Thomson 43UA5S13: Affordable 4K Ultra HD TV

Thomson 43UA5S13 Review
Thomson 43UA5S13 Review

In our latest roundup of mid-range televisions, the Thomson 43UA5S13 emerges as a noteworthy contender due to its impressive array of features. However, like any product, it does have its drawbacks, which are important to weigh before making a purchase. With this in mind, we’ve put together this review to delve deeper into the pros and cons of this Thomson television model.

Exterior design

It will not be the best option aesthetically, but it has some details that improve its design

The design is minimalist and modern. Its slim frame and matte black finish give it an elegant and timeless look. The screen extends to the edges , providing an immersive viewing experience . The thinness of the TV does not compromise its durability, as it is built with high quality materials that guarantee a long life with proper care.

Thomson 43UA5S13
Thomson 43UA5S13

The support follows the same line of minimalism and practicality. Designed with clean lines , it offers stability without sacrificing style . Additionally, it allows easy adjustment to accommodate different viewing angles. For those who prefer to mount their TV on the wall, it is compatible with standard VESA mounts, providing versatility in installation, however, there will be some drawbacks.

Although the stand is stable, some users may prefer a wider base for greater stability. For those looking for bolder options in terms of design, the minimalist look might seem too simple . We must also mention its rear part, which seems to us the least attractive in terms of aesthetics; in addition, the thickness is evident.


The rear panel houses a variety of physical ports, providing the flexibility to connect a wide range of devices. Among them, multiple HDMI ports stand out , ideal for connecting video game consoles, Blu-ray players or cable decoders. It also has USB ports that make it easy to play multimedia content from external drives.

Users will also benefit from the presence of audio ports , both optical and analogue , which allow connection without loss of sound quality to sound bars or external audio systems. The inclusion of an Ethernet port ensures a stable connection for smooth streaming experiences and fast downloads, although speed depends on your Internet.

In the wireless field, it is not far behind. Equipped with Wi-Fi technology , it allows connection to home networks to access different services. Bluetooth connectivity offers the ability to pair compatible devices. Screen mirroring adds another level of versatility. Users can mirror the screen of their mobile devices.

Image quality and general functions of the Thomson 43UA5S13

The 4K resolution of the Thomson 43UA5S13 redefines clarity and sharpness on the screen. With an incredible number of pixels, each image comes to life with exceptional definition. Fine details become visible, creating an immersive visual experience that captures even the subtlest nuances. From cinematic scenes to high-definition gaming, it provides a picture that exceeds expectations.

Direct LED technology makes the difference by offering uniform lighting across the entire screen. This backlighting approach ensures that there are no dark areas or deviations in brightness, providing accurate representation of colors and contrasts. Deep blacks and bright whites combine to create a stunning visual palette, enhancing image quality.

The 60Hz refresh rate ensures smooth, blur-free playback in fast action scenes and dynamic movements. Whether enjoying live sports, intense video games or cinematic sequences, the fluidity of the images remains constant, allowing for an immersive viewing experience. Now let’s learn about some enhancement technologies that are offered.

Improvement technologies

Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DCE) technology is a key factor in improving contrast. By dynamically adjusting the brightness of specific areas of the screen, this feature provides deeper blacks and brighter whites. The result is a more striking and detailed image, with a wider range of tones that enrich the visual experience.

Color Enhancer is another notable technology that contributes to improving visual quality. This feature works to intensify and optimize color saturation, ensuring each shade is vibrant and accurate. Whether in natural landscapes or action-packed scenes, the Color Enhancer ensures realistic and captivating color reproduction that is combined with HDR formats .

UHD Upscaling technology is a valuable addition, especially when playing lower resolution content. This television has the ability to improve the quality of lower resolution images, bringing them to a quality close to 4K resolution. This way, even older content benefits from greater sharpness and clarity, providing an improved experience.

Disadvantages of the image

A notable drawback is its performance at wide viewing angles. As viewers move sideways or change viewing height, a loss of contrast and color saturation may be noticed. Despite its ability to deliver deep blacks and bright whites, it may face difficulties in brightly lit environments due to its backlight.

In situations with high ambient light, the screen may experience challenges maintaining visibility and sharpness. Although the 60Hz refresh rate is adequate for most content, in fast action scenes or intense sports, motion processing may show limitations. Slight blurring or artifacts may occur during moments of high dynamism.

Despite UHD Upscaling technology, image quality may not be as impressive when viewing low-resolution content. Although the feature makes an effort to improve sharpness, some older or lower quality images may not fully benefit from 4K resolution , which could impact the viewing experience in certain cases and even look worse.


With built-in speakers, it offers sound power suitable for medium-sized rooms. Dialogue is clear, and sound effects are crisply presented. The interface allows for equalization adjustments, giving users the ability to customize the audio profile to their preferences. This allows the sound output to be adapted to different types of content.

Although the built-in speakers offer decent performance, bass reproduction could lack the desired depth. For those looking for a more bass-heavy experience, adding an external sound system could be a solution. At higher volumes, the sound quality may experience some distortion. In addition, improvement technologies are needed.

Analysis of the software / Smart TV and other features

It has a powerful system that provides a better experience due to the features it allows us to use

One of the standout features of Android TV on the Thomson 43UA5S13 is access to the Google Play Store . This virtual store offers a wide variety of applications, games and multimedia content to download and enjoy directly on your television. From popular streaming services to entertaining games, the selection of options is truly impressive.

The built-in Chromecast feature makes it easy to cast content from mobile devices directly to the screen. This simplifies the process of sharing photos, videos, and favorite apps with friends and family, creating a hassle-free, collaborative viewing experience. Another attraction is that it has Google Assistant to use various voice commands.

Android TV provides a snappy operating system that ensures smooth performance and efficient navigation through apps and menus. Additionally, as part of the Google ecosystem, the operating system receives continuous updates that improve stability and add new features, ensuring that users benefit from the latest system innovations.

Thomson 43UA5S13: Pros and cons

  • Front design
  • Acceptable connectivity
  • Acceptable image
  • Enhancement Features
  • Google Assistant
  • Chromecast
  • Price
  • Construction materials
  • Viewing angles
  • Speaker power

Thomson 43UA5S13

Make model Thomson 43UA5S13
Size 43″ (108cm)
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz (hertz)
Backlight Direct LED
Smart TV Yes, Android TV
Integrated Wi-Fi Yeah
Bluetooth Yeah
3D No
USB Recorder Yeah
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S2
  • 2 x 8 W (watts)
  • AV Stereo
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Equalizer/Balance
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 555 x 955 x 83mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 589 x 955 x 172mm
Weight (Without/With stand) 9kg/9.5kg
VESA Compatibility Yeah
HDMI ports 4
USB ports 2
Other connectors
  • Ethernet RJ45
  • Optical audio output
  • Composite AV input
  • Antenna input
Integrated CI+ Yeah
Energy Class Category F
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control
  • batteries
  • power cable
  • user’s Guide