Sony KD-75XE9405 Review: A TV worth checking out

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The XE9405 series from Sony BRAVIA is an Ultra HD 4K with LCD panel. The series includes only one diagonal. The design of the XE94 uses a Full Array LED BackLight matrix with local dimming. The series is slightly younger – Sony XE93 is backlit from the edges. We already talked about this in the KD-55XE9305 review on our UltraHD resource. The model in question has replaced last year’s Sony KD-75XD9405 .

The KD-75XE9405 TV uses a 75-inch flat panel matrix. The model is equipped with X1 Extreme image processor. Recall that the XD9405 used SoC Mediatek MT5890 and ARM Cortex-A17 (2-core). The TV does not only support the standard high dynamic range HDR 10. HLG and Dolby Vision have been added since the software update.

The design of the TV is very similar to last year’s model, but there are some changes, including an updated Sony Android Smart TV operating system. For the US market, this line will be released as the Sony XBR-75X940E (XBR-X940E).


Sony 75XE9405 review


The design of the XE9405 is very similar to the XD94 we saw last year, but Sony has made some minor changes to the design of the stand and finish materials. The new XE9405 uses a full array backlight with local dimming. Sony representatives claim an increase in brightness, although this is doubtful compared to last year’s models.

In last year’s XD9405, the screen brightness was 750 cd / m2, this parameter has not yet been determined in the new TV. That is, there was no value for this parameter at the exhibition stand. The back panel is made in a more natural and neutral color. There are separate decorative covers on the case to hide interfaces and TV wires. The main connectors are four HDMI inputs, their location allows you to neatly lay the connection wires and not spoil the overall look.

HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision

The main characteristics of the XE9405 include support for HDR standards HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Dolby Vision. The last two varieties of HDR will become available after the summer firmware update. It is very strange that the manufacturer delays, for almost half a year, such necessary TV specifications. It looks like market marketing. Sony makes the buyer think about the price of last year’s TVs. The XE94 is equipped with the X1 Extreme processor, which was previously used in the Sony ZD9 line of models .

Sony 75XE9405 design


Processor X1 Extreme

Let’s take a moment back to last year and see how the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme handles image processing. In fact, the processor corrects the image quality in real time by comparing the original image with two exclusive and high-quality Sony databases. These databases contain thousands of reference images.

The processor matches the frames with a reference from these databases. Further, based on the analysis, it reduces noise and enhances 4K resolution. As a result, a great image is available to the user on the screen even with a low quality of the video “input”. The same technique is applied in the considered TV KD75XE9405.

HDR Gaming Mode, Android M and Android N

What’s interesting about XE94 at the operating system level? Perhaps the highlight is the HDR Gaming Mode for those who like to play on the big screen. In addition, Sony XE9405 comes with OS Android M (Marshmallow, version 6.0).

With the next summer update, the TV will receive Android N operating system (Nougat, version 7.0) and support for Dolby Vision and HLG. As usual, Sony refused to include support for 3D images in the specification. This also applies to the XE9405 we are considering. 3D was considered an unpromising direction since 2017 and the issue with this is closed.


Connecting a smartphone to Sony

Smartphone Connectivity is provided at the Google Cast application level. Of the additional operations familiar to us, there is Photo Sharing Plus and Screen mirroring (Miracast). Transferring video content is available both from a TV to a mobile device, and vice versa. In addition, you can watch TV content on the smartphone screen (for iOS and Android).

How to Format USB for Sony TV

Of the minuses, one can note the impossibility of recording to external media connected to the USB interface. Oddly enough, but this TV is not available. Often our readers ask the question – what file formats does the USB connector on a Sony TV support? In this case, a formatted USB drive in FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS will be read.

Sony 75XE9405 Profile

Opera Browser

Another interesting point. The TV in the firmware “from the factory” does not have an Internet browser installed. You will have to download and install it yourself, only the Opera browser is available. It’s good that from the usual services there is the Google Play Store, where you can download it.


