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TCL 65P610 Review: Comes with great features in a slim design

TCL 65P610

Last year TCL released a wide variety of televisions that stood out for offering acceptable performance without including such a high cost. Among so many models we find the TCL 65P610 an option that continues to seem very interesting for this year. Especially because it includes some characteristics that seem fundamental.

Nor are we saying that it is the best we can buy, since it also has some not so positive points. However, it is an ideal TV for those who have a limited budget , but do not want to buy something too simple. Without further ado, it is time to dive into the analysis and discover its true capabilities.



An attractive design because of how slim it is overall

We started well given that it has a striking appearance , something that should be highlighted because normally mid-range televisions do not usually offer good designs or at least not so elaborate. In this case it is a bit different and it seeks to establish a modern aesthetic that can be easily adapted to any environment.

To begin with, we find some thin bezels that cover the screen, without a doubt, this generates considerable elegance , in addition, it allows us to enjoy our content in ideal dimensions so as not to see cuts or obstructions. As if that were not enough, the black color accompanies quite well so that the television has a great presence.

This also allows us to enjoy better accuracy of the content we see. The back has a slightly wider thickness , however, it is not something that gets in the way, on the contrary, it will keep the slim style. Possibly the only thing that does not convince us are the construction materials that feel somewhat weak.


You get a simple connectivity that equips the necessary connectors for a good experience. We highlight the inclusion of three HDMI 2.0 (b) inputs that will be vital for connecting an interesting variety of external devices. We also have two USB 2.0 ports (5V / 0.5A) that allow us to play multimedia content from a memory or disk. Among its main benefits we have the possibility of recording from the television.

The rest of the physical connections are what we have already seen in a wide variety of televisions. Likewise, we have different tuners to monitor television channels. Let’s move on to the wireless issue, which also presents interesting options. For example, your Wi-Fi connection to use the internet that we have at home. Likewise, there is Bluetooth to connect devices without having to use cables. Lastly, we have DLNA .

Image quality

The TCL 65P610 contains an acceptable image quality that can come in handy to enjoy all our content. To begin with , we have a 4K resolution that gives us four times more power than Full HD , therefore, we will have an image with greater details that seeks to give us a more realistic experience in each scene seen.

Its main problem is that it has an LED panel that is used in this type of television and in principle the power it provides is considered sufficient. However, we find certain complications in very dark or bright environments , since the backlighting is a bit short, therefore, the location will be something important.

There are some improvement technologies that try to give us a deeper experience, here we have Micro Dimming that focuses on giving us a better contrast so that it is seen with greater clarity. The colors will also be vivid and intense which will provide us with better visual details, thus maintaining a good quality.

Another option we have is 4K Upscaling that gives us an improvement in content that is in a smaller source. As if that were not enough, we have HDR10 and HLG that will also give us better performance, especially if the content we see is compatible with these technologies. This usually comes in handy with movies and video games .


It is obvious that the audio will not be the best, firstly, we have two integrated speakers that offer us only 16W of total power . And to top it all this is still less than what we are used to for the mid-range. Of course, there are some improvement technologies that will give us a little more performance at a general level.

These options are Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital Plus that seek to give us a more enveloping and clean sound that is great for dialogues that are usually the most affected by low audio. Despite this, we consider that it continues to be a weak point. Therefore, what we can recommend is to purchase an inexpensive sound bar.

Software review / Smart TV and more notable features


Of the least remarkable that we have found, we have a somewhat simple operating system

The TCL 65P610 has the SmartTV 3.0 system that is usually common on these televisions, however, as expected, it is a simple platform that does not offer much. In fact, we only have at our disposal some interesting applications such as Netflix , Prime Video and YouTube that will give us more entertainment.

You can also use some extra applications, however, they will be simple to operate and are the ones that are pre-installed. As a negative point we have that it is not possible to install other options , in addition, we feel that your navigation feels somewhat delayed, it does not bother too much, however, at times it will not be something comfortable.

TCL 65P610: Pros and Cons



  • Slim design
  • Bluetooth
  • USB recording
  • Acceptable image quality
  • Micro Dimming and 4K Upscaler
  • It has HDR10 and HLG
  • Price


  • Weak materials
  • Sound a bit poor
  • Quite simple system


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