Samsung TU7025 Review: 5 reasons to buy this awesome TV

Samsung TU7025
Samsung TU7025
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That it is smart, that it is easy to use, that it looks like we are in the cinema… And that it has a good price, of course. Every time we demand more from our television and the truth is that we are fully within our rights, since there are increasingly better technologies and a more interesting quality-price ratio.

In this line, today we want to talk to you about a super offer that we have hunted in  Mi Electro , where we find the  Samsung TU7025  model with a crazy discount and in two sizes:  Samsung UE55TU7025 and Samsung UE65TU7025 .

If you are thinking of buying this model in either of these two sizes, here are the  five reasons why they are a good purchase option .

5 reasons to buy the Samsung TU7025
5 reasons to buy the Samsung TU7025

Exceptional image quality

Remember when buying a 4K TV was a luxury reserved for the lucky few? Now, the prices of 4K Smart TVs have been democratized and these offers are a good example of this. In this case, we find ourselves with a resolution of  3,840 x 2,160 px , which allows us to enjoy our movies or series with brutal sharpness. But not only this is enough for a good image quality. In this sense, other added extras come into play, such as  Direct LED backlighting , which offers us an optimal brightness level and good lighting even if we place the television in a place where there is a lot of sunlight.

Other technologies that are also worth mentioning are  Mega Contrast , which offers the best quality even for bright or dark scenes, with an optimal level of sharpness and color and black management.

A cleaner sound

But in addition to the image quality, for us to be 100% happy with our new TV, we also have to have a good sound response. It is true that we can complement it with a sound bar or 5.1 equipment if we are not convinced with the sound of our television, but if we get a model that has good results as a base, all the better. In this case, we have a power of  20 W , enough for us to enjoy our action movies at home.

In addition, we have the  Dolby Digital Plus technologies , which offer us a clean and surround sound, and  Adaptive Sound , which focuses on offering greater clarity in the dialogues and an ambient sound that stands out above other things.

Tizen by flag

The operating system is another of the specifications that we must value the most when buying a new Smart TV, since it can make the difference between an experience that is up to par or another that falls far behind expectations. In this case, there is no doubt:  Tizen is one of the best operating systems for televisions that exist, and critics and the public say so.

It is easy to use, very intuitive and with a huge application store, so we can have thousands of perfectly optimized apps and games at our disposal. In addition, it is compatible with voice assistants, with Apple AirPlay 2 and of course with the applications that you will surely want to use, such as Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video… It also has a  Universal Guide to access faster the content you want to see and lose less time searching.

Solution for messy cables

If you like to have your home always tidy (and who doesn’t? Another thing is that we get it…), Samsung contributes its grain of sand with this functionality that allows us to hide the cables in the support so that we have a clearer space in our living room.

This option is available in both the Samsung UE55TU7025 and the Samsung UE65TU7025 models and it is a very good idea for our television to be another decorative element, without the cables being visible.

Connectivity for everyone

Finally, among the reasons to buy the Samsung UE65TU7025 or the Samsung UE55TU7025 we can highlight their connectivity options. It does not lack detail and it is a very important factor to get the most out of your software’s possibilities. In this case, we find  Bluetooth, DLNA, WiFi and Ethernet , to be able to use the wireless or cable connection.

In addition, it also has a  satellite input , an  audio output , an  Ethernet port , an antenna, two  HDMI 2.0  and a  USB 2.0 . It doesn’t lack detail.

Samsung TU7025: Pros and Cons


  • striking design
  • Picture quality
  • enhancement features
  • Operating system
  • Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby
  • Game mode
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Price


  • Could include more ports
  • does not have bluetooth