Sony and Google Assistant

OK Google. And what is the latest news, for example, from UltraHD? – approximately such words become more often heard when using Sony 2017 TVs. The updated Android TV platform now comes with a built-in Google Assistant. By pressing a separate button on the remote control, you can begin to “communicate” with your voice with the TV, starting with the cherished expression “OK Google”. Further, all voice commands are perceived as “live communication with TV”. Talking to the TV has become a fashion, and not a sign of bad taste with Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov from Taganrog.

New IR Blaster

Since the beginning of 2017, the manufacturer began to equip TVs with a new IR Blaster control panel. But do not lay any anticipation – this is an ordinary advanced remote control. He just began to be called “in a new way.” Infrared remote control (IR) Blaster allows you to control the TV itself and various devices connected to the TV. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims. But you yourself understand that it is possible to control “various” devices of this particular manufacturer …

Slim Backlight Drive+ Technology

As usual, at the exhibition booth it is impossible to correctly and unambiguously assess the quality of the image, especially since the manufacturer always tries to show videos recorded “for himself”. In such cases, it often happens that Sony, like other manufacturers, does not confirm the peak brightness and color gamut width indicated in the brochures.

Some time later, after testing in the lab, these values ​​will be available in various picture modes, along with the percentage coverage of DCI-P3 and Rec.2020 that the 75XE9405 can deliver. According to the manufacturer, the innovative Slim Backlight Drive + technology contains dual LED backlighting around the panel perimeter and illuminates the screen in the right areas. This is what makes the scene brighter and richer. This increases the contrast and realism of the image.


Sony 75XE9405 wall mount

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO algorithm

The matrix highlighting algorithm has been redesigned. Now it provides a wider range of brightness when compared to conventional LED TVs. X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology achieves excellent levels of white light (colour) and deep blacks. We have already met previous versions of such backlighting and present how it works.


In theory, one must agree with the representatives of the company, who say that the display technology in question is able to provide more realism to the image due to the expansion of colors on the screen. TRILUMINOS Display, together with the developed backlight system, individually matches and converts the colors of the image in accordance with the extended color gamut. At the same time, there are practically no excessively saturated and unnatural colors on the screen.

Let’s repeat that there are no concrete results about the image quality of the Sony XE9405, except for visual sensations. We should return to this question in a while and give a full characterization of the XE9405 in terms of gray levels, color accuracy and HDR performance.

Sony 75XE9405 switching


Let’s take a quick look at the available interfaces on the 75XE9405. In principle, all such TVs have a standard set of available connections. The model in question has two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0, an RJ-45 Ethernet port and four HDMI 2.0 interfaces with ARC and CEC support. In addition, antenna and satellite inputs are available (satellite bypass available).

One component and composite input. Digital optical sound system output, 3.5mm headphone output, CI+ 1.3 slot for conditional access cards and infrared port. In addition to the LAN interface, a Wi-Fi adapter is built in that supports 802.11a\b\g\n\ac standards. Bluetooth mode allows you to operate mobile devices according to the 4.1 standard. Wi-Fi Direct functions and DLNA support are fully available.

Sound system

The design of the TV speaker system uses 3-way front speakers – high-frequency, mid-range and low-frequency (Front-Face 3-Way Speaker). Support for Dolby standards includes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse.


we can conclude that all previous models in this class are excellent TVs, which gives us the right to hope for the success of the Sony KD-75XE9405 this year. The only TV in this series with a 75-inch screen is capable of reproducing a great picture. But, unfortunately, the lack of 3D support is a difference from past models.

The TV uses a new image processor X1 Extreme. The model supports various HDR standards – HDR 10 immediately after purchase, and HLG and Dolby Vision will be available with a software update in the summer of 2017. The updated Sony Android Smart TV operating system also deserves a separate plus, but we will try to tell you about all the nuances a little later, when the XE9405 TVs go on sale. So, we are waiting for spring and the Sony KD-75XE9405 retail network.

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