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Samsung S92C: A OLED beast packed with AI functionality

Samsung S92C immediately stands out for its elegant and modern style. With slim edges and smooth lines.

Samsung S92C Review - An absolute beast
Samsung S92C Review - An absolute beast

In the fascinating world of visual technology, the SAMSUNG S92c stands as a sublime example of innovation and design. This television, which captivates from the first moment, is the personification of excellence in the universe of screens. Its sophisticated aura is combined with cutting-edge engineering, ushering in a unique television experience. Let’s delve into the heart of this technological masterpiece, exploring every corner that reveals the promise of a deeper connection with entertainment.


We find it to be one of the most attractive televisions because of how thin its screen turns out to be.

It immediately stands out for its elegant and modern style. With slim edges and smooth lines, the TV creates a visually appealing presence in any environment. Its minimalist design adapts to various decorations, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Samsung has given special attention to build quality. Made with premium materials, it exhibits palpable durability.

Samsung S92C

Samsung S92C

Every detail, from the stand to the case, reflects the brand’s dedication to design excellence. The thinness of the profile makes it ideal for spaces where aesthetics are valued without compromising the quality of the screen. Its lightweight construction makes installation easy and allows for harmonious integration into any room configuration . It has integrated an efficient cable management system.

This helps keep the appearance tidy and clutter-free, allowing visual focus to be on the screen without distractions . Although the design is impressive, this device has certain limitations when it comes to orientation. The screen is not rotatable, which can be a drawback for those looking for flexibility in the viewing angle when wanting to view content.

Due to its sleek finish, the screen may be prone to reflections in bright environments. Although this does not significantly affect image quality, it can be annoying in certain lighting conditions. Despite its slim profile, mounting options are limited . This can affect the versatility in arranging the television in different spaces, making it more uncomfortable.

Samsung S92C is a truly slim TV

Samsung S92C is a truly slim TV


It has multiple HDMI and USB ports , providing robust connectivity for various devices. This makes it easy to connect game consoles, Blu-ray players, storage devices and other peripherals without compromising signal quality. For those who want to connect older devices, it offers component and composite inputs .

This ensures that virtually any device can be integrated seamlessly, offering flexibility to users with a variety of equipment. Includes an Ethernet port for direct connection to the network. This option provides a stable, high-speed connection, ideal for those who prefer a wired connection for streaming online content and updates.

Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the standout features. It allows easy access to online streaming services, software updates and applications, giving users quick access to a world of entertainment without additional cables. With the presence of Bluetooth technology , it allows the wireless connection of compatible devices, such as speakers, headphones and keyboards.

This expands audio possibilities and makes it easy to create custom entertainment setups. The lack of Thunderbolt or USB-C ports can be a disadvantage for those using newer devices that take advantage of these interfaces for data transfer and connecting peripherals.

Image quality

The SAMSUNG TQ55S92CATXXC  takes a revolutionary approach with its QD-OLED panel . This combination of Quantum Dot and OLED technology delivers deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. OLED’s self-illuminating pixels are complemented by Quantum Dots’ ability to generate accurate colors, resulting in exceptional image quality and impressive contrast.

With 4K UHD resolution , every detail comes to life on the screen. This high resolution combines synergistically with the QD-OLED panel to deliver sharpness and clarity that transforms the viewing experience. The HDR technology on this TV further benefits from the panel, allowing for a wide range of colors and dynamic contrast that stands out in any content.

Dark scenes become more detailed, while bright areas glow with captivating luminosity. The Quantum Processor plays a key role in overall image improvement. Through advanced algorithms, this processor optimizes color, improves sharpness and reduces noise, ensuring an unmatched visual experience, added to its maximum frequency of 144 Hz .

The Supreme UHD Dimming function segments the screen into zones, allowing precise adjustment of contrast and brightness in each area. This contributes to a more detailed and realistic representation of images. QD-OLED technology is advanced and therefore may have a higher price compared to other models on the market.


It stands out with its 40W audio system , providing enough power to fill the room with clear and dynamic sound. Whether enjoying music, movies or television shows, the power output of the speaker system ensures an exceptional listening experience. To further improve audio quality, Samsung has integrated specific advanced technologies.

The inclusion of Dolby Atmos optimizes sound reproduction, offering immersive and realistic audio. This technology ensures a more immersive and rich listening experience, especially when enjoying compatible content. Adaptive Sound technology automatically adjusts audio settings based on the content you’re watching. Whether it’s clear dialogue or impactful sound effects.

This feature adapts the sound to offer the best possible experience. Despite the power, some users may find that the ability to create a truly immersive experience could have limitations due to the built-in speaker configuration. For audio enthusiasts, it might be advisable to consider external audio options such as sound bars.

Smart TV features

Its Tizen in its latest version provides us with exceptional performance due to the fluidity it offers us.

Tizen 7.0 features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and access the various functions of the SAMSUNG TQ55S92CATXXC . Simplified menus and well-organized options contribute to a seamless experience. The inclusion of Samsung TV Plus gives users access to a wide variety of free streaming channels, something we find an attractive benefit.

This platform offers constantly expanding content, from movies to television shows, enriching entertainment options. It is also compatible with Bixby , Samsung ‘s virtual assistant . Additionally, it is compatible with other popular voice assistants, allowing users to control the TV, search for content, and obtain information through commands.

The Multi View feature allows users to split the screen to view two different contents simultaneously. This is especially useful for following a football game while enjoying a movie, providing flexibility to the viewing experience. Tizen 7.0 includes Ambient Mode+ , which transforms the screen into an artistic canvas when the TV is in sleep.

Likewise, Game Mode optimizes settings to offer a more immersive and lag-free gaming experience. Although the interface is intuitive, some new users may need time to fully familiarize themselves with the advanced features. Some features, such as Samsung TV Plus streaming, may depend on Internet connectivity, which could limit their accessibility.

Pros and cons


  • Premium design
  • Offers HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0
  • Image quality
  • QD-OLED panel
  • Improvement technologies
  • Acceptable sound
  • Tizen 7.0


  • Does not offer USB-C
  • High price



Size 55″ (139.7cm)
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 48 -144 Hz (hertz)
Backlight QD-OLED
Smart TV Yes, Tizen 7.0
Integrated Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
3D No
USB Recorder Yes
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S2
  • 40 W (watts)
  • 2.1 CH
  • Active Voice Amplifier
  • Adaptive Sound+
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Decoder 5.1 CH
  • Object Tracking Sound Lite
  • Q-Symphony 2.0
  • Surround Sound
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 708.6 x 1225.4 x 39.9mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 773.5 x 1225.4 x 265.9mm
Weight (Without/With stand) 16.2kg/18.2kg
VESA Compatibility Yes, 300 x 200mm
HDMI ports 4
USB ports 3
Other connectors
  • DLNA
  • Ethernet RJ45
  • Satellite input (Sub; F-type female)
  • Satellite input (Main; F-type female)
  • Optical audio output
  • Antenna (RF) (female)
Integrated CI+ Yes, v1.4
Energy Class Category G
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control
  • batteries
  • power cable
  • user’s Guide

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