Samsung TU7072 is a decent and affordable 4K TV. It replaced the 2018 model NU7090, but its quality is slightly inferior to its predecessor. The VA panel in the TU7072 provides a high contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity for deep dark tones for spectacular viewing in a dim room.

But, unfortunately, the TV has limited brightness, a small viewing angle and not the most accurate color reproduction. On the other hand, the TU7072 has ultra-low input latency, although it does not support variable refresh rate technology. Formally, the TV is capable of reproducing  HDR images , but due to the limited color gamut and low brightness, it is not particularly impressive.

(on a 10-point scale)
Functional rating

Overall quality 6.7
Watching films     6.4
Watching TV programs 6.9
Watching sports 6.7
Use for video games  7.6
Watching HDR Movies 6.1
Use for HDR video games 7.0
Use as a PC monitor 7.2

Overall viewing quality 6 .7
The Samsung TU7072 is good for most purposes. It provides a fairly high-quality viewing of TV programs, including sports programs. However, its low peak brightness makes it not the best choice for light-flooded rooms. For video games, the TV offers low input latency, but unfortunately does not support FreeSync technology. In addition, the TU7072 is not capable of reproducing a wide color gamut and has a low peak brightness, as a result of which the HDR format does not differ much from the SDR format.

Movies  6.4
The Samsung TU7072 gets an average rating for movie viewing. Thanks to its VA panel, it has excellent contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity, making it a pleasing sight in dark environments. The TV reproduces 4K detail well, and is also capable of high-quality conversion of low-resolution programs to higher ones. However, unfortunately, this model lacks the local dimming function, and low-frequency video on its screen can be displayed with a jitter effect.

TV programs 6 .9
Samsung TU7072 provides a good quality TV viewing experience. This TV’s Crystal processor is capable of converting standard cable broadcasts to near 4K. However, in bright daytime conditions, image clarity can be distorted, as the TU7072 is not very bright and does not deal with glare in the best way. In addition, the TV offers a small viewing angle, which is inherent in VA panels, and if you do household chores, looking at the screen from the side, you risk losing the plot thread.

Sports programs  6.7
Samsung TU7072 copes well with sports programs. The TV is responsive enough, but slight signs of motion blur are still visible behind fast moving objects. There is also a dirty screen effect, which can be distracting when watching. Unfortunately, the small viewing angle of the TU7072 will not allow enjoying an important match with a wide group of friends. On the positive side, we can note the high-quality conversion of conventional cable programs into a resolution close to 4K.

Video games  7.6
The Samsung TU7072 is a good TV for video games. Its reasonably fast response time and low input latency, as well as high contrast ratio provide an impressive spectacle in a darkened room. However, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, and the TV does not support FreeSync, which is designed to eliminate screen tearing in video games.

HDR 6.1 Movies 
The TU7072 is not the best choice for watching HDR movies . Although this TV has excellent contrast ratios and high black uniformity, its HDR image looks almost the same as the standard TV. The reason is the lack of support for wide color gamut and low peak brightness. In addition, the TU7072 does not have a local dimming function.

HDR 7.0 Gaming 
The TU7072 is well suited for games in this format. This TV has low input latency and a fairly fast response time, but its HDR isn’t as impressive as it lacks wide color gamut support and low peak brightness. Also, unfortunately, the TU7072 is not compatible with FreeSync variable refresh rate technology.

Use as PC monitor 7 .2
Samsung TU7072 can be used as a computer monitor. The TV has low input latency, fairly fast response times, and supports Chroma 4: 4: 4 color sampling for crisp text. However, the TU7072 offers a small viewing angle, but its screen does not run the risk of burnout.

Market positioning

The Samsung TU7072 TV is the most affordable model in the Korean company’s 2020 4K 4K lineup. It replaces the 2018 NU7090. The TU7072’s competitors are the  Sony XH80 and  LG UN7306 .


Style  8.5

The Samsung TU7072 has a simple yet attractive design with a thin bezel and a pair of feet around the edges of the bezel. They support the TV well and do not require screwing, simply plugging into the slots, which makes installation much more convenient.

The back panel is textured plastic with all connections facing outward for easy access for wall mounting. Grooves are provided for cable routing, and clamps are provided for attaching them to the legs.

The case is quite thin at 5.9 cm, which makes for a nice look when mounted on a wall.

Build quality  7.0

The build quality of the TV is good and does not cause any complaints. Our only comment concerns the fact that the body sways when exposed to external influences.

Image quality

Contrast 8 .8

The contrast ratio is excellent. The TV displays deep blacks for a spectacular viewing in a darkened room. Unfortunately, the TU7072 does not have a local dimming function to further improve this setting.

Local dimming  0

Local dimming does not apply to the TU7072.

Peak brightness  5.6

The peak brightness of the TU7072 is disappointing. This TV is more suitable for viewing in a darkened room as it cannot withstand good ambient light. The weakness of this parameter also affects the fact that the HDR format , in fact, does not differ much from the SDR format.

