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Sony KD-85XH9096 Review: Beautiful giant with remarkable image quality

If you are looking for a giant television, Sony gives us with a model that reaches 85 inches. A size that is not often seen, in addition, it includes an interesting performance that makes it even more impressive. We talk more specifically about the Sony KD-85XH9096, a daring bet that very few can buy.

And we do not say it only because it has a high cost, but because its dimensions are not for medium-sized homes, so, we must consider this first. The advantage of the Sony KD-85XH9096 is that it offers us a remarkable variety of features that normally meet the demands presented by users.

Exterior design of the Sony KD-85XH9096

A thoughtful design that stands out for its slim and detailed look

The first important aspect of the Sony KD-85XH9096 is that it offers an interesting design that stands out above what has been its competition. Especially because it has an appearance that we consider premium without counting that its size also gives it greater presence, and that ends up combining with its black chassis .

Personally, I think that a good elaboration is handled and we realize that resistant construction materials are added. Another notable detail is that its front has thin bezels that allow it to exploit greater elegance regardless of the angle from where we see the screen that also offers a wide space.

Which is perfect when watching content, since having a larger usable space we avoid that the images have cuts or interferences. The rear view keeps the style slim, as it doesn’t implement a very wide thickness as is the case with other televisions . Therefore, we are going to find a beautiful and clean aesthetic.


We come across the ideal connectors to take better advantage of the capabilities of this equipment. Here we highlight having four HDMI 2.0 inputs that turn out to be very valuable, since they are the ones that allow us to connect other external devices such as laptops , consoles and players . We also find two USB 2.0 ports to play content, although the most striking thing is that it has the option to record from the television.

We are going to have other types of physical connections that can also end up being of great contribution such as its Ethernet port, its satellite input, its composite video input and its digital audio output. Nor can we forget the variety of tuners that we have at our disposal. Now let’s talk about wireless, which in the same way gives us the expected options such as Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and DLNA for better interaction.

Image quality and general functions of the Sony KD-85XH9096

We find an acceptable image that in our view will be enough to enjoy our favorite content with ease. To begin with, we must know that the Sony KE-85XH9096 has a 4K resolution that due to its power allows us to enjoy deeper details that later become more realism.

Thanks to different technologies that are integrated, we will end up with a much better experience. Among the most important we have Triluminos that gives us a wider and more precise range of colors, and this is combined with the X1 processor that gives us the necessary power . Possibly the only drawback is that its panel is LCD type.

We say this because the power it offers in its backlight is a bit low and that is mainly noticeable when we are in very dark or bright areas, so the location of the TV ends up playing an important role . In this case, thanks to the X-tended Dynamic Range function, we will receive a sharper and more precise contrast.

Additionally, it also adjusts the brightness levels to deliver much deeper blacks in the shadows. Another interesting option is its scaling function that seeks to increase the quality of lower content. Through the HDR10 , HLG and Dolby Vision formats we will receive a better quality when it comes to watching movies, series and video games.


It is clear to us that the least decisive point is its sound quality, and it was to be expected to some extent. Because of the type of television that it is, we think that more power would be added. However, we are going to find only two speakers that transmit 20W , yes, we have X-Balanced Speaker for a better output.

Another important detail is that it has some improvement technologies that for these cases are usually very supportive. Here the most relevant thing is that Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos two of the most complete functions are integrated , since they offer us a more immersive and clean experience, although the best thing is to get a cheap sound bar .

Sony KD-85XH9096 Software / Smart TV Review and More

We have one of the best systems today that adds great benefits

The Sony KE85XH9096BAEP offers us one of the best systems today, we refer to Android 9.0 Pie that has excellent functions to receive first-rate entertainment. Among the most notable is that it has the most extensive catalog of applications on the market , where you can find more than 5,000 applications.

Obviously the most popular ones like Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube , Movistar + , HBO , Spotify and Disney + will be included , in addition, we can download movies, books, music and games. Another benefit is that it has compatibility for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with both assistants we will control the TV using only our voice.

More interesting actions with the Sony KD-85XH9096 is the integration of Apple AirPlay 2 that works perfectly with an iPhone or iPad and through this application we will be able to transmit videos, photos and music whenever we want. For Android devices we have Chromecast that provides us with exactly the same service.

Sony KD-85XH9096: Pros and Cons



  • Attractive design
  • Good connectivity
  • Remarkable image quality
  • HDR
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • All kinds of apps to use
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2


  • A fairly large TV
  • Could have better sound
  • Price

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