TCL P637 Review
TCL P637 Review
TCL P637 Review

TCL P637 Review: Extremely good picture quality for its price

The purpose of TCL P637 Smart TVs is to offer good picture and sound quality at a better price. With 4K resolution and HDR10, the TCL P637 runs the Google TV operating system.

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The P637 series consists of four models with diagonals from 43 to 65 inches. Should I buy TCL P637? Is the P637 a good budget model, or is it just a promise? In the proposed review of TCL 43P637 4K HDR on the example of a 43-inch TV, we will try to answer these and other questions.

TCL P637 Review


TV TCL 43P637 is equipped with a screen with small frames. The stand is made in the form of two low Y-shaped plastic legs. The screen is slightly raised. This makes it impossible to place a soundbar under the TV. There is also a wall mount option. To do this, you need a VESA 200 x 200 mm bracket.

When doing this, please note that the hole should be slightly lower, since the screws are very close to the bottom of the TV. The speakers are located at the bottom of the case with the working part down. The main connectors are located on the right side of the screen, facing away. Only the power connector is on the opposite side.

TCL 43P637 design

Google TV

Smart TV TCL P637 comes with the latest version of Google TV operating system, which is a new version of Andorid TV. It is an adaptation of Android 11 TV . Navigation is very easy as the whole system is based on what we use in our mobile phones.

The main difference between these systems is that the screen is not touch. The device is quite intuitively controlled via a remote control. The biggest advantage of this OS is the lack of application restrictions. You can install other apps and services through the Google Play store.

On the other hand, a simplified smartphone mirroring greatly expands the possibilities of use. You can also view other apps on your phone while watching TV. Services such as Netflix , YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and several other services are installed straight from the factory.

When plugged in for the first time, your smart TV will take a few seconds to fully boot up, from pressing the power button to loading the home page. This is normal for Google OS TVs. Google TV provides voice control with Google Assistant. To do this, the TCL P637 has a button for voice commands on the remote control.

It is also possible to connect smart home devices to the TV. In addition to Google Assistant, you can use the Alexa system. The remote control on the 43P637 TV is similar to other models of the brand. That is, it follows a minimalist visual format while having a small number of buttons.

This means that there are no buttons with channel numbers on it. Instead, there are 23 buttons, in addition to the arrow buttons and the OK button. Also on the remote control there are buttons for six streaming services. The remote control is thin and fairly light. It runs on two AAA batteries.

Sound quality

Internal audio comes from two 10W speakers each. The speakers are located at the bottom of the screen. They face downwards and provide good reproduction of mid frequencies. The volume rises to 100. In a medium-sized room, normal volume is achieved in the range between 15 and 30.

At volume levels of 60 and above, you can hear a slight distortion. The TCL P637 smart TV also offers fine-tuning of the sound in the settings, but it lacks an advanced equalizer. Sound lovers can connect a more powerful external sound system using an optical cable, HDMI ARC or Bluetooth.

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Image quality

The P637 reproduces extremely good picture quality for its price. In other words, the TCL R646 has a better price-to-image ratio than the vast majority of its competitors. The LCD has a refresh rate of 60Hz and uses 4K resolution with HDR10 standard.

In short, this is a Utra HD display with some contrast enhancements, at least on paper. In practice, the display is also pretty good for a mid-range smart TV. Even though the TV has an LCD, the blacks are quite deep. In most cases, the screen manages to display a lot of detail, especially in well-lit scenes.

The display does not lose much in dark scenes either. Since the TV uses a VA matrix , the viewing angles cannot be called wide. Loss of colors and contrast occurs if you watch TV at a large angle. When viewing 4K images, the sharpness is very good. Lower resolution images also look good, with no visible pixels.

What’s more, the TCL P637 allows the user to adjust saturation and tone in addition to some technologies to improve sharpness and movement. For less advanced users, the important thing is that the TCL smart TV shows a good picture at default settings. It is also possible to enable dynamic color enhancement, which optimizes the brightness of colors using a built-in algorithm.

TCL 43P637 interfaces



TCL’s P637 Smart TV is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, the 43″ model offers 3 HDMI inputs with eARC , ALLM, VRR, CEC support. Apparently, therefore, in some specifications, these ports are marked as HDMI 2.1. However, the port does not support 4K@120Hz.

Also available are 1 USB, 1 digital audio output (optical), 1 AV input, antenna inputs, Ethernet input, 1 3.5mm headphone output and a CI+ slot. That is, there are enough options to connect, for example, two video games, a cable TV converter plus a soundbar via an optical cable.

For those who like to display their cell phone on a big screen, the Android TV system makes the process easy. TCL P637 has built-in Chromecast. In this regard, it is possible to transfer all supported applications from your smartphone to Smart TV via Bluetooth.

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To conclude the TCL P637 review, it remains to add that TCL’s idea is to have more affordable alternatives than South Korean models. Thus, the company can attract consumers who are not so demanding, but still want a 4K TV with good picture and sound quality to watch mostly free channels.

It’s also a good TV for those who don’t want to spend a whole day tweaking the display and sound. The Google TV system can draw attention to the simplicity of mobile phone screen mirroring.

In addition, the presence of HDMI 2.1 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectors is a difference in this price range. Most importantly, you should not expect the same picture quality from this TV as in premium models, especially in the HDR standard. After all, such models are several times more expensive.