Sony Z9J Review: Insane Hyper-realistic 8K TV with cognitive intelligence

Sony Z9J

Domestic leisure has recently reached levels unimaginable not so long ago. Dominated in most homes by the television, this device maintains its reign in style. The cinema seems to give up its crown to the living room, where proposals such as the Sony Z9J , the protagonist here, do not have much to envy the spectacle on the big screen.

And it is that we find a spectacular television, even more impressive than the Sony XR-75X90J . So all image lovers are invited to discover the immense possibilities that the Sony XR-85Z9J has for entertainment.

Sony Z9J Review

The 85Z9J of Sony is one of the most advanced models of the company within its extensive range of televisions. The firm, a market leader for longer than we can remember, enhances the iconic Bravia  series with this model year 2021 , which takes image and sound one step further.

Going into details

The Sony XR85Z9JAEP TV sports a titanium silver colored bezel combined with a titanium black tone stand . The frame design is a metal rimless surface, while the stand (with aluminum rim ) supports three positions: standard ; narrow ; and sound bar . It is an amazing device for size and thinness. The thickness of the device is only 8.1 cm . The space it occupies, with the stand in the standard position , is approximately 193.7 x 112.3 x 48.4 cm . Regardless of the stand, this TV weighs around 62kg .

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The connectivity of the Sony XR-85Z9J is close to ideal, due to the variety and number of connectors. It has a wireless system, consisting of Wi-Fi ac , and a Bluetooth 4.2 , disappointing, considering the cost of the device. We have three USB ports , and a wonderful four HDMI ports , all of them HDCP2.3 . Of course, it also includes inputs for antenna ,  digital audio or headphone output .

Image quality and functions in general

The Sony 85Z9J is the first television with cognitive intelligence . And what does this mean? Well, thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR , the device understands how we see and hear humans. Thus, the screen LCD , backlit Full Array LED of 85 inches and 8k resolution , is capable of providing a new experience that plunges us into the scene. The amount of image processing and enhancement technologies included in the TV are incredible. XR TRILUMINOS Pro , for example, allows the display to access a wider range of colors , which are reproduced with the subtle differences of thereal world . Plasma more nuances and saturation , being appreciable vivid tones and realistic textures in the contents.

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XR Motion Clarity makes sports and action movies enjoyable like never before by cross-checking data to ensure clarity , sharpness and fluidity . In addition, the 8K XR conversion brings entertainment almost to 8K in any content or source. Its technology has the power to intelligently and realistically recreate lost textures and details.

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Sound is another key to this impressive model. Here the frame itself is the loudspeaker . An immersive experience is created by placing the vibrating tweeter in the frame on the TV , precisely synchronizing sound with on-screen content. In addition, the front subwoofers produce powerful bass in any location.

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SmartTV and other highlights

The 85Z9J of Sony has a system Smart TV powered by the Android . A friendly and simple interface, which millions of users are already used to. Not only does it allow a simple management of the TV, it gives access to a multitude of sources with exclusive content for leisure and entertainment.

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In addition, with the high-quality backlit remote control , we will be able to control all our connected devices. A single button opens the doors to on-demand services to enjoy shows and movies in seconds.

The Sony 85Z9J is 100% compatible with the Google Assistant . So the TV becomes the center of a smart home, from where we control the entire house with voice commands .


Few proposals on the market will bring us closer to the real world than the Sony Z9J . Who can afford it, because the cost of this superb product is not within the reach of ordinary mortals. And it is that the revolutionary technology of this television gives it a supreme realism , thanks to its intelligence systems . Only a device like this, that you understand how we see and hear, is able to provide the ultimate experience that immerses us in every scene with fullness .

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