AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x macro lens announced for mirrorless cameras

AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x macro lens
AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x macro lens

AstrHori has released a new advanced macro lens for most popular full-frame mirrorless cameras: Sony E/FX/RF/Z/L-mount. The AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x lens weighs 474 grams and has 10 elements in 7 groups (two high refractive index elements and two low dispersion elements) in its optical design.

The optical design of the AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x macro lens is as follows:

The new lens has an available aperture range: F/2.8-F/16. The aperture ring itself is controlled with clicks. And the focusing ring is exclusively manual.

Different magnification ratios are supported: 2x-5x. In the first case, the viewing angle will be 20°, and in the second – 9°. The minimum focusing distance is: 2X (113 mm), 3X (137.8 mm), 4X (162 mm), 5X (186.4 mm).

To change the magnification factor, the lens moves forward:

When fully extended, the lens increases in size quite seriously:

The cost of the lens is $249. The company provides an illustration demonstrating the macro capabilities of the new AstrHori 25mm F/2.8 2x-5x lens:

Previously, the company released an updated  AstrHori 28mm F/13 2X macro lens . It has received several improvements over the previous version, released in 2022, and is suitable for all popular bayonet mounts: L-mount, Fujifilm X, Canon RF/EF, Sony E, PL-mount, Z-mount, Nikon F.

The lens is available for full-frame cameras and has a maximum magnification ratio of 2:1. The minimum focusing distance is 8 mm. The AstrHori 28mm F/13 2X macro lens has a 7-blade aperture, as well as an optical design of 21 elements in 16 groups.