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Samsung QE50Q67T Review: Delivers almost perfect image quality

Samsung QE50Q67T

We are all aware of the excellent quality that Samsung presents in its products, which is why it is one of the most recognized firms. One of the markets that dominate the most is television, where we have seen models of all kinds that adapt to the needs that one may have.

Of course, we are not saying that it is a television that will achieve perfection, in fact, it will also have its negative points. However, depending on your requirements, it can become a good option . Therefore, the importance of this analysis. So, let’s dive into everything we need to know about the performance of the Samsung 50Q67T .



As is the custom of this brand, they give us a design that stands out for its slim style

If you have already seen other analyzes of models a little similar to this one, you should know that design is one of the positive points that we have, since normally a style is sought where thinness prevails . Something that ends up being extremely important today. To begin with, we are talking about a 50-inch TV with good adaptation.

Another of the points that we must highlight are the thin bezels that it integrates in the front, which we consider the most important . Firstly, because it gives us an elegant view that fits perfectly with any decoration in the living room or room. As if that were not enough, the size of the screen is benefited in the content.

The rear part maintains an interesting aspect that stands out for not integrating a greater thickness, therefore, it can have an incredible view if we decide to hang the TV on the wall . Or otherwise you have small supports, but they provide good stability on any surface. The only bad thing is the building materials.


In our consideration there are the necessary connectors for a good experience. Highlighting the inclusion of three HDMI inputs that turn out to be vital in this case, since they allow us to connect various external devices such as consoles , laptops and video players with good stability. For its part, the two USB 2.0 not only allow you to play content, but also offer the possibility of recording directly from the television.

Other options that we have in the physical are its composite video input , its digital audio output and two RF ports . By the way the essential tuners are also added for a good channel scan. Now let’s talk about the most interesting thing about its wireless capabilities. Where we find a Wi-Fi connection to make use of the internet, likewise, there is Bluetooth 4.2 that gives us the ability to connect without using cables.

Image quality and overall features of the Samsung 50Q67T


We have an interesting image quality that looks good with almost any content

The image offered by the Samsung QE50Q67T turns out to be very good, first of all, it has a 4K resolution that in theory should give us better results, however, that also depends on other factors. In this case we have an acceptable quality that looks good with almost any content. Since it offers four times more power than Full HD .

This is to provide more realistic images that present deeper details. It has a QLED panel that we do not consider the best in terms of backlighting , but for what it offers in general this TV is correct. Of course, we must take care of the location environment a bit so that this is not greatly affected.

Especially if we find ourselves in very dark or bright environments where the lighting loses power, so take our recommendation into account. We must mention that there are some improvement technologies that offer us positive results , for example, Quantum Dot that focuses on producing 100% of the volume in color.

Obviously it is not something that real, but if you notice a high improvement that turns into brilliant scenes. There is also a Quantum Lite processor that optimizes all the features , giving a positive result above expectations. Finally, we do not forget the HDR10 + format that creates deeper and more vibrant blacks.


Another aspect where we have to owe this equipment a little is in its audio quality, mainly because it only has a total power of 20W that is transmitted through two speakers. It is not a terrible thing, since almost the entire mid-range provides this type of sound . However, there will be specific content that if you feel the low quality.

Despite that we have some enhancement technologies that will make a little difference and end up being very supportive. On this occasion we have Dolby Digital Plus and Adaptive Sound that will seek to give us a more enveloping and clean experience, especially for dialogues, but it does not achieve the strength we would like, therefore, it is a negative point.

Software / Smart TV review and other notable features


Its system is famous for providing good optimization and security, in addition, it has a good catalog of applications

The Samsung 50Q67T has its own system that we know as Tizen, which is Linux-based and offers us quite a complete performance, especially at the level of optimization and security . That is, we will have a fluid navigation between the different menus offered by this platform. Thus we achieve a much more efficient handling.

We will have an interesting catalog of applications that includes the most popular options such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. Obviously there are many more apps that you can select and install yourself . The only thing missing is support for voice assistants, but we don’t think they affect the already included performance that much.

Samsung QE50Q67T: Pros and Cons


  • Attractive design
  • Bluetooth and recording via USB
  • Acceptable image quality
  • Good enhancement technologies
  • HDR10 + compatible
  • Tizen
  • Game mode
  • Apple AirPlay 2


  • Its sound is a bit poor
  • Quality of materials
  • Price a bit high


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