Rumour: Canon EOS R1 prototypes are already being tested

Everything we know so far about the upcoming Canon EOS R1
Everything we know so far about the upcoming Canon EOS R1

Canon EOS R1 , which has been rumored for a long time, is finally becoming closer to reality. The question is not whether the EOS R1 will appear, since the manufacturer itself has repeatedly stated that “ EOS R3 is not a flagship . ” It’s just a matter of time.

Two sources told CanonRumors that an announcement should be expected in the first quarter of 2024. If you remember, Canon first announced the development of the EOS R3 and put it in the hands of professional photographers at the Tokyo Olympics before officially unveiling the camera .


So, prototypes of the EOS R1 are already in the hands of professional photographers, and Canon is preparing to release a flagship.

Specifications are still unknown. However, we’re told that Canon has made “impressive” improvements to pupil-tracking autofocus. The implementation on the EOS R3 is a love-it-or-hate-it feature depending on who’s using the camera.

We’re also told that Quad Pixel AF isn’t ready yet and won’t be available on the Canon EOS R1’s sensor. Although you should expect the usual improvement in overall autofocus performance.

The resolution of the EOS R1 is unknown, but we were repeatedly told that the resolution will be at least twice that of the EOS R3 (24 MP).