is excellent. Its on-screen appearance is pleasingly compact. There’s also excellent built-in support for voice control using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa systems of your choice. In addition, there is Samsung Bixby.

The initial setup is quite simple. The lack of the Freeview Play app can make finding the content you want a bit of a hassle. Unlike last year’s Samsung Q70A series , the QE55Q70B comes with a new TM2280E remote control that’s fairly easy to operate. This remote also has a small solar panel on the back.

Image quality

The first thing that jumps out at the Q70B series images is how bright these TVs can be for the price. This quality is maintained even when bright images fill most of the screen. There is no drastic drop in overall brightness as the brightness takes up most of the screen.

The Q70B can also handle HDR glare despite using a side LED lighting system. As a reminder, Edge LED does not provide the same local lighting control as direct LED backlighting with local dimming. The maximum brightness of the white HDR window, which occupies 10% of the screen, was 580 nits.

This brightness is achieved both in the preset image settings Dynamic and in Standard. Brightness drops in the more “accurate” Filmmaker and Video mode presets , which provide smoother HDR quality. But all these values ​​are pretty decent for a mid-range LCD TV.

The brightness provided by the Q70B is also good for its color reproduction, helping to maintain rich, natural saturation at higher brightness levels than most mid-range LCD TVs. This is key to a compelling HDR experience, especially since most HDR sources have a wider color gamut.

With relatively static native 4K content, the levels of detail are high. Sharpness is retained quite well when using the Auto setting when there is movement in the frame. Samsung’s AI source upscaling to 4K also pays off, delivering sharper results than most competitors in this class.

The Samsung Q70B TV delivers mostly good gaming performance. It supports VRR and 120Hz refresh rate with high definition and consistency. Colors are noticeably richer than other 55-inch LCDs at this price point. In addition, it takes only 9.5ms to respond to images.

This is one of the lowest figures in the world of television. While the 55Q70B meets some of the key parameters that help its picture quality stand out from other mid-range models, its price limits the full range of premium features.

In areas where HDR is really intense, the image’s baseline brightness can drop noticeably. This is because the TV tends to adjust to the feel of the extreme lighting range of the picture. This shortcoming can make some HDR games in some episodes not quite high quality.

Samsung Q70B Measurements
Samsung Q70B Measurements

Although the results will still be sharper than the norm for such an affordable LCD TV. The result can also be quite predictable for a TV with its side LED backlighting during dark footage. This is especially noticeable when watching a movie with a wide aspect ratio, which creates black bars at the top and bottom of the image.

Also, this disadvantage will manifest itself when using the Movie and Filmmaker modes, which deliberately limit the dynamic adjustment of the screen contrast. In all picture presets, the screen tends to turn off the backlight completely during the black fade.

While this certainly produces impressively deep blacks, the apparent “jump” in brightness as the backlight turns off and then back on can be distracting. Thus, this section should end on an appropriately optimistic note. Despite all of the above, shadow detail is still good and colors are retained quite well thanks to the gentle gray wash of dark scenes.

Samsung QE55Q70B rear panel

Sound quality

The Samsung QE55Q70B TV is extremely thin (AirSlim) by LCD TV standards. This circumstance may explain why it is able to reproduce a rather mediocre sound. Its speakers can’t get particularly loud (although the Amplify setting helps), and no sound is projected forward at all.

This means that even the most powerful movie soundtracks are heard somewhere behind the screen, and not around the seat. The sound tends to narrow rather than expand to another level with really strong and sudden percussive sounds. There is quite a bit of bass, and as a result, the action scene sounds quite unconvincing.

However, there is no distortion or body rattle even at the loudest moments. Dialogue is always surprisingly clear, and good movie mixes have plenty of detail. And this despite the fact that the placement of these details is inevitably affected by the inability of the TV to transmit sound forward. The treble doesn’t sound harsh either, despite the lack of contrapuntal bass.

Overall, while the Samsung Q70B isn’t an audiophile TV, it doesn’t fall short of similarly priced competitors. However, it is definitely recommended to add one of the best Samsung 55Q70B TV soundbars.

Samsung QE55Q70B interfaces


Unlike last year ‘s Q70B series has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports . There are also two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet input for line-in networking, TosLink optical audio output, antenna input, eARC support (HDMI #3), and a C1+ slot. Wireless LAN is provided by Wi-Fi5 and Bluetooth BT5.2.


The Samsung Q70B is the perfect mid-range TV. It has excellent image quality, a chic ultra-thin design and an unexpectedly good feature set for the money. When it comes to gaming, this is a great option if you want something that’s good, affordable, and supports the latest technology.

For home theater enthusiasts, this option may seem limited. The Samsung Q70B offers vibrant colors and vibrant HDR that’s perfect for both a lit room and viewing in the dark. The average contrast ratio and limited viewing angles are a big minus. But when you factor in the gaming features and the great Smart TV platform, it’s a great TV overall.


  • Bright HDR and vibrant colors for the money.
  • Clear 4K image.
  • Complex intellectual system.
  • Good gaming experience.


  • Average black levels and hazy backlight.
  • The default motion handling is not impressive.
  • No support for Dolby Vision .
  • Limited viewing angles.