Samsung QE65QN95D: An excellent choice

QN95D Review
QN95D Review

The 2024 Samsung QN95D is identical to last year’s model at first glance, with the same stylish design, mini-LED backlighting, superior local dimming, immersive sound system, gaming capabilities and an intuitive smart interface. But appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

In the electronics block, you’ll find the new NQ4 AI Gen2 processor with 20 neural networks that are four times faster than the previous generation. These deep learning algorithms are designed to provide even more accurate picture and sound. In our review of the Samsung QE65QN95D Neo QLED Mini LED, we’ll find out whether the flagship LCD TV manages to rise to the occasion compared to the S95D OLED.

Samsung QN95D review


Samsung QN95D review


The Samsung QE65QN95D remains a stunning piece of industrial design with a near-bezel-less screen, excellent build quality and a thin panel measuring just 21mm. Reliable support for the panel is provided by a durable pedestal stand. This option has a smaller area and does not require wide furniture to install the TV. Cables can be efficiently organized into channels along the rear panel.

There is also the option of wall mounting using a standard VESA mount or Samsung Slim Fit mount. All connections are located at the bottom right when looking at the screen, and they do not interfere with bringing the TV close to the wall if you choose a fixed bracket. But note that the TV’s ports are in a recess on the back panel. And in this case it is difficult to access them.

The stand raises the TV about 6cm above the table, so most soundbars fit in front of it without obstructing the screen. The back of the TV is covered with a plastic panel with a matte texture. As with the QN95C , there are four woofers on each side. Together with vertical perforated grilles on both sides, they form part of the OTS+ audio system.

The remote control included with the QN95D is exactly the same as the one found on many Samsung TVs in 2024 – like the S95D , like the QN90D . The Solar Cell remote offers a stripped-down set of buttons covering all basic functions and controls, as well as direct access keys for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Samsung Plus. Other TV control options include the SmartThings app or voice control using the microphone.


Image quality

The Samsung QN95D TV is a flagship model that retains all the features of the 2023 model. The MiniLED VA backlight is still divided into 1,344 independently controlled zones, delivering low black levels with minimal light bleed around bright objects. Quantum Matrix technology improves backlight efficiency, making your TV more accurate and energy efficient.

The Real Depth Enhancer Pro algorithm adds more dimension to the image by identifying areas of focus and increasing their depth through active backlight control. The result is images with higher contrast and sharper focus. The Samsung 65QN95D TV supports a range of high dynamic range (HDR) formats, including standard HDR10, HDR10+ (adaptive) and HLG.

As is its usual practice, Samsung does not support Dolby Vision. Dynamic metadata signals for this format will automatically default to static HDR10 mode. Quantum Matrix also improves HDR performance by adjusting dark zones to redirect power from darker to brighter parts of the image, thereby improving dynamic range and power efficiency.

As mentioned in the introduction, the big innovation for 2024 is the groundbreaking NQ4 AI Gen2 processor. In addition to more refined and efficient video processing, it also adds a Custom Mode that optimizes picture settings based on genre parameters and individual preferences.


Brightness and HDR

In testing, measured HDR10 peak brightness held at 1,970 nits in the D65’s 10% white window test pattern in Filmmaker mode, which is roughly equivalent to last year’s 4K Neo QLED QN95C. However, there is some noticeable distortion of shadow detail compared to the flagship Samsung QN900D 2024.

For those who prioritize shadow detail and clean black levels when watching, the best option may be an OLED TV like this year’s S95D QD-OLED, or similar models from LG or Sony. Angled viewing is fairly wide for a VA LCD panel, although contrast and color accuracy suffer somewhat at vertical viewing angles, such as when standing up from a seated position.

Filmmaker mode takes the fidelity of SDR and HDR images to a very high level, preserving the original visual intent of the content creator. In addition to high brightness, the QN95D also covers 95% of the DCI-P3 color space and achieves gamma targets at various saturation points.

Samsung continues to introduce an automatic calibration feature that works with advanced smartphone cameras, and the Samsung SmartThings app that allows you to automatically make these adjustments. The algorithm calibrates the display quite well, but requires placing the smartphone or tablet on a stable tripod or stand to avoid camera movement during the nearly 5-minute procedure.

The powerful AI-enabled upscaling system of the latest Neo Quantum processor does a good job of upscaling HD sources to 4K. Even fairly highly compressed HD and SD sources look clean and detailed after passing through the QN95D series’ zoom engine, thanks to its uncanny ability to distinguish between unwanted source noise and “real” image information.

Motion and Game Processing

The display of motion on the screen is also excellent. 24p content plays back without judder or artifacts. Supports content with a frame rate of 144 Hz. Setting the automatic image clarity somewhat spoils the motion processing on the Samsung QN95D TV, which is why movies at 24 frames per second look too smooth. You can turn off motion processing completely, but it’s best to leave it at a low setting.

All four HDMI 2.1 ports support high frame rates, as well as FreeSync Premium Pro and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 144Hz variable refresh rates for PC gamers. Owners of next-gen consoles will also be able to enjoy VRR and ALLM in 4K/120 resolution. Game Hub provides a selection of cloud gaming services, and the Game Bar appears to provide game information and personalize the gaming experience.


A new AI-powered Auto Game mode allows the 65QN95D to select the right settings for specific game genres. Standard Game Mode delivers lightning-fast 9ms output latency. The result is gameplay that is sometimes astonishing, with detailed, smooth, and responsive action and movement free of tearing and other artifacts, even at the highest frame rates.

Smart TV

The home user interface remains well-designed and intuitive to navigate, with a wide selection of streaming apps with 4K, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Atmos where applicable. In its Tizen 8.0 operating system, Samsung added three tabs at the top: For You, Live, and Apps. They are designed to make it easier to set up and access recommended content and apps.

Samsung continues to promote the ability to connect an additional camera, increasing the interactivity of the TV. This provides multiple viewing capabilities – multiple images on the screen – and the ability to make video calls. Additionally, users can use certain gesture controls through different hand movements, enhancing the user experience.


The Samsung QN95D series supports Dolby Atmos and includes Samsung Object Tracking Sound+ technology through an array of speakers located along each side of the rear panel. There are also eight ultra-thin woofers arranged in a row at the bottom of the rear panel of the TV.

The speakers themselves can create a very wide soundstage, although the sound can be a little muffled due to the thinness of the cabinet. This can be fixed by using Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, which syncs your TV’s speakers with the speakers in a compatible soundbar (such as the Samsung HW-Q990D ) to create a more dynamic and immersive audiovisual experience.


The QN95D is well-equipped in terms of connectivity: it includes 4 HDMI 2.1 ports (one with eARC ) with support for 4K 144 Hz on each of them, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port, antenna jacks, a CI slot and an optical audio output. Wi Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 are supported.


This TV is an excellent choice for any home theater. It consistently delivers high peak brightness levels and delivers the rich, wide coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut commonly used in commercial cinema. Plus, it boasts an impressive array of features for advanced gamers. While prices for Samsung’s 4K Mini-LED TVs aren’t the lowest, expect prices to drop throughout the year, making it more likely to invest in the QN95D.