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Sony KD-49XG9005 Review: Boasts excellent picture and sound quality

Sony launched the new 4K Premium XG95 TVs in spring 2019. The Sony Bravia XG95 series features a 100Hz FALD LED display, the latest X1 Ultimate image processor, high-quality audio system, the latest SmartTV features and high-quality processing.

In the upcoming review of Sony Bravia KD-49XG9005 Ultra HD, we are going to consider a model with a 49 diagonal, which is somewhat different from the premium series in the absence of some functions. Immediately, we note that in the European version, the Sony Bravia XG90 series is represented by only one 49-inch model.

Sony 49XG9005 review

Sony’s new model is very close to premium. The Sony KD-49XG9005 TV has a slim body with a narrow brushed aluminum frame. The included aluminum feet enhance the elegant look and also provide a secure footing. With the VESA wall mount, it is possible to mount the TV on the wall.

The 49-inch model looks very stylish and high quality. The supplied brushed stainless steel remote control looks great and fits well in your hand. Overall, the 2019 49XG90 TV’s design is the same as the XG95 4K Premium series .


The new Sony Bravia XG90 has a lot to offer. The KD-49XG9005 TV has a high-quality SmartTV of the latest generation. The current Android 8 operating system works flawlessly and can be controlled via the microphone of the remote control, as well as via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant using voice.

In addition to streaming services such as Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube, a full web browser is also available. For linear TV, Bravia KD-49XG9005 is equipped with a triple tuner for DVB-C (cable), DVB-T2 HD (digital) and DVB-S2 (satellite).

Thanks to satellite tuners, it is possible to record TV broadcasts on a regular USB-card, regardless of the included transmitter. To receive PayTV channels like Sky, HD +, Sony Bravia has a CI + slot. In addition to the picture-in-picture function, HbbTV and teletext are available.

Sony KD-49XG9005 back panel

Image quality

The Sony 49XG9005 has a 100Hz LED panel. When it comes to high dynamic range, the XG9005 has HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. The Sony XG9005 TV features a built-in 10-bit Full Array local dimming panel and the familiar X1 Extreme image processor.

Featuring a Full Array panel with X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro technology, the new Sony BRAVIA XG90 delivers highly contrasting images with vibrant colors on one side and very dark areas with rich blacks on the other. The submitted video content is analyzed in real time and then optimized.

The result is a crisp picture with an impressive depth effect. The 100Hz panel allows for superior processing of fast-moving images. This quality of dynamic scene processing is especially noticeable when watching modern 4K HDR movies.

Immediately, we note that old films with SD and HD resolution are reproduced fairly well and scale well. Those who buy this TV to watch quality movies, most likely, will not regret the wasted money.

Sound quality

Let’s immediately determine that a pair of speakers of 10 watts each have never been able to satisfy home theater lovers. Almost the same set can be observed in the 49XG9005 under review from Sony.

If we compare this combination to other price competitors, the sound quality of the XG90 is quite impressive. The company has equipped the model with two additional tweeters on the rear, but these are not 2 additional channels for Dolby Atmos.

The result is impressive sound with remarkable dynamic sound and noticeable bass. For ordinary viewing of news, this sound quality is quite enough. Alternatively, you can use a soundbar or home theater AV receiver.

Sony KD-49XG9005 review

Sony XG95 and XG90 differences

Moving on to the question: “What is the difference between the XG95 and XG90 from Sony 2019”, we will give only the main differences between these series. The fact that the XG90 has only one diagonal, and the same diagonal is absent in the XG95 series, was mentioned above. First, about the good.

The European version of the XG9005 uses the same direct backlight with FALD (Full-Array Local Dimming). The XG9005 TV, just like its older brothers, is equipped with support for IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision. In addition, there are technologies such as X-Motion Clarity and X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro.

The main difference between the XG90 and the XG95 is the presence of different processors. To be more precise, all three processors in these series are different. In the premium series XG9505 processors are used: MediaTek MT5893 (SoC), ARM Cortex-A73 (CPU), ARM Mali-G71 (GPU). The TV in question uses MediaTek MT5596 (SoC).

As far as the CPU is concerned, the XG90 is equipped with an ARM Cortex-A53 assembly, which clocks down 400 MHz (1100 MHz versus 1500 MHz). Responsible for the graphics ARM Mali-T860 MP2, the frequency of which is 700 MHz. In terms of sound quality, the XG90 series lacks the acoustic Multi-Audio function.

Another important factor is that the XG95 series uses a 10-bit panel, while the XG90 series uses a 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) panel. Note that all 2018 XF90 models used a “pure” 10-bit matrix. According to some sources, Sony will continue to release the XF90 series into 2019.

As we already know, the manufacturer used the VA matrix with the X-Wide Angle Pro function in the XG95 models. X-Wide Angle Pro is a new technology that has been introduced since 2019. It serves to expand the viewing angles in VA matrices up to 178 degrees. The Sony XG9005 TV lacks this technology.

On the other hand, it is not yet known which matrix is ​​used in this model. If the XG90 gets an IPS matrix like the Sony XG85 series TVs, then the lack of this feature will not be a disadvantage due to the excellent viewing angles in the IPS display. These are not all the differences, but they are quite enough to understand that the difference between the Sony XG95 and XG90 is very significant.

Sony KD-49XG9005 interfaces


Similar to the similarity in appearance, the 49XG9005 interface is also similar to the premium XG9505 series. The device contains a pair of USB 2.0 connectors and one USB 3.0. There are 4 HDMI 2.0 connectors with eARC and CEC support, CI + 1.4 slot, antenna input, Ethernet RJ45 input, AV composite input. There is also an optical output, headphone output and Bluetooth connectivity.


In conclusion of the review 49XG9005 from Sony Bravia, we add that this model will suit those who have decided to buy a high-quality LCD TV, but at the same time have no opportunity to purchase a diagonal of more than 49 inches. In other words, if you need a high-quality TV in a small bedroom, then you will not find a better model among Sony 2019 TVs .

Sony TV in 2019 has TVs with better specifications, but all these models start from 55 diagonal and above. The TV looks stylish. The image processing is of high quality. The TV has updated Smart TV and Smart Home functions, a fast tuner and a high-quality audio system. If there is a need for a larger screen diagonal and the means allow, then you should take a closer look at the XG95 series or higher.

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