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TCL 65C825 Review: Great image quality and powerful sound

We have analyzed a large number of televisions belonging to the TCL brand , most of which have been good options for users. It is true that we have found their best equipment in the mid-range, however, for this year they have wanted to take a step forward and release a truly equipped model. We are talking about the TCL 65C825.

TCL 65C825 exterior design

We can observe a striking design that adapts good details throughout its construction

As expected, they have also considerably improved the design of this television, since we are going to visualize better worked details, which will give it a new touch that looks incredible in any position . The first thing to keep in mind is that we are talking about the 65-inch version, an ideal size for large rooms.

In our recommendation we believe that the most effective thing will be to place it directly on the wall, so it will provide a deeper beauty . We say this because we notice that very thin bezels have been included that will give a great elegance to the front of this TV, as if that were not enough, it also benefits the reproduction of content.

The sides maintain a slim style that blends perfectly with almost any décor. Likewise, we find a chassis in Brushed aluminum color that gives us a more precise presence. The rear part shows a good order and cleanliness , that is, the thickness is considerably reduced, in addition, its construction is resistant.


We are going to get a good experience with the different connectors that are added for this model, for example, we have four HDMI 2.1 inputs that will be ideal for the use of external devices, since their version offers us better performance. Likewise, we have a USB port that we can use to play or record any content. In the wireless there will be no problem either, since we receive Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 5.2 and DLNA .

Image quality and functions in general

The TCL 65C825 delivers outstanding image quality that is optimized to reproduce almost any content in perfect condition. To begin with, we will have a 4K resolution that gives us four times more power than Full HD , which translates into better details that will be seen in more realistic scenes.

Another of the strengths in this section is that we have a Mini LED panel that gives us considerable power, and we will notice this mostly when we are in very dark and bright environments . As if that were not enough, an interesting variety of technologies have been integrated that will give us a much more powerful experience.

For example, the Adaptive Content and Adaptive Brightness functions that, as their name mentions, are responsible for adapting the content to the environment so that it is implemented in a brutal way. In search of giving us a much more natural color, we find Quantum Dot Color that gives us much more vivid and intense colors at all times.

We will receive a similar improvement in specific parameters such as contrast and brightness that will obtain greater sharpness and depth. We are also going to notice much more fluid and precise movements, especially in action content, since we have Noise Reduction and Motion Clarity Pro . We have HDR10 + , Dolby Vision and HLG support.


A television of these capabilities could not deliver low audio quality, and that is why we find a total power of 100W that will be enough to hear everything quite clearly regardless of the content requirement. It should be noted that important enhancement functions such as Adaptive Content , Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD are also integrated .

Smart TV / software review and more highlights

We have the most powerful version of Android, which ensures excellent performance

If all of the aforementioned makes the TCL 65C825 worthwhile , you should know that it also includes the most recent version of Android, therefore, we are going to receive all the improvements implemented for this update. Among the most noteworthy we have a good optimization and a totally intuitive and fast navigation .

Likewise, we enjoy a fairly wide application catalog, in fact, it is the largest within all systems, since it has more than 5,000 options to install . As if that were not enough, it offers us the Play Store that allows us to download movies, music and games, yes, much of this content is paid, which can be a difficulty.

We will also receive compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant , two quite powerful assistants that give us the opportunity to control certain functions of the TV using only the voice. It turns out to be an interesting model for gaming, since it has AMD FreeSync , Game Master Pro , Game Mode and Low Input Lag .

As can be seen we are facing one of the best televisions of this brand, the best of all is that its cost does not rise too high compared to those of other firms in their more advanced models. Without a doubt, we think it is an excellent option that we are sure will meet your main needs.

TCL 65C825: Pros and Cons



  • Very valuable design
  • Offers HDMI 2.1 and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Great image quality
  • Variety of technologies
  • Compatible with HDR10 + and Dolby Vision
  • Powerful sound
  • Includes Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Gaming Features
  • Chromecast Built-in


  • Does not include USB 3.0
  • Could include more USB ports
  • cost

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