Samsung TU7022: Optimized TV at an affordable price

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Samsung is famous for offering the highest quality TVs, in fact they focus more on the high end. However, they also have a somewhat extensive catalog within the average, there we find the Samsung UE65TU7022 that at first glance stands out for including good features at a more affordable price for everyone. Taking this into account, we will know if this is really true.

Exterior design of the Samsung UE65TU7022

A clean design that can be adapted to any environment

The Samsung 65TU7022 presents an interesting design that stands out for providing elegance thanks to its slim style. Especially on the front that shows thin bezels, which give a larger screen that will show our content without cuts . The rear view is clean and there is nothing to get in the way.

Of course, we must find a large place, since we are talking about a large television that requires a good space for better placement . The advantage is that it usually fits easily into any environment and complements well with the decoration you have in the room. The bad news is the weakness of its building materials.


Connectivity is simple and we have the necessary connectors for a good experience. The only problem is the number of ports that are very few and that can be a complication in case more people want to connect their devices. In the physical we have two HDMI and a single USB that has the possibility of recording. In the wireless we have to highlight its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection .

Image quality and general functions of the Samsung 65TU7022

Clear image quality that is enjoyed with any content

The Samsung UE65TU7022 has a remarkable image quality, especially if we consider other less effective models. This includes a 4K resolution that seeks to give greater realism. This is accompanied by an LED panel that offers acceptable backlighting , although it is not as powerful as we would like it to be.

This is solved with a good location of the TV, that is, find a place that is not so dark or bright. We also have enhancement technologies, for example PurColour for more vivid and intense colors . For its part, UHD Dimming immerses us in a sharper contrast. And we also have the HDR10 + format .


We have a simple sound that seems insufficient, especially considering the other characteristics. It has two integrated speakers that offer a total power of 20W. Somewhat limited for more demanding content, yes, enhancement technologies such as Dolby Digital Plus and Adaptive Sound are included that give a more enveloping and clean output. However, it is best to buy a sound bar.

Software review / Smart TV and more highlights

An easy-to-use system that opens up a world of possibilities

We finish this analysis talking about the system provided by the Samsung 65TU7022 , which is incredible from our point of view. Since we have incredible security and optimization to get an intuitive platform. Its application catalog is extensive and has great possibilities for our entertainment.

We highlight that it has Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube and Disney + . Obviously there are more options that we recommend you check for yourself. There is a game mode that reduces the Input Lag to enjoy more fluid and precise games. Without a doubt, we have an interesting television that can suit you .


  • Clean and elegant design
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Can be recorded via USB
  • Image quality
  • Includes HDR10 +
  • Count on Tizen
  • Game mode


  • Construction materials
  • More ports missing