Samsung Slim One Connect Review: Advantage over the competition

Slim One Connect

Slim One Connect module is a unique and interesting solution for Samsung TVs, almost unparalleled on the market. It is all the more surprising that since its first appearance in 2014, it has not become widespread.

img 602e95333b072The main function of the module is to output all external connections to a compact external set-top box, which allows you to free the TV case from a heap of unsightly cables, creating a beautiful aesthetic appearance. This gives users the freedom to choose whether to install One Connect either next to the screen or behind it, or in an invisible place, such as inside a cabinet. Undoubtedly, the module provides easier access to the connections compared to their location behind the TV cabinet.

img 602e95336a485For all its benefits, One Connect is a fairly rare accessory that only comes with select Samsung TVs. In this short overview, we will tell you which ones, and also consider the changes that appeared in 2021.

One Connect 2021: What’s New?

img 602e95339a25aFirst, the module this year received the Slim prefix in its name, meaning that it has become more sleek and compact in comparison with its predecessors. Secondly, a new and interesting solution is proposed for it, which saves owners from looking for a place to install it – now it can be simply and invisibly attached to the TV stand from the back side.

One Connect: connections

At the moment, we do not yet have the specifications for the 2021 TVs. However, we do not expect any fundamental differences from the connections available in the 2020 models.

img 602e9533d0488A single, inconspicuous translucent cable is used to connect to the TV
One Connect: dimensions

The module for 2020 models with 4K resolution has dimensions of 390 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm, while for 8K it is slightly larger – 394 mm x 177 mm x 80 mm.

img 602e95341618dFrom the official images, the 2021 Slim One Connect is more compact, although we don’t have the exact dimensions yet. It is noticeably thinner and has a much more aesthetic, streamlined design compared to the rather rough body of its predecessor.

One Connect: cost

This question can only be answered indirectly, since the One Connect module is not a separately sold accessory, but is an integral part of certain models. For 2019 and 2020, the list is as follows.

img 602e95344905d2020:

  • Samsung QLED Q950TS 8K
  • Samsung QLED Q95T 4K
  • Samsung TU9000 Crystal UHD
  • Samsung the frame


  • Samsung QLED Q900R 8K
  • Samsung QLED Q90R 4K
  • Samsung QLED Q85R 4K
  • Samsung the frame

One Connect: conclusion

img 602e95347f31fA separate module for all external connections is an attractive and aesthetic solution that certainly deserves the attention of the most demanding customers. It is currently only offered on select Samsung models, which gives them another advantage over the competition.

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