Sony X90S (XR-55X90S) Review: The perfect high quality mid-range TV

Sony X90S
Sony X90S
Tech Week Score
Tech Week Score

Sony usually manufactures high-quality televisions regardless of the range, this causes them to be highly sought-after models, however, normally in each category they tend to be high-priced equipment, although if we compare the quality they can be interesting options that are worth the investment .

For this year they have released new alternatives and we find the Sony XR-55X90S that is in the mid-range, however, delving into its features in detail, we notice that it includes functions previously seen in the high-end range.

Exterior design of the Sony BRAVIA XR – 55X90S

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It is a mid-range model, however, it offers an attractive design that with a good placement provides a deep look.

The Sony XR55X90S seems attractive to us in terms of aesthetics because it includes details that improve the appearance, in fact, it maintains the style of certain models that have come out in previous years, obviously they integrate only the good. It won’t be the most impressive design we’ll see either.

Sony X90S Rear
Sony X90S Rear

But unlike what we used to see in the past, a positive change is felt, especially since in these times many users begin to pay more attention to the aesthetic. For this reason, we see better design work, this model has a size of 55 inches that seems good to us.

Especially since its dimensions will be suitable for both medium-sized and slightly larger rooms or rooms. Obviously we must look for the placement that best suits the environment. In addition, we can purchase the VESA support to make installation even easier.

We recommend placing the TV directly on the wall, so we have a better view of the front thanks to the thin bezels that even provide elegance and through the black chassis it improves the presence. The only negative point is that the rear has a voluminous space.


The Sony BRAVIA XR – 55X90S offers four HDMI 2.0 inputs that are quite useful for the ease they give us to connect compatible devices and have the possibility of transmitting the audio and video signal in acceptable quality. We can also have two USB ports .

These are used to play videos, music and photos from compatible units, however, a negative detail is that we do not have the option to record content, which seems necessary at present, therefore, it leaves us with a bitter taste, but it is still good connectivity.

We can check this in the specifications table that we leave above, there you will have the exact physical connections available. You will also find the compatible tuners. On the wireless issue there will be a good experience thanks to Wi-Fi Direct , Bluetooth and DLNA .

Image quality and functions in general of the Sony XR-55X90S

One of the main advantages of the Sony XR-55X90S ends up being its image thanks to the optimization that it integrates. Add to this that it has a 4K resolution that provides four times more power than Full HD, therefore, this definition will show details with greater precision.

Unlike most mid-range televisions that include a Direct or Edge LED backlight, here we have a Full Array LED that improves a lot, since the dimming has a different control that improves the blacks, therefore, there will be no loss of quality as notable.

Sony X90S
Sony X90S

Which will be ideal for dark and bright environments, likewise, we find enhancement technologies that work on essential parameters such as color, contrast, brightness, and saturation. We highlight exclusive features from the same firm as 4K X-Reality PRO , Triluminos Pro and Sony XR .

So we will see more vivid and intense scenes regardless of the content. Likewise, it has compatibility with HDR10 , HLG and Dolby Vision , the only disadvantage of which is that they are activated with content that is compatible, since otherwise we may not notice a significant difference.

Another advantage is found in its frequency that works from 100 Hz to 120 Hz, helping to enjoy fluid movements, ideal for movies and video games, in addition, it has XR Motion Clarity that also benefits this aspect.


It can be considered one of the weak points, since it only includes 20W, which is typical of the mid-range, but currently there is a lot of content that requires more power to be heard clearly , however, the built-in speakers will not be enough.

The good thing is the inclusion of technologies such as Dolby Atmos , DTS Digital Surround and Adaptive Sound Control that contribute a lot to provide an immersive and precise experience. However, the best thing from our point of view will be to acquire a sound system to improve the quality.

Analysis of the software / Smart TV and more features of the Sony XR55X90S

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It offers a pretty good system that stands out for the features that it allows us to use for entertainment

The Sony XR55X90S  comes with the latest version of Google TV, so we found better optimization and security at the same time, although that’s partly because this TV packs a quad -core  X1 processor , making for an intuitive system. for a pleasant experience.

In this way there will be no problem when downloading and installing various applications. Speaking of which, it has the Play Store,  a very complete store that offers more than 7,000 options , although not all of them are functional. However, it includes today’s most popular applications.

Another attraction of the Sony BRAVIA XR – 55X90S  is that it works through the Google Assistant  and  Amazon Alexa voice assistants  that improve control of certain features. Finally, we must mention that for gaming it has ALLM and VRR, generating good performance.

Sony X90S: Pros and cons


  • nice design
  • connectivity
  • Acceptable image
  • enhancement features
  • Google TV
  • voice assistants


  • not possible to record
  • speaker power



Make model Sony XR-55X90S
Size 55″ (139.7cm)
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 100 Hz / 120 Hz (hertz)
backlight Full Array LED
Smart TV Yes Google TV
Integrated Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
3D Nope
usb recorder Nope
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S2
  • 2 x 10 W (watts)
  • Adaptive Sound Control
  • DTS Digital Surround
  • Dolby Atmos
Dimensions without stand (H x W x D)
Dimensions with stand (H x W x D)
Weight (Without / With support)
VESA compatibility Yes, 200 x 200mm
HDMI ports 4
USB ports two
other connectors
  • DLNA
  • RJ45 Ethernet
  • composite video input
  • Audio output
  • Antenna (RF) (female)
CI+ Integrated Yes
Energy Class Category G
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control
  • batteries
  • power cord
  • user’s Guide

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