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Samsung The Terrace Review: Do you really need a TV outside?

It seems that good weather is approaching, the days are longer and you want to enjoy free time outdoors. With the…

It seems that good weather is approaching, the days are longer and you want to enjoy free time outdoors. With the lockdown, rents and sales of terraced homes have skyrocketed. So if you are one of those lucky ones, we recommend the Samsung The Terrace. A Samsung model developed specifically for outdoor use, being resistant to dust and water.

This Samsung 65LST7T , also known as Samsung The Terrace increases the usual brightness level of these panels for correct outdoor viewing. The special treatment of the screen prevents direct reflections from the sun so you don’t miss a single detail. In addition, it maintains 100% reproduction of the DCI-p3 color spectrum. We review the rest of its characteristics in our analysis.

Design and materials

Samsung once again opens a new path in the market with its Samsung Terrace line. Models specifically designed for outdoor environments such as gardens, terraces or shops. It is true that any television would be worth to place outside, but as we will see, its design and technical characteristics make this model the most suitable for it. As we have already mentioned, The Terrace TV resists exposure to sun, air, dust and water; thus it obtains an IP55 certification, very rare to see on a television.

IP55 resistance to water jets and harmful dust ingress

On an aesthetic level, it largely reminds us of its Samsung The Frame line, such as the Samsung 50LS030A . The body of the TV features a 1.8 cm bezel frame and its thickness is 5.9 cm. Perhaps a slimmer model like other QLED models could be expected, but by offering a compact and watertight body, this measure is necessary. We also notice it in the weight that reaches 38.9 kg. To withstand the elements, Samsung has opted for a high-quality metal finish, good finishes and in black.

Intended only for wall mounting with VESA mount, not included

By the way, this Samsung 65LST7T does not include a stand, so it will be necessary to place it on the wall with a VESA 400 × 400 bracket. Perhaps this is inconvenient as it is not included in the box. We do have the usual Samsung metallic remote with a built-in microphone. However, it is also prepared for everything that can happen outside and is now IP65 certified.

Image quality

Many of us take the television outside when we prepare a barbecue in the garden. However, when we pay attention we notice that, in general, we will not be able to see it correctly in full sun. This happens because the panels are not prepared to provide the appropriate level of brightness or withstand reflections of light rays. That’s not counting the problems of an indoor TV to handle unpredictable weather.

The Terrace LST7T television carries everything that we can find in other high-end Samsung QLEDs inside it. Therefore, we have a 65-inch panel with a 4K UHD resolution, obtaining a pixel density of 68 dpi. This VA panel incorporates a Direct Full Array Plus backlight , a back lighting system that balances the intensity of colors and the depth of dark tones, obtaining an improved level of contrast.

With adaptive brightness sensor, anti-reflective matte finish and brightness of up to 2,000 nits

Another highlight of the Samsung The Terrace QE65LST7T lies in its brightness level. Its backlighting system takes off up to 2,000 nits. Therefore, we achieve vibrant scenes with colors full of life. Also, do not forget that it covers 100% of the color volume thanks to the use of Quantum Dot quantum dots.

A television to share experiences

With the aforementioned characteristics, its performance with high dynamic range also comes to us with news by including the new standard, Quantum HDR 32x. With this visual configuration we will get to see the most imperceptible details of the dark areas. Thanks to the reading of the data that exists within the HDR content, Quantum HDR 32x optimizes the backlight to appreciate even the minimum expression, managing the lighting in a natural way.

The passage of day gives way to night, but that should not matter to us. With the addition of an illumination sensor, the image is automatically adjusted to brightness level. So we have a good TV experience regardless of the time of day. We finish the review of its characteristics by mentioning the value of 4,400 PQI, its frequency of 120 Hz and its wide viewing angles Wide Viewing Angle.

Connectivity and sound

After a sealed hatch we see all the connections of the Samsung The Terrace QE65LST7T. It incorporates 3 HDMI 2.0 connectors (eARC, HDCP 2.3, HDMI-CEC, ALLM). We also have a USB for playback and recording, LAN input, optical audio output and 3.5 mm minijack audio. In addition, we have Bluetooth 4.2, 5Ghz WiFi, Apple AirPlay, integrated voice assistants and Wi-Fi TV connection. Samsung The Terrace 65LST7T includes an HD Base-T receiver for connecting external devices with a single cable, similar to Samsung’s One Connect.

Includes an HD Base-T receiver

Considering the location of the TV outdoors, we thought that the sound performance would be up to par. However, we do not find too many differences with respect to what we have in any QLED. Its data sheet shows us a sound output of 20W RMS with a 2ch configuration. Therefore, it will be advisable to use a sound bar if we want a better experience or we are in a noisy environment.

Samsung The Terrace: Pros and Cons


  • Outdoor rugged design with IP55 certification
  • Remote control with voice assistant and IP65 certification
  • Panel with 2,000 nits of brightness and antiglare finish
  • HDR10 + and HDR 32x


  • Sound may be insufficient outdoors, depending on the environment
  • It would have been better to have a One Connect device for connections
  • Does not include base or support

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