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Sony KD-43XH8077 Review: Powerful image quality at an affordable price

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Normally the Sony brand offers us excellent televisions that stand out from the rest for the quality they handle in each line. However, this detail makes its costs higher than its competition, therefore, before acquiring any of its models we must know what it really offers. Today we are going to detail what the Sony KD43XH8077 includes .

To begin with, we can say that it is a computer with the necessary characteristics to meet most of the expectations generated by the common user. We are also not saying that it is the most spectacular television of today, since it will also have its low points. However, let’s get into the operation of the Sony KD-43XH8077.

Exterior design of the Sony KD-43XH8077

An attractive design that stands out for presenting a fairly fine appearance

The first thing we highlight is that it has a good design that fits easily in the place where it is placed, in addition, we are talking about the smallest version, therefore, it can look good in rooms or medium-sized rooms . It comes in a silver color that usually combines well with the decoration that is in the place of its position.

Another relevant detail is found in its front that presents us with thin bezels that give it a more elegant appearance regardless of the angle from which it is viewed. Likewise, this allows the screen to be wider , therefore, the content that we see will have a better space to be reproduced without any type of hindrance or interference.

Let’s move on to talking about the back that in other televisions usually shows a wider thickness, however, in this case it is not quite like that, since we have a finer style that shows cleanliness . The same can be perceived if we see the television from its sides, as if that were not enough, some quite resistant construction materials are integrated.


We are going to have a few connectors that will be of considerable contribution for a better experience, to begin with, we have four HDMI 2.0 inputs that will be enough to connect different devices such as laptops , consoles and players . It also has two USB 2.0 that among all its benefits we have the possibility of recording content, although for the version there will be a slightly slow data transfer.

Other options that will also be available to us are its Ethernet port, its headphone output, its audio output, its IF input and a composite video input. In addition, they have an interesting variety of tuners that you can check in the specification table. At the wireless level we also have what is necessary for a pleasant experience, here we will have the three best options Wi-Fi Direct , Bluetooth and DLNA .

Image quality and general functions of the Sony KD43XH8077

The Sony KD43XH8077 is mid-range, therefore it does not include the most current image enhancement technologies, however, this does not mean that the visual experience is bad, on the contrary, we will receive an acceptable quality . First, we have a 4K resolution that seeks to fill us with more realistic and precise details.

It offers an LED panel that, as many may know, is not the most powerful, so we must pay attention a little to the placement of the television , since in very dark or bright environments we can receive some losses in quality. This is reduced a bit with the implementation of some enhancement technologies that provide greater input.

The most notable is Triluminos Display that allows us to visualize a much wider color reproduction with more natural tones that are translated into more vivid and intense that are perfect to enjoy better details. Thanks to the X1 processor we will receive an interesting noise reduction to enjoy fluid movement.

Enough content already offers compatibility with HDR, so with this model we will be able to take advantage of this circumstance a lot, since it has HDR10 and Dolby Vision that provide better details at the level of contrast, which will look sharper and avoid lighting become a problem.

Sony KD-43XH8077: Sound

If this equipment has a weakness in something, it is in its sound quality that is not as expected to enjoy a completely clear audio. The main problem is located in its speakers that offer us a total power of 20W , something really common in the mid-range, however, there will be more demanding content that this television does not support.

At least there are some improvement technologies that are going to bring a lot of benefit, in addition, it integrates current options such as Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround that try to give us a more immersive and clean experience that in our opinion in this case mainly benefits dialog . In any case, it is still its weak point .

Smart TV / software review and more highlights

We have the advantage of being able to use the Android TV system that offers us great possibilities

The most valuable thing about the Sony KD-43XH8077 is that it has Android 9.0 Pie, a fairly complete system at a general level that offers us great benefits. To begin with, it has an acceptable optimization that makes it flow quite well, likewise, it is an intuitive platform that any user can use , since everything is in sight.

As if that were not enough, it offers the most extensive catalog of applications that exists today, and we are not lying when we say that we can install more than 5,000 options, yes, not all of them are as functional as they seem. Obviously we will have the most popular ones like Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube , DAZN , Movistar + , Disney + and Orange TV .

Nor can we forget that the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa assistants are included, which are great to have better control of the TV, since we will be able to perform certain functions using only the voice. With the Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit applications we can stream photos, videos and music from an iPhone or iPad.

Sony KD43XH8077: Pros and Cons

  • Good design
  • Bluetooth and recording via USB
  • Powerful image quality
  • Includes HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Offers Android 9.0 Pie
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit
  • Power of your speakers
  • Price

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In preparing the article, materials from were used. Visit article here.

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