Gray uniformity  6.9

The gray uniformity in the TU7072 is not bad. The edges of the template are noticeably darker than the rest, and there is also a clear dirty screen effect and a dirty spot in the center. In dark scenes, the uniformity is higher.

Viewing angle 4 .6

The TU7072 has a small viewing angle which is common to most VA panel TVs. When you deviate from the center position in front of the screen, the image for the viewer begins to quickly distort.

Black uniformity  9.1

The black uniformity in the TU7072 is excellent. Faint clouds of leakage are present, and there is a faint halo around the test cross, but overall, the screen passes this test well.

Glare 6 .9

The TU7072’s screen handles indirect light well, but not direct light. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the TV in places with strong lighting.

Colors  6.6

The TU7072 does not support a wide color gamut. In Cinema mode, the EOTF curve deviates far from the test line, which means that most scenes are rendered too dark. However, setting the Shadow Detail setting to 5 significantly improves picture quality, apparently disabling the TV’s dimming function.

Left: DCI-P3 xy coverage – 73.64%, DCI-P3 uv – 78.87% 
Right: REC 2020 xy coverage – 52.90%, REC 2020 uv – 57.50%

Color volume  6.1

The color volume is low and limited by the available color gamut. However, the TV displays dark tones well due to its high contrast ratio.

Gradient 8 .1

The TU7072 exhibits an excellent gradient picture. Most vibrations are only noticeable in the dark areas of gray and green.

Temporary image retention and risk of screen burn-in 10

These phenomena are not inherent in this VA panel.

Response time 6 .8

The TU7072 demonstrates an acceptable response time of 18.5ms. In action scenes, there is slight blur behind fast-moving objects, and there is also some duplication of frames caused by the operation of the backlight.

Screen flickering 4 .0

The TU7072 uses PWM to dim the backlight. It always operates at 120 Hz. However, flickering is completely eliminated when the brightness is set to maximum in Movie Mode, Game Mode, or when using the TV as a Dynamic PC monitor.

Insert Black Frame  9.1

The TU7072 offers black frame insertion to reduce motion blur. When activated, the backlight operates at 60 Hz, while for gaming mode this figure is 120 Hz.
To insert a black frame, turn on Clear LED Image.

Frame interpolation 

The TU7072 features frame interpolation of low frame rate footage up to 60fps for smooth or soap opera effect. It performs well with real images, although it did cause noticeable duplication in testing due to the 120Hz backlight frequency.

However, this duplication is completely eliminated when the brightness is set to maximum in Cinema mode, Game mode, or when using the TV as a PC monitor in Dynamic mode.

To activate frame interpolation, you need to turn on the “Image clarity setting” and set the Judder reduction scale to 10.

Image Twitch Effect  8.2

Due to the fact that the TV does not have the fastest response time, this effect is almost not observed when watching low-frequency video. If this phenomenon still bothers you, use the “Adjust the clarity of the picture” function.

Jitter effect in 24fps video  0

The TU7072 does not have a function to remove jitter in low-frequency video.

Variable refresh rate  0

The TU7072 has a 60Hz refresh rate and does not support variable refresh rate technologies.

Input Delay  9.2

The TU7072 has excellent input latency, especially in gaming mode. Outside it, it is only slightly higher.

The TU7072 has a feature that automatically switches to ALLM game mode when starting a game from a compatible game console. To activate it, select Auto for this mode and enable Anynet + (HDMI-CEC).

Supported video and audio formats

The TV supports HDR formats – HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG. Dolby Vision is not on this list.

Although the TU7072 does not support HDMI 2.1, the eARC function is still provided. It allows the TV to stream high-format audio, such as  Dolby Atmos , to an external audio device.

Sound quality

Frequency response  7.1

The frequency response of the TU7072 is good and the sound is well balanced. However, low frequencies can seem weak, especially for special effects movies and video games. The overall volume is low, making the TU7072 most suitable for small to medium sized rooms.

Distortion of incoming audio  6.7

The total harmonic distortion is quite low with a clear transmission of sound at medium volume, but noise appears at high levels.

Smart features

Interface  7.5

Like other Samsung TVs, the TU7072 has the Tizen platform. Here it has a simplified version with fewer features and limited animation. The platform is easy to operate and works flawlessly.

Advertising presence  0

There are ads on the Tizen homepage as well as in the app catalog that cannot be turned off.

Applications and Features  8.5

Samsung’s catalog offers a huge selection of apps that work mostly without comment.

Control panel 6 .0

The TU7072 uses the remote control we know from the NU7090 model, but with new buttons for quick access to streaming platforms. There is no voice control.

Comparison with other TVs

Left top :  the Samsung T8072 ; bottom left :  Samsung RU7172 ; in the center : Samsung TU7072; top right : Samsung NU7090; bottom right :  Sony XH80 .   


Samsung TU7072 is a mid-range budget model. It is slightly inferior to the predecessor TV NU7090 in terms of contrast, peak brightness and viewing angle. However, the TU7072 offers a shorter input latency, making it the preferred choice for video games.

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