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Sony Bravia XG85 (55XG8505) Review • Reliable midrange 4K TV

Sony's new LCD TVs are now on the market and are ready to take their rightful place in our living…
Sony Bravia XG85

Sony’s new LCD TVs are now on the market and are ready to take their rightful place in our living room. At the top of Sony LCD TVs with UHD 4K resolution, there are the Sony Bravia XG85 and Sony Bravia XG85 series.

The differences between the large XG95 series and the XG85 are significant, such as: X-Wide Angle, backlit panel, more efficient processor (Ultimate X1) and a price of 500 euros higher. Remember that this year Sony is releasing LCD TVs with 8K resolution, but they cost a fortune.

The XG85 series starts at 55 inches, goes from 65 and 75 inches and reaches the 85-inch model that costs 4,200 euros. This is a midrange series whose price will definitely drop a lot if we expect “Black Friday type days”. For testing we had in our hands the 55 inch or the 55XG8505 which is the full name.

The test TV is quite light, weighing only 19 kg, easily accepts its two bases (without screwing) and generally its installation and start-up is not a problem.

It is equipped, like all midrange TVs of 2019, with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, but also Dolby Atmos to comfortably enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime as it also offers ARC channel return (and eARC for multi-channel) to its HDMI to drive the sound of content services in an external home cinema system.

The TV’s own audio system is called Acoustic Multi-Audio and is a new technology that aims to elevate listening in the center of the screen, using two side tweeters, in addition to the woofers that are normally low.

So we get a good result in the center of the screen that comes after a lot of DSP processing, without this meaning surround performance. The XG85 panel is at 100Hz and edge type with basic brightness control.

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Of course everything is occupied by the Android TV (version 8) platform which is more improved compared to last year, but at no point does it reach those of LG and Samsung. There is a Chromecast for content steaming, but not AirPlay 2, while listening to “OK Google”.

The strong point here is the TV receivers, which as Sony that excels. Covers all possible shots with precision and sensitivity, but also all existing TV systems.

It is a TV for channels, rather than for use as the center of an audiovisual performance system. The device provides image defaults such as photo, live, standard, cinema, graphics and game (for speed) but also custom to adjust it ourselves.

It is supported by motion flow to improve motion, as well as by gamma settings.

In order to see it correctly, we lowered the gamma and the color temperature a little, especially for HDR material, while we activated the DNR noise control. With such material we received high contrast, bright bursts, good shadows, as well as correctly placed colors.

In general, the brightness of the TV is generous, while when the source signals do not have resolution, the Sony Bravia XG85 upgrades them. Sure, the well-known clouds are presented due to panel technology, but no TV in this category has them anymore.

The important thing is that this is a reliable midrange TV with the right equipment and good picture.

Sony Bravia XG85 : Specifications:

  • TYPE:  TV 55 inch 4K / UHD
  • PANEL:  3.840 × 2.160 pixels, LCD Edge
  • OPERATING SYSTEM:  Android TV 8.0 (Memory 16GB)
  • ASSISTANTS: Google Assistant
  • IDR: IDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • CONNECTIONS:  4xHDMI (4K / 60Hz, FHD 120Hz, eARC), 3xUSB (one 3.0), 1x Digital Optics, 1xEthernet, 1xCI +, 3xRF (RF) 2xSat), 1xHeadphones, 1xComponet RCA, 1xStereo RCA, Bluetooth
  • SOUND:   2x10W
  • DIMENSIONS (   LxWxH ): 1231x713x313 mm. (based)
  • WEIGHT:  19.7 kg (based)



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