Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro Review: 4K QLED TV at a competitive price

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro

For some time now, we’ve seen the relationship between Samsung and major Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi gain momentum. Now, after the launch of the new Smart TV from Xiaomi, it is clear that this union is stronger than ever. At the beginning of 2020, everyone was talking about the fact that Xiaomi will use QLED panels in future products.

No sooner said than done. Meet the new line of flagship TVs Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro. These are TVs with QLED panel and MEMC technology at an affordable price. In the proposed review of Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro 55 4K HDR as a representative of the series, we will get acquainted with the technical equipment of the new product. The novelty, which is destined to become the flagship of the Xiaomi TV series.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro review


At the level of aesthetics, we see a model in front of us, the appearance of which immediately attracts attention. This Smart TV Mi 5 Pro has a simple and elegant design that is so typical of the products presented by Xiaomi on the market. It has really minimalistic aluminum frames that will look good in any room.

The bezels are only 1.8 mm thick. Thanks to this, the screen occupies 97 percent of the front panel, which is very impressive. If this is not enough to amaze the imagination, we point out that the thickness of the TV itself is about 6 mm. All this is due to the design that does not use screws for assembly.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro - design

Now about other aspects of the design of the smart TV Mi TV 5 Pro. This is, firstly, the power switch, which is located at the bottom in the center of the lower edge of the screen. Secondly, the power cord is on the left side of the TV and the communication area is on the right side.

Quantum Dot Panel

The display of the Mi TV 5 PRO series is of the QLED (quantum dots) type. In a nutshell, this means that in addition to the higher overall image quality, it also has an increased lifespan. Like cutting-edge OLED displays, QLED is capable of reproducing deep, lifelike blacks. The Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro has 4K resolution and is HDR10 + certified. In addition, it has 108% NTSC color gamut and MEMC (motion estimation / motion compensation) interpolation.

That being said, QLED is the main advantage of the Mi TV 5 Pro series. So what is a quantum dot TV? What is special about it? In fact, it differs from traditional LCD TVs mainly in the use of a different backlight source. The quantum dot panel of this Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro has a wide color gamut. Due to this, its bright picture appears in rich and colorful colors.

Advanced processor and image quality

As for the processor inside the new Xiaomi smart TV, it is equipped with an improved Amlogic T972 chip (4 ARM Cortex-A55 cores). This chip uses the most advanced 12nm process technology, clocked at up to 1.9GHz and 63% faster performance over the previous generation. The RAM of the Mi TV 5 Pro has a capacity of 4 GB, the built-in memory is 64 GB.

Amlogic T972 chip supports 8K 10-bit HDR YUV 4: 2: 0 video decoding with new AVE-10 video processor and 128-bit internal processing bus. The color level of each RGB channel has been increased from 256 by 8-bit to 1024 by 10-bit, allowing for more accurate and accurate display of image brightness and color.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro - Review

In addition, the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro is also compatible with MEMC (Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation) technology. Its algorithm evaluates the trajectory of any object in a simple, reliable and fast way. It then inserts new motion compensation frames into the original image sequence. As a result, we get a clear, smooth and jerky-free display of any movement on the screen.

Smart TV and AIoT system

Xiaomi has made remarkable advances in the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) system. With the new smart TV Mi Pro 5, thanks to this technology, users will be able to see and control all devices owned by the company throughout the house. All you need to do is press and hold the start button on the TV remote control to launch the AIoT system interface.

Thus, with the help of Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro, it will be possible to control refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, kettles and even routers. In short, we can say that this device from the Chinese company is not only a TV, but also a control center for household appliances.

The TV runs on Android 9.0 operating system. The PatchWall recommendation interface is implemented on its basis. This is a modern system of associative selection of viewed programs and displaying banners of recommendations for the next viewing. It is convenient to find applications in Aptoid TV – an approximate analogue of the Play Market application store.

Using the built-in microphone in the remote control, you can both search for content (Google Assistant) and control your TV. The built-in Chromecast media player allows you to stream media files from mobile smart devices to the big screen.


Mi TV 5 Pro, unlike the same Mi TV 4X Pro, has an audio system consisting of two 8W speakers. Both emitters are directed downward. Dolby Audio (not to be confused with Dolby Atmos) and DTS-HD with dual decoding are supported. As with all such thin TVs, the sound lacks low frequency reinforcement.

This is especially noticeable in movies with a dynamic plot, which is full of sound effects. Therefore, we can recommend paying attention to the soundbar (soundbar). Or on TVs of the Xiaomi Mi TV Art series, complete with a soundbar from the factory.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro - interface


The Xiaomi TV 5 Pro interface has a sufficient number of multimedia ports. These are three HDMI connectors (one with ARC audio return channel support) and two USB. There is a LAN port for connecting to the Internet and a composite video input (tulips). Digital audio is output from the SPDIF jack. Antenna socket – for connecting a terrestrial antenna.

Note that there is no DVB-T2 tuner on board that allows you to receive Russian TV channels. Therefore, you either have to use a set-top box or watch Internet TV. At least the same Wink (RT-TV). For this, in addition to a wired connection, it is possible to connect to the network via dual-band Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connection is also available.


The Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro has excellent technical characteristics as well as a nice slim design worthy of picture quality. And in the age of the Internet, it has another big advantage – AIoT. With Xiaomi TV, you will find that your home can become very smart.

In summary, as the new flagship product of Xiaomi TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro has excellent performance and an affordable price tag. This is a good interpretation of the concept of “promoting high-end products” and is worth recommending to users.

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