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TCL C755: Impressive combination of picture quality, sound and functionality

Tcl C755 Review
TCL C755 review

TCL has introduced a completely new line of QD Mini-LED TVs, including the TCL C755 series. According to the 2022 OMDIA Global TV Sets tracker, the brand is enjoying a period of global success and ranks second in the TV market while being the leading Android TV brand.

The TCL C755 (C805 series in Europe) is equipped with a fifth-generation mini-LED system, a 10-bit VA 144Hz panel and an AiPQ 3.0 processor. In terms of backlight control zones, C755 TVs are much more modern than last year’s C835 and relatively close to the 2023 TCL C845. In our TCL 65C755 Mini LED 4K review, we take a look at what you can expect from the new model.

TCL C755 review


TCL C755 review


The TCL 65C755 TV has an elegant and modern design. Thin bezels around the screen allow the image to dominate, while the TV fits perfectly into any room. The metal body with a plastic back panel gives the device a sophisticated look. This design not only looks stylish, but also emphasizes the high class of the product.

The matte aluminum plate stand is quite heavy and does a good job of keeping the TV from swaying. There are some improvements in cable management – the C755 is equipped with two cable ties. The ports face sideways and, importantly for wall mounting, are located close enough to the edge of the case to provide easy access.

The TCL C755 TV remote control provides convenience and ease of control of the TV and connected devices. The rounded edges of the case give it a slightly old-fashioned appearance. The remote control retained its numeric buttons, and also added two more buttons (in addition to the four traditional ones) dedicated to video services.

Image quality

The C755 series TV uses QLED technology, that is, a small layer of nanoparticles to improve volume and color depth. Mini LEDs are used as backlighting (smaller diodes that control light better). This 65-inch model has 512 zones, slightly less than the C845 but more than the C745 .

Tcl C755

TCL C755

True, it does not have such a deep black level as the latter, and not as much brightness as the C845. However, the key to the success of this TCL series is that they are able to control backlight bloom (a defect that causes the backlight to “bleed” around illuminated objects) in almost any situation. In addition, this model has a higher quality processor: the Pentonic 700 chipset.

The backlight control by zone of the TCL C755 TV is really good; there is no problem of excessive detail in the shadows, as in the C845 model. But the problem of cloudy black bars on the screen is still present in small doses, despite the use of a VA matrix . As is known, such panels have a significantly higher contrast ratio than IPS panels.

One of the key factors behind the TCL Mini Led C755’s impressive picture quality is its support for various HDR formats such as HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. These technologies provide brighter highlights and more accurate colors. The result is content that looks lifelike whether you’re watching an HDR movie or playing on a compatible gaming console.

This model achieves a peak brightness of 1300 nits in HDR10 at a 10% window. Coupled with a large number of dimming zones and the TV’s good performance in terms of zone management, the image is very good. Although the impact in high dynamic range (HDR) is less noticeable than the C845, which has over 2,000 nits of brightness.

On the other hand, the factory calibration in SDR and HDR leaves much to be desired (like almost any TV), with serious errors in white balance and excessive color saturation. But, fortunately, the available image parameters controls are quite sufficient to make the picture more natural.

This year’s TCL C755 series has a VA panel viewing angle enhancement filter. Thus, we can look at the screen at a certain degree and continue to see the color correctly, although there comes a point when the image begins to deteriorate greatly. Another impressive aspect of this TV is its color volume, thanks firstly to the use of quantum dots instead of a conventional RGB filter. And secondly, the absence of white subpixels.

TCL C755 – design

Smart TV

This TV runs on the Android TV operating system (12th version), which provides many options for streaming content from various applications such as YouTube, Netflix and others. The system works phenomenally well, with very good responsiveness, it is extremely fast, without crashes, intrusive advertising, etc.

As for the internal equipment, the manufacturer chose Mediatek MT9653 with four ARM Cortex A73 cores at a frequency of 1300 MHz as the main SOC (System On Chip, that is, the processor and graphics of the TV). 3 GB of RAM complements a fairly large amount (24 GB) of internal memory.

As we said, the system is really fast, but the Google TV experience is completely different from Android TV. The platform is entirely focused on on-demand content, or in other words, on analyzing our preferences. This content automatically appears right on your home screen without the need to log into apps directly.

Belonging to the Google ecosystem lies in its almost limitless possibilities. We will not have any problems installing any application. Additionally, access to file playback via USB or network (NAS/DAS) continues to improve and is becoming more stable, although limited by the 100Mbps of the built-in network card.


First and foremost, the TV has two full HDMI 2.1 ports (one with eARC ), so you can enjoy VRR and FreeSync Premium at 4K/120 (or 144) Hz resolution with HDR, something you couldn’t do in other years. Typically, in Full Array mode, the TV will deactivate local dimming zones to save a few seconds of image latency.


After all, the processor has to calculate thousands of operations in real time in order to decide whether to disable (or not) zones. But for the TCL C755, the tests in Movie and Game modes look the same, meaning there is no degradation in Game mode even with VRR activated. Output latency (input lag) is an impressive 13.2 ms (and about 8 ms in 4K@120 mode).

For the avid gamers, this TV is equipped with Game Master Pro 2.0 feature that provides high performance in games. With support for HDMI 2.1, ALLM, FreeSync Premium Pro and Game Accelerator, it delivers up to 240Hz refresh rates in games. The high refresh rate screen and low latency work together to deliver the smoothest, most responsive gaming experience possible.

TCL C755 – switching


The TCL 65 C755 TV delivers immersive sound to complement exceptional picture quality. Equipped with two built-in speakers with a power of 15 W each, the TV is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual-X technologies, which improve spatial sound. But even with these advanced technologies, the TCL Mini Led C755’s sound, like almost all flat-panel TVs, has its limitations.

The built-in speakers may provide clear sound with good range and enough volume for everyday home use, but they won’t suit true movie buffs or audiophiles. Therefore, it is recommended to use additional audio devices such as sound bars or surround sound systems. The TV offers connectivity to external audio devices via HDMI or Bluetooth for enhanced sound quality.


The TCL C 755 TV uses three HDMI ports, 2 of which are version 2.1. One of them has full eARC support. Next comes a USB 3.0 port, a CI slot, AV input (via adapter), a mini headphone jack, digital optical audio output and a LAN port. To receive a TV signal there are one or two antenna sockets on board. There is WIFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Price C755
At the moment (October 2023), the price of the TCL 65C755 TV has not yet been announced. TVs TCL 55C755, TCL 65C755 and TCL 75C755 should go on sale before the end of 2023.


The TCL C755 offers an impressive combination of picture quality, sound and functionality. Mini-LED backlighting and quantum dots provide extremely realistic images with rich colors and deep contrast. Dolby Atmos adds a sense of spatial audio that enriches your movie and TV viewing experience. Android TV and Google Assistant built-in make navigating and accessing content easy and fun. Its advantages make it a great choice for users who value image quality and functionality, albeit with some minimal drawbacks.

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