Top 4 incredibly cheap 4K TVs of 2022

Top 5 incredibly cheap 4K TVs of 2022
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- Michail Yahontov

How to choose a smart TV in 2022 and why a smart TV can replace your computer? We answer these and other questions in this review of the Top 4 incredibly cheap 4K TVs of 2022.

1. Sony KD-49XF7596

Sony KD-49XF7596
Sony KD-49XF7596.

One of the new products from last year from Sony has already found a lot of fans who decided to change their old TV for this model. Indeed, this is one of the most functional smart TVs among 49-inch TVs. Many will be satisfied with the Sony KD-49XF7596 screen – this is an IPS-matrix with 4K resolution and Edge LED backlighting. The smart component here is based on Android, but with its own specifics. Sony has somewhat limited the capabilities of the “green robot” in favor of safety. So, not all applications from the Play Store can be installed on this TV. Of the Sony KD-49XF7596 chips, you can name voice control, a built-in 16 GB drive and 24p True Cinema mode, when movies can be watched at 24 frames per second.

2. TCL L55P65US


This 55-inch smart TV has a screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, and 4K can be played using HDR technology, that is, with an increased brightness range. The implementation of smart television here is not the most advanced – the shell runs on Linux and third-party applications are unlikely to work adequately here. There are not very many USB and HDMI ports, but the TV can be connected to the Internet via cable.

3. LG OLED55C8


Fresh 55-inch model from the South Korean manufacturer with an OLED matrix. The manufacturer managed to create an almost top-end smart TV for 2022. The main plus of the model is its 4K-matrix on organic light-emitting diodes, which give a true black color. The brightness of the matrix is ​​high at around 448 cd / m2, and the contrast ratio is 222:1. The TV comes pre-installed with applications for popular streaming services such as YouTube and Facebook. In the integrated “store” you can download new programs. It’s easy to do this with the included Magic Remote, which, in terms of ease of operation, will give odds to competitors. But the TV has a minus – a quiet and flat sound.

4. BBK 32LEX-7047 / T2C

BBK 32LEX-7047/T2C
BBK 32LEX-7047/T2C.

The super-budget smart TV from the Chinese corporation BBK may seem like something frivolous at first, but do not rush to conclusions. Yes, the matrix is ​​not the most advanced here – it is a 32-inch display with a resolution of 1366 × 768 and not the most stable black background field. he TV runs on full-fledged Android with an application store, has a full set of ports and can be controlled from a smartphone.

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