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Samsung QN90B: The best 4K TV right now

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED is the company’s premium 4K TV for 2022. With 14-bit processing, it delivers higher image quality than ... Read more

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED is the company’s premium 4K TV for 2022. With 14-bit processing, it delivers higher image quality than its predecessor and pushes the potential of Neo QLED display technology even higher. Manufacturers like to advertise the improvements in TV picture quality achieved through advanced video processing.

Samsung QN90B
Samsung QN90B

Samsung’s 65-inch QN90B delivers impressive performance that delivers exceptional 4K viewing experience for streaming or gaming at 120Hz. If you prioritize image quality in all conditions and don’t mind its rather high price, this is the model for you. In the Samsung QE65QN90B 4K HDR TV review, we will take a closer look at the new features.

Samsung QN90B Preview


TV Samsung 65QEQN90B looks modern and looks almost the same as the models of the previous year of the QN90A series . Its bezels are thin, measuring about half a centimeter around the entire perimeter, including the bottom, where some manufacturers tend to increase the height to accommodate other components.

Thanks to the almost zero gap and the smooth surface, the frames merge almost perfectly with the edges of the panel. When viewing darker content with a lot of black borders, they almost completely disappear. The Samsung logo and IR receiver are placed on a small ledge located on the lower right side of the TV. It’s somewhat out of style with Samsung’s perfectly symmetrical design.

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If you look closely at the bottom of the 65QEQN90B TV, you will find a small joystick/power button. When pressed, it allows you to switch between channels, change volume, inputs, and power on/off. When you have made your choice, press and hold the same button in the center to make changes. There is also a switch to mute the microphone built into the TV.

The back of the TV is almost as impressive as the front. The thickest spot at the bottom middle of the QE65QN90B is only 2.5 cm thick. Unlike many TV models, the back of the QN90B (excluding the attached stand) is made from a single, flat piece of premium plastic.

The Samsung QE65QN90B TV has a hidden cable management offering four cutouts that run along the bottom of the back panel. This is very effective for hiding the power cord that plugs into the right side of the TV and running it through the back to the power outlet located on the left side of the TV. This can also be used for thin HDMI and audio cables. The TV stand is centrally located, weighted and fairly compact, allowing users to place the TV on small surfaces.

The Samsung QN90B TV remote control has become much thinner and more attractive. It may not be as ergonomic, but it can be operated with one hand, no need to fidget to get to the buttons. The TM2280E is not backlit and can be difficult to use in the dark. On the other hand, it has solar cells on the back side. To recharge it, you can simply put the buttons down.

Another great feature is USB-C charging if there’s not enough light. The remote also has a built-in microphone. When you press and hold the dedicated input button, the selected smart assistant (Bixby, Alexa, or Google) is launched to control your TV, search for content, or perform any other normal task.

Image quality

The Samsung QN90B TV is impressive, to say the least. Whether you’re watching YouTube, live channels or playing 4K games, it delivers superb picture quality. Even the auto/intelligent mode looks great, without too much sharpness or contrast. Compared to OLED displays, black levels are not as deep, but in turn, you can expect good brightness.

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If you plan on using this TV in a heavily lit room, this extra brightness will be noticeable. Combine it with the panel’s anti-reflective properties and you can forget about reflections even on sunny days. Upscaling to 4K has become more efficient. SD content is impressive – text is much sharper and soft edges look sharper.

QN90B quantum dots fully cover the DCI/P3 color spectrum. Samsung calls it 100% Color Volume. DCI/P3 color is used in the UHD HDR mastering of most types of HDR, both in streaming and on Blu-ray discs. Covering this gamut means a bright yet accurate color that fully reflects what the director intended.

14-bit processing may be new to Samsung Neo QLED TVs, but it’s familiar to photo and video professionals. This is the color depth commonly used for RAW photography. The key advantage of 14-bit processing over 12-bit processing and the color it replaces is the number of stops used to express color gradations: there are four times as many for each color – 16384 versus 4096.

It’s important to note that standard HD video is only 8-bit, while HDR video is 10-bit, just like the panel used by the TV. Given these format and hardware limitations, you might wonder how 14-bit processing can make a difference. This is because when processing video, the additional intermediate 14-bit processing steps result in a cleaner and finer-tuned final image.


The latest Samsung QN90 models use Neo QLED “Quantum Matrix Technology”. This technology is based on mini-LEDs (40 times smaller than traditional ones). This helps to render higher quality HDR content with deeper blacks, better highlights and detail. Interestingly, as with previous models, Dolby Vision is still missing. Netflix can only be watched with HDR10. However, the TV supports HDR10+ Adaptive and HDR10+ Gaming.

Smart TV

The intelligent functions of the QN90B series are powered by the Samsung Tizen operating system. There’s a modern homepage design with pinned apps and source data. There is also an auto-populated list of suggested and sponsored content. Its clutter seems to be the biggest weakness of the QN90B.

The interface is very fast, whether you’re opening or switching between apps, changing settings, or using Samsung’s internet browser. iPhone and Android users can enjoy fast content streaming and enhanced connectivity. Samsung also offers several smart assistant options, giving you powerful voice control of your TV and smart home.

The 65QN90B TV supports multi-view. For example, you can watch YouTube and use an internet browser at the same time. You can split the screen in half between applications, you can watch one application against the background of another. It is possible to switch the sound source or listen to both at the same time. Curiously, Xbox does not support multiview.

Game Mode

Because all four HDMI ports support full 4K 120Hz, you can connect multiple compatible devices without an external AV receiver (or juggling HDMI cables). The TV will automatically detect the type of source, and the name and logo of the console will appear in the menu, which is nice (ALLM option). Game Mode plus provides a 9.4ms display latency.

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One standout option is FreeSync Premium Pro support, which helps reduce stuttering and screen tearing. A long press of the play/pause button on the remote opens the game panel where you can see output latency, FPS, VRR, HDR, and audio output options. The additional 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios available in Super Ultra-Wide Game View are also supported.


The 65-inch Samsung QN90B Neo-QLED 4K TV supports Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony Sound and Object Tracking Sound+. Object tracking lets you feel like you’re in the middle of the action with directional, realistic sound coming from the TV’s speakers.

The speakers in the QN90B are arguably the best of any TV. Some users may find that they like them enough that they don’t need a soundbar or sound system to enhance the sound. Combined with OTS+ and Dolby Atmos, the QN90B’s audio system is very good.

Q-Symphony Sound is Samsung’s technology for operating your TV and soundbar at the same time. It allows you to use a compatible Samsung soundbar in combination with your TV speakers. This is usually not possible with most TVs and soundbars – the sound will be unbalanced if you try to do this.


Nothing has changed in the list of switching capabilities of the QN90B compared to its predecessor, except that, as already mentioned, all 4 HDMI ports are version 2.1 and support 4K 120Hz. Port 3 also supports eARC . Next are 2 USB 2.0 connectors, a digital optical audio output and a LAN port. The number of antenna sockets depends on the location. Wireless – traditional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


If you’re looking for a 120Hz 4K TV with superb HDR images even on the brightest days, your choices are very limited. The Samsung QN90B costs more, but for many users, it’s a price worth paying for an uncompromising viewing experience.

The QN90B is a great choice for 4K gaming, video streaming, TV shows, UltraHD Blu-ray movies, and even use as a giant PC monitor. With many convenient features and superb picture quality, this TV is arguably the best 4K TV on the market, surpassing the QN90A.


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