Sony X95J vs Sony X90J: Which 4K TV is Right for You?

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Sony X95J vs Sony X90J
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If you are looking for a 4K TV in the 2021 lineup with high picture quality and a reasonable price, then you have probably already faced the “Sony X95J vs Sony X90J” dilemma. Both of these TVs are worthy choices – and for good reason, they lead Sony’s LCD lineup, and above them is the elite and more expensive OLED class.

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The Sony Bravia XR X95J is an ultra-thin full array local dimming TV powered by the latest Cognitive XR processor and the newly minted Google TV smart platform. To accommodate it, you will need a considerable amount of space, as it is offered only in large versions with diagonals 165 cm, 190 cm and 216 cm. In our opinion, this is one of the best TVs in its class this year.

img 612db80bbb4b7Its smaller  sibling, the X90J,  is available in four diagonal versions – 127 cm, 140 cm, 165 cm and 190 cm. It cannot  match the X95J  in its thinness, but it looks sleek with a minimal bezel around the screen. It uses the same Cognitive XR processor, but costs  significantly less than the X90J  .

Let’s try to figure out together what are the main differences between these TVs.

1. Price

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The flagship model  X95J  also has a corresponding price tag, which is quite expected. The cost of the small diagonal is not indicated on the official website, and the other two are offered at a price of $1350. for 190 cm and from $4400 beyond 215 cm.

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A direct comparison of two diagonally identical sizes – 190 cm – gives an almost 38% difference in cost.

2. Design and connections

At first glance, these two models have a few design differences, but in reality this is not the case.

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Let’s start with the racks. The  X90J is  offered in a 2-position design with the ability to move the legs closer to the center (except for the small diagonal of 127 cm, for which there is no stand adjustment). This solution allows you to install the TV on a compact cabinet half the width of the TV itself.

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The X95J  goes even further with a 3-position stand that adjusts not only in width, but also in height for when a soundbar, video player or game console needs to be installed under the TV. Again, there is a limitation: for a small diagonal of 165 cm, only a 2-position design is provided by analogy with the  X90J .

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Another difference is the outer bezel around the screen, which on the  X95J has a titanium silver design and nicely matches the  metal stands. These subtle, but expensive details, according to Sony designers, are designed to completely concentrate the viewer’s attention on the screen.

img 612db80cd9ea6The bezel of the  X90J is  made of shiny plastic with a pretense of metal, but it looks, however, very good.

As for the connection set, it is the same for both models. Its main feature is the presence of two HDMI 2.1 ports, providing 4K / 120Hz video reception from the latest game consoles. They also support eARC, VRR and ALLM functionality. Other connections include USB, Ethernet, digital optical output, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technologies.

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The rear panel of the X95J  has grooves for cable routing to  give the TV a neat look, while the  X90J  offers a simple solution for the same purpose in the form of two plastic clips that are fixed to the stands.

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Finally, the  X95J  has a premium aluminum remote control with stylish brushed finish and backlighting, while the  X90J is  content with a no-frills standard.

3. Picture and sound quality

Both the  X95J  and  X90J feature 120Hz  direct-backlit LCDs with full array local dimming for high brightness and HDR quality including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. Common is the use of the new Cognitive XR processor based on artificial intelligence, which simulates the mechanisms of the human brain during image processing. Also, both TVs use Dynamic Contrast Enhancer (dynamic contrast enhancement), HDR Remaster (object-oriented image processing), Motion Clarity (increased clarity of dynamic scenes) and a number of other proprietary Sony technologies that have successfully proven themselves over the years.

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In terms of differences, the X90J’s  Contrast Booster  is labeled 5, and the  X95J is labeled  10, which should mean higher HDR quality on the latest TV. The  X95J also  uses X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection technologies, providing a wider viewing angle and improved anti-glare properties of the screen, respectively.

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A more serious difference is observed in the characteristics of the audio systems of these TVs. The X90J  features two built-in 10W speakers and two tweeters for localized sound. The X95J  has a much more solid audio system with a total output of 50 watts. It consists of two mid-range speakers, two tweeters for sound localization and one subwoofer for low frequencies.

4. Smart platform

Both TVs are almost identical in terms of the smart platform and related features. They run on Google TV – a new version of the legacy Android TV – with support for Chromecast, AirPlay, and Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The only caveat is that in addition to a microphone built into the remote control, the  X95J  also has one built into the TV case for convenient voice control.

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A common feature of both models is also belonging to the elite Sony Bravia family, for which the manufacturer offers a special streaming service Bravia Core.


5.Sony X95J vs. Sony X90J: verdict

The X95J and  X90J  are two high-end LCD TVs from Sony, designed for discerning buyers (like you!). Of course, they are not without drawbacks, but when evaluating the characteristics and image quality, surprisingly few of them are found.

In our brief analysis, we identified the main differences between the two models in terms of design, image and sound. The difference between them in the range of diagonal sizes is also important.

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So, in our opinion, you should choose the  X95J if you are looking to recreate the cinema atmosphere in your home. The large, bright screen with improved contrast, wider viewing angle and great sound will surely impress you and your guests.

img 612db80e15a75 And if you are looking for a more compact solution or are on a tight budget, the  X90J  is a great alternative with many of the same features as the flagship, but no overpayment.

What do you think?

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