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How to download Windows 11?

Everyone wants to know how to download Windows 11 now that it’s officially unveiled, but you’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s new operating system to actually make it to users – with no reliable release date beyond the 2021 holidays, you may have to wait a bit.

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a leak of a build of a new operating system, but we want to emphasize separately that you do not need such a build. Most of the sites that claim you can download Windows 11 from them will likely download malware for you, perhaps even block your computer entirely with some ransomware. Get rid of the stress and search for bitcoins by loading Windows 11 into Microsoft only when the system becomes available. In the end, there is nothing left until the 2021 holiday season.

Moreover, downloading Windows 11 will be a free upgrade if you have Windows 10, so there is no reason to look for a pirated version of an unfinished operating system. We know it’s not cool to wait, but when the system launches, you will learn how to download Windows 11 by following this small and handy guide.


If you have a compatible Windows 10 computer, you can scroll down the page and download the Microsoft PC Health Check tool to see if your system can comfortably run Windows 11 when the operating system comes out. As soon as Windows 11 becomes available, it will be presented in the same way as a regular Windows 10 update. Windows Insiders will receive new builds for the beta versions of the OS earlier, starting next week.